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Ranjana roy chowdhury



Ranjana roy chowdhury


Little Me

Little Me

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I am like a star.

Bright and Shiny;

Shinning among the coldest winter night,

No one to bring light to my life.

Only I am left to bring incandescence,

To the darkest corner of my heart.

Unreachable and yet amazing sight;

Only the world and its stuffs are left to guide this little one,

Through the unknown lanes of her life.


Somewhere I feel like a flower,

Spreading happiness,

And bringing excitement to the lost souls.

I smile seeing happiness on their faces,

It feels like I served many holy spirits which gave me peace.


And somewhere I am like an ocean,

Calm and peaceful,

Filled with life and quench the thirst of millions of heart.

I want to give happiness and eternity to the backsliders,

But stayed always in the lighter section of the world.


Little, little things changed my life,

And also gave lives to the disconsolate ones.

Somewhere I always find myself in them !

Full of depression and hopelessness.

But I want them to be happy,

And decorate their own world themselves without any downheartedness.


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