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Kusum K Vlogs

Abstract Inspirational


Kusum K Vlogs

Abstract Inspirational

Making The Impossible Possible

Making The Impossible Possible

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Hello Friends,

Here, I am going to share my interesting life journey from childhood until now (a journey from normal life to wheelchair-bound). So, let us start with the introduction.

My name is Kusum, I belong to Sarnath (India). In my family, apart from my parents, I have an elder brother. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and teaching in a school. 

I and my brother were born at my grandparent's house in Ghazipur (UP), in the years 1986 and 1984 respectively. My father was an army man, when I was 2.5 years old my dad was posted to Jhansi from Sri Lanka and the same year our family also got shifted to Jhansi with dad. Our schooling and life were very adventurous because my dad got posted into different states after the duration of every 2-4 years and we enjoyed these years fully by exploring different states of India. After serving 26 years in the army, dad got retired and shifted at Varanasi (Banaras).

After completing my 12th standard in 2004, I planned to pursue my higher studies in the Biotechnology field (when I was not selected in medical). Then my life took a turn and finally I got admission in B Sc Biotechnology course and shifted to Ghaziabad with my 3 close friends in a hostel in August 2006, these days were a little bit hard because it was the first time for all of us to stay away from parents and siblings, but anyways we friends (hostel mates) came closer and accepted each other as a family member. 

In April 2007, it was a casual day for all of us in a hostel and one of my close friends came to me asking to send her cousin brother (Saurabh) few joke messages from my mobile number because my messages were free of cost. Since then I and Saurabh started small casual chit-chats over the messages. After a few months later we became normal friends and started meeting casually and life was moving smoothly. I was a fun-loving girl, so enjoyed his company a lot.

In the year 2009, it was the biggest turning point in my life, that I started feeling weakness in both the lower limbs so that I had to go for many medical tests including a muscle biopsy test. After waiting for a few days finally got the test reports and I was diagnosed with a rare kind of disease – “muscular dystrophy”, which has no treatment in medical science. I was totally shocked after listening to the doctors about my disease and not able to accept that I already had this rare kind of disease. 

During this crucial time, my friend Saurabh supported me a lot. I went to most of the hospitals to find any hope, but was useless, as doctors confirmed that this disease does not have any treatment. And I shattered.

By observing my negative condition, Saurabh introduced me to a wonderful life-transforming philosophy “Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism”. By imbibing teachings of NDB, which gave me the courage to move on in life and I face every challenge of my life head-on. Finally completed my post-graduation in Biotechnology.

After completing my masters, I decided to do M Phil Biotechnology from a University located in Meerut. To pursue my course I had to commute from Ghaziabad to Meerut on weekends, as I was not able to walk without external support (because my disease was progressive). Saurabh supported me in commuting for my classes (M Phil) on weekends while attending his college on weekdays.   

It might have been hectic for him, but he never regretted it. I remember the time when we had to wait for the bus from Meerut to Ghaziabad till 9:00 pm and reach home by 10:00 pm after attending my M Phil classes.

That was the tough time of my life but through my conviction to complete my M Phil, I came out of fear on those days. Finally, I have completed my M Phil in 2012 and enrolled my self for Ph.D., but due to my frail health, I dropped out in 2015.

After that, my parents told me to return my home town Banaras, but I refused to go back like a failure. Then I joined a home-based job to buy some time for myself to think out further course of action of my life.

Because I was having a great philosophy with me, which gave lots of wisdom, courage, and compassion in my life and I was filled with hope to overcome this adverse situation in my life. 

In November 2017, both the roommates of mine got married and it became difficult for me to live alone. As I was dependent on a few of my basic needs on them. 

Here, a very unexpected thing happened in my life. Suddenly in January 2018, my long term friend Saurabh proposed me for marriage. I was surprised as well as shocked, that how could a boy marry a girl who is physically challenged with a rare kind of disease (this disease has no treatment in medical science). 

Now the main struggle starts for Saurabh as his family was not accepting me. Because coincidently during this time Saurabh’s mother got hospitalized due to some breathing issues and everybody was blaming me for her condition. He was in great pressure from his relatives to leave me, but during this time he was firm on his decision to marry me.

 After two weeks of struggle in the hospital, his mother got discharged from the hospital. To my surprise, I got a call from Saurabh that his mother wants to meet me. And finally, on 26th April 2018, I met with Saurabh’s family, here everything was ok except my rare kind of disease. 

Due to my firm faith and conviction that nothing can happen wrong with me ever. My adverse situation became positive. Finally, in July 2018, we got happily married with so many ups and downs in our families. It was love cum arrange marriage and everyone was very happy.

Now, I entered a new phase of my life and I was a little nervous due to my health challenge. Because I have been in a wheelchair at that time.

Everyone was very supportive at my in-laws home, even they allowed me to pursue my Ph.D. or to do a job.

I do not want to be a housewife and wanted to create value in society. I am so fortunate that my deep desire to create values in society became reality after eight months when I joined a school in April 2019 as a Teacher. Again this time it was a great challenge to commute to school because I was in a wheelchair (physically dependent). I discussed this situation with my husband (Saurabh). As he has a very busy schedule in his office. He discussed with his manager and has been granted for 2 hours of break in the afternoon to drop me home from school. In the same way, Saurabh drops me at school in the morning before his office time and during his lunchtime drops me at home. 

Now It was the time to fulfill my long-cherished dream to complete my doctorate degree. Because of my physical limitations, people in my surroundings suggested me, ki…. (aur kitna padhogi…), but I listened to my heart and finally took admission in the Ph.D. course in July 2019 (on weekends I attend classes). Now I am very happy, enjoying my Ph.D. research work and teaching in a school.

After completing my Ph.D., I would like to become a “Research Scientist” in my field and would like to take care of at least 30 people (Old age, physically challenged and poor children) throughout my life. I am very fortunate to have all of you in my life.

Thank you for listening to my story so patiently.

With my deep respect,



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