Maythini Suriya

Drama Romance


Maythini Suriya

Drama Romance

Love Life

Love Life

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Hi all, This is the story based on true incident.. kindly help me to correct my mistakes and hope you all travel with me to the end...


Thank you. 

Chapter 1

Love life has two basic characters and they carry parallel nature...  

Ray:  kind, loving, stubborn, and blessed with handsome... 

Jeny Sacrifice, patience, dependent, possessive.. ordinary girl. 

One fine evening, Jeny is getting back to her home, she used to sit under a specific tree, while she is enjoying the moment... Ray came near to her and gave a slap on her face which has a force of "wave that gush on the shore"... 

Jeny was shocked and started crying. (They both are strangers)

Why ray slapped her? What would be the reason... Still, they are strangers. Why their first moment is full of harsh...  

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