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Ranjani Ramesh

Crime Thriller


Ranjani Ramesh

Crime Thriller

Maine Aapka Namak Khaaya Hai

Maine Aapka Namak Khaaya Hai

5 mins 242 5 mins 242

Thakur Baldev Singh has moved. He has settled in the outskirts of Mumbai in his farmhouse enroute to Khandala. He notices that his organic farm vegetables are daily getting stolen. He then decides to install CCTV cameras to capture the act. But unfortunately, the recordings do not show who the culprit is. Due to Covid times, the culprits are well masked and so were not identifiable.

One day Thakur's neighbour, Jai accuses him of stealing broccolis from his garden and Thakur seethes in rage. "How can he accuse me of stealing his fertilizer and pesticide sprayed veggies when I have my own organic garden, with which I'm self-sufficient," thinks Thakur. The next day Jai comes out screaming. He says that someone has stolen gold from his home, killed his gardener and also stolen veggies from his Baghban home. He accuses Thakur of the same and calls the local police who investigates Thakur. 

Inspector Ghorpade reaches the scene and investigates. He looks carefully at Thakur and Jai's common wall and finds footmarks all over. He immediately concludes that it has to be Thakur who would have scaled the wall and entered Jai's home to loot gold. On the way, while looting veggies, the gardener tried to stop the Thakur but he overpowered the gardener, Bhavani Shankar and killed him. 

Ghorpade tells Thakur to accompany him to the police station and states he is under arrest. Thakur resists and says even his veggies are getting stolen and he is innocent but Inspector Ghorpade says, "Hathkadi lagao ise aur thane mein do dande maaro. Sab kuch maan jaayega". Thakur gets angry and says "Thakur na jhuk sakta hai na toot sakta hai... Thakur sirf maar sakta hai".

Inspector Ghorpade smiles and says, "Thakur mera naam hain Ghorpade jiske saamne achhe achhe gir pade".

Thakur says he needs to make a call and then calls his old friend ACP Pradyuman and narrates what happened. ACP Pradyuman then calls Ghorpade and asks him to stay there until he reaches there. 

ACP arrives in an hour along with his team and starts an investigation. Ghorpade says, "Bada hi straight forward case hai sir. Investigation mein aapko kuch nahi milega." ACP team starts taking samples and investigates. ACP arrives at Jai's house to see the dead gardener. He is surprised at the manner in which his neck has twisted and says, " Kuch to Gadbad Hai. Daya, goli seene mein lagi hai, matlab kisine samne se goli chaliyi hai aur gardan muda hai matlab kisi ne peeche se bhi vaar kiya hai. Matlab khooni do log hain."

He then calls Fredericks in his team and tells him to take the body for investigation. He says, "Is laash ka muh to ab Salunke hi khulwayega". Fredericks departs to Salunke's forensic lab.

He then asks Jai where did the gardener live and Jai points to the small room at the end of the garden which is locked. ACP asks for the key and Jai says he does not have them. Daya says, "Sir lagta hai andar koi nai hai, darwazaa bandh hai". 

ACP says "Daya, Darwaza tod do". As Daya breaks the door open, they enter and check through the belongings of the gardener Bhavani Shankar. To their surprise, they find nothing except that he was from the Chambal region and the room was full of salt bags. ACP is surprised as to why so much salt is stored. 

He then turns to Thakur who tells him even his veggies are stolen daily and shows the CCTV camera footage. ACP examines the footage and says, "Iska Matlab samjhe Daya, pata lagao, koi na koi suraag toh jaroor milega". Daya starts scanning it and says there are two people one a bit fat and other a bit thin and one of them has something red around his neck.

He then calls up Salunke who tells him that the victim died in a state of shock and that it looked like he had recognised his killers before dying. He said while he was shot in the front, he was strangulated from the back to prevent screaming by a red colour gamcha which apparently had many food items stuck to it like matar paneer, chola, rajma, mix veg, stuffed kucha, lassi ... ACP stops him and says, "Salunke looks like you are hungry, you seem to be reeling off a dhaba menu". Salunke insists that these are the dishes he found on his neck. 

Suddenly ACP has a flash, he asks Ghorpade, "yahan koi dhaba hain" to which Ghorpade says "Haan Gabbar Da Dhaba" and they head to the dhaba. The local dhaba owner in the region is the notorious Gabbar Singh who along with Samba runs the dhaba. As ACP approaches the dhaba, Gabbar asks, "Aaj Kaunsa Dish pasand Karoge". ACP catches hold of Samba and starts sniffing his Gamcha on his neck, suddenly Gabbar realises and takes out his gun and starts firing. There is massive gunfire on both ends till both run out of bullets. The Dhaba comes crashing down and ACP arrests both. 

Thakur reaches the scene with Jai and during interrogation, Gabbar and Samba refuse to speak, but one slap from ACP and him saying, "Yeh aise nahi batayega, isse bureau le chalo" makes them confess to looting veggies for their dhaba from Thakur's place and since they were organic they were less tasty so they decided to jump over from Thakur's home to Jai's where they got access to tasty pesticide wala veggies which customers loved. 

However, one day they saw gold kept near the window and looted it and as they turned they saw the gardener who recognised them and said, "Sardar maine aapka namak khaaya hain aur mere paas abhi bhi bahut namak hain" to which Gabbar said "ab goli kha" while Samba strangulated him with his dhaba wala gamcha. The gardener was none other than Kalia.

ACP then takes Gabbar and Samba and says "Ab puri zindagi sadte rehna jail mein". Thakur thanks ACP and Jai apologises to Thakur.

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