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Love Story

Love Story

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Hi myself Vrunda and today I'm going to share my Love story. See I married my husband because my now ex turned out to be cowered. I truly loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Hell even I went against my family and run away but all he did was say sorry and that he can't marry me. He broke my heart into very tiny pieces. The day I die not literally but from inside. It's like everything is finished and I become friends with depression and unhappiness. That's when my parents decided that I should get married. At that point, I didn't care I turned into a person who didn't have any kind of emotions. I don't remember how I got married or to whom I got married hell I didn't know the name of my husband.

But then at the night I mean THE NIGHT when I and my husband both are alone in his bedroom suddenly I got very much what's going to happen as much as I'm scared and doesn't want to do anything I know that I'm his wife and he has every right to do so. But he just went to his bathroom come out took the pillow From bed and extra blanket From cupboard all this time I'm looking at him totally confused but then he comes closer to me and said he's sleeping in his office then kissed my forehead leave me there in the middle of the bedroom. The moment he left I started crying and Fell asleep right there on the floor in my wedding dress. The next day I woke up late took bath change into comfy clothes. I went downstairs and saw nobody I head to the kitchen for breakfast I saw a note on the fridge that says "I'm heading to my office, the house is all yours do whatever you want to do see you at dinner have a happy day darling" 

I spent all day alone thinking about how my life took a 360-degree turn and that I don't know anything about my husband. I had to know about him so I called my sister who knows about me. She told me that my husband's name is Rohan, 26, and CEO of the company. That he's very much famous and all. I googled him and my sister's right about him. I check out the house. It's a two-bedroom condo and he converts second room in office. In his office there is a Brown leather sofa in it is a pillow and blanket. It's very much uncomfortable to sleep in it. I made dinner for us and we had a very silent dinner. I had to his bedroom and changed then sat on the bed. He knocked on the bedroom door and come inside and told me that he needs his night suit. It's then I thought about that very uncomfortable sofa and told him that I am ok to share a bed with him. He looks confused but I assure him that I'm okay with the arrangement.

We started talking to each other after a few days. Getting comfortable with each other's company, knowing each other. 

Rohan is a very nice, funny, and kind guy that any girl wants to be with him or in other words he can have any girl he wants. But he got stuck with me. The girl who is heartbroken and can't give him a love that he deserves. Because no one wants a girl like me.

One night I woke up and when I turned around I saw that Rohan is not there so look at the bathroom but he's not there either. So I went downstairs and when I was in the living room I saw him sitting on the kitchen counter bucket of strawberry ice cream in his lap and eating. Oh, I forget to tell you that my husband's favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry. His back is to me so he can't see me and I decide to scare him. I just say BOO and he jumped from the counter and then he screams NO! Because when he jumped his ice cream fall on the ground. Uh oh!! My first thought at that time then he started yelling at me for killing his ice cream and that it's the last bucket and we don't have any left and that I'm a bad girl and my husband is such a drama queen .than out nowhere he tackles me to ground and started tickling me asked me to apologize to his ice cream. I was laughing so hard that night.

Days turned into months and I suddenly realized that I'm falling in love with my husband. And I got so scared not for me but for him because he deserves so much better and not me.so I decided to leave him for good I know it's going to hurt but at least he'll be happy with someone. But I don't know how to bring the topic and then one day I heard him talking to someone the way he is talking the first thought come in my mind is that he's cheating on me. 

And it hurts More than when my ex said that he can't marry me. After that night he started acting weird. Distancing himself from me. I'm hurt but I'm angry with how dare he could do something like this with him. I'm his freaking wife and he is MY husband. 

So when I found out that he's living for a week for a business purpose I knew that he's going out with that home wrecker and I decided to follow him and wanted to catch him red-handed.

Guess what where he's having his so-called business meeting at the Maldives. A place where I always wanted to go and he knows that. I cried that night alone in my bedroom. But if he's happy with that girl I leave him for good. But I had to see it first. The next day I follow him saw him with a girl but that night I got a message from one of the waiters and he said that someone's is waiting for me at the beach.

When I went to the beach I saw the lanterns on sand which created a path I walk on it and at the end of it is him. Rohan standing there looking handsome as always. I walk to him and before I said anything he went on his one knee and said, " I'm sorry I'm acting very weirdly for the last few days. I'm sorry that I didn't talk to you. I'm sorry that I made you believe that I'm having an affair. I'm sorry for hurting you. But if I didn't do all that then I probably won't have you here right now. See I know what happened before our marriage that you loved someone and he leaves you alone at first I thought what a stupid guy to leave someone beautiful like you but now I'm glad that he did that or else I won't be able to have you for myself. Vrunda I love you so much and I can't imagine my life without you. I'm not saying to you to tell me that you feel the same way but I want you to at least give me us one chance please I will never let you down" and at that, my friend I cried again but those are happy tears I hug him so tight and said that I love him so much and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and him only.


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