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Lord's Light

Lord's Light

8 mins

Fog was thickening in the valley as the dusk was nearing by. The cloudy sky signaled rain in the night. 'Let it rain', Vincent thought; 'it will wash away all my pain'. While everyone in the town were flocking the church to see the spectacle, Vincent preferred to stay away from the crowd. He was killing time at the top of holy cross hill. It was his favorite place in whole of Florence. On a clear day, one could see the entire city from here.

Vincent was sitting there since the afternoon. Hours passed by and he didn't notice. His heart was burning in frustration. Vincent was not sure what that feeling was; can't say whether it was anger or jealousy. It was more than jealousy. People in the town were going crazy about the new pieta sculpture done by Michel inside the Chapel of Santa Petronilla. Men and women stood in awe in front of it. People were even coming from Siena and Pisa to see that. They were saying, 'it is unlike any pieta they have ever seen'. Young boys were buying chisel and hammer to sculpt like Michel. Vincent saw Martina, the woman he loved, standing in front of Michel's pieta and muttering, ‘ ll Divino’ (the divine one). 'She never said anything good about the sculptures I made', he thought.

Growing up with Michel was hard. He was never mean to Vincent, but it was the comparison with his brother that Vincent couldn’t bear. Michel had a touch of God on his hands; everything he created were magical. While Vincent was an artist himself, he was no match for his godly talented brother. Vincent was frustrated of being overshadowed by Michel. He was tired of his insignificant existence. Vincent walked home with a burning desire to become someone worthy to be recognized.

With a heart filled with jealousy, anger, and will to prove himself, Vincent decided to build a masterpiece himself. He started to search within. Vincent was in search of the art which whole of Rome will talk about; a masterpiece which Pope himself will come to watch. Vincent dreamt of a day when Michel will be known as his brother, and not the other way around.

After days of contemplation, Vincent got the idea for his masterpiece; a grand chandelier. It was not just another Chandelier - it had no place for candles.

"A chandelier without candles? Then what is it?” people asked Vincent.

"A chandelier without candles is just a glassware hanging on the roof".

"Lord will light it", Vincent replied to them.

Vincent approached master craftsmen in the town to learn the art of crystal making. He told them his idea. All of them rejected it as crazy. They said it is impossible, and never heard of. But Vincent couldn't give it up. He spent all his earnings from menial carpentry jobs in buying crystal for his Chandelier and learning the craft by himself.

Michel was gaining popularity outside Europe too. Here, Vincent was living in desperation, hunger and self-pity with an impossible idea in his head. That chandelier was his life now. He spent his days and nights melting molding crystal pieces to perfection. Every day he cleared heaps of broken crystals from his workshop. Vincent demanded perfection from himself. He didn’t reuse the crystals; even the slightest discoloration was unacceptable for him. ‘This is a spectacle for the generations to come’, he wasn’t ready to compromise its quality.

After years of struggle, he achieved the impossible; a grand chandelier without candles. The day have come for him; the day he waited for his whole life. It was the feast of St. Francis, Cardinal Paolo was celebrating the holy mass at Chapel of Santa Petronilla. It was going to be a grand event. The whole town was going to be there. Vincent informed nobody that his chandelier is put up inside the chapel. He wanted it to be a surprise for everyone.

Vincent arrived early in the chapel. His eyes were hooked on to the window on the east side of the roof. People started flowing in. Vincent noticed them murmuring about the grand new chandelier. Some folks who knew about it nodded at him in admiration. But, Vincent wasn't looking for this petty admiration. He wanted to see their faces when they saw the actual spectacle, which was going to unfold in some time.

Cardinal arrived, and the holy mass started. The chapel was filled with people. Vincent was looking at the window on roof. The rays of morning sun were rising from the horizon. Vincent's face gleamed at that sight. His heart started to beat like a trumpet. Holy Mass was nearing the communion when the first rays of sun touched the glass piece in the bottom. Vincent looked towards the opposite wall. His eyes widened, 'it is happening', Vincent told himself. The kids in the front row noticed it first; a little rainbow on the wall. As the sun rose up, more and more of the chandelier started to light up. The little rainbow on the wall started to grow bigger and brighter. It grew in size to adorn the whole west wall of the chapel. People were awestruck; how can they not? It was such a spectacular sight. Vincent looked at Martina her eyes were wider than the day she saw Michel's pieta. The chandelier was magnificently lightened up by the sun rays; people looked up at it in disbelief. But one man who didn't liked this a bit was Cardinal Paolo. Cardinal was furious that people were watching the wonder chandelier instead of attending the holy mass.

After the holy mass, Vincent was swarmed by admirers. He was starting to enjoy the new-found recognition. That was when an altar boy came running him and said that they are taking down his Chandelier. Vincent couldn't believe what he just heard. He ran inside the chapel. The sacristans, and Cardinal's personal guards were taking his chandelier down. There were nearly twenty of them.

"Nobody is bigger than the lord. In the lord's house people should be awestruck only by his greatness; not by glassware", Cardinal announced.

Vincent protested in vain. Upon Cardinal’s order, they dragged him out of the chapel. The chandelier was tore down to pieces and crystal was crushed. Vincent heard the sound of shattering glass. His years of hard work shattered to ground in minutes. He felt the whole world around him was collapsing. That chandelier was his life.

Weeks after the incident, people would recognize him and walk up to greet him. They said they have never seen a spectacle like that. 'Even if my work is lost, the words about it will live on', Vincent consoled himself and moved on with his menial life. The words about the spectacle Vincent created never crossed Florence. His wonder chandelier got lost in time. The chandelier, on which he has betted a life's earning, pushed him to a life in ghettoes.

Years passed, Cardinal Paolo passed away, and Bishop Martin was adorned as the new Cardinal. After his first mass at Chapel of Santa Petronilla as Cardinal, he sent for Vincent. Vincent met the Cardinal inside the chapel.

"I heard about your wonder chandelier- Lord's Light." Cardinal said, "You create it once more. I would love if it adorns my new Bungalow",

Vincent's eyes welled up hearing that. He thought about the years wasted creating it and the years he spent mourning its loss; all for a single day's fame.

"I don't think I can do it again Father. I am too old and weak for that now", Vincent replied and started to walk away.

"Michel told me about it when we met in Rome. He said it was the best thing he has ever seen", Cardinal said.

Vincent turned around in disbelief. He didn't know that Michel saw his Chandelier. 'Was Michel present in the chapel that day? If he was, why didn't he tell me anything? Why didn't he lift me out of my miserable life?’ Vincent felt joy and grief at the same time. He was glad that, Michel appreciated his work and put in a good word for him. But he was angry for Michel's neglect too. They haven't seen each other in years.

"Would you make it again for me", Cardinal's question shook him out of his thoughts.

Cardinal Martin has taken an interest in his work, and Michel admires it too. That was the best thing Vincent have heard in years. Michel is not just his brother now, he is the best artist in whole of Europe.

"I don't want to create the Lord's Light again Father- I am done with that rainbow", Vincent replied.

He looked at Cardinal and continued, “if you allow, I have a better idea".

Cardinal was curious to know; he nodded Vincent to continue. Vincent picked up two finely cut crystal pieces from his pocket. He walked towards the window and carefully held them one after another against the sunlight. He signaled the Cardinal and the people present there to look at the opposite wall. Cardinal Martin's eyes widened at what he saw there.

"Oh, Lord! This is magnificent. Much elegant than a rainbow", he exclaimed.

"Yes Father, much elegant than a rainbow"

"Do you think you can do this on a chandelier?"

Vincent was not sure. This was much complicated than a rainbow. 'But what if life doesn't give second chance?'

"I can do it Father", Vincent replied with confidence.

"Well then, I can arrange the workshop for you and the expenses for the materials. Create a spectacle for the generations to come."

"Yes Father, that is what I want to do; create a spectacle for the generations to come."

Vincent kneeled down, and kissed Cardinal's palms and walked out of the chapel. He felt like the time when Lord's Light adorned the west wall of the chapel with that magnificent rainbow. He walked towards the holy cross hill. On his way, he saw a magnolia tree blooming. The buds were just maturing but the fragrance had started to spread. 'Let it bloom', he thought.

'Life is beautiful again..', Vincent said enjoying the sunset.

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