Lost Love

Lost Love

2 mins

Sujai and Sujata read in a school together.

Sujai likes Sujata but he didn't tell her. Sujata likes dancing but her father does not like this. So Sujata had to leave the dance. But she was very sad and morose Sujata noticed this ask for the reasons. Sujata didn't want to tell him but later she lots that then Sujai thought about something to do.

He loves Sujata. She thinks that Sujata will be a very famous dancer one day. So she needs to practice.

First, he went to Sujata 's house and tried to impress Sujata 's father. But he couldn't. Then he thought that he would provide fees of Sujata's dance teacher.

He stopped for going tuition for mathematics. But he took the fees of this tuition from his father and gave it to Sujata so hat she can give to her dance teacher. He took Sujata and came to the old temple so that Sujata can practice dance.

Days passed. ....

Sujata did lots of programs. And now the result announced first the Madhyamic examination. Sujai and Sujata both scored well.

Sujata's father wants to send her Kolkata, her Aunty 's house. But Sujata didn't tell it to Sujai.

The day came...Sujata was ready for going. Her father and mother are a little bit sad. The train came. .Sujata waved to her family.

One of Sujai's friend told to Sujai... Sujai ran and ran. The train started to run. Somehow Sujai Coughton the train and found Sujata.

Sujata was not happy to see him and said to go. Sujai became very sad and somehow got down from the train and went and never met with Sujata in his life.

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