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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

4 mins

I was walking across the beach, the shoes hanging on their laces, holding them in my hands. Tumbling, as if my legs were not capable enough of sustaining my walk through. I felt helpless.

I was all alone; feeling nobody cared whether I did exist or not, feeling of being so dumped. The wet sand made my feet-palm feel, that every path had its hardness, as I was feeling then about life.

I was all alone; feeling like an empty vessel and the sea metaphorically spraying water on me to fill the vessel up. I was there at the beach, not to enjoy my loneliness, nor to enjoy the cool breeze touching the soul.

I was there, to make an end to my loneliness, to terminate every harsh feeling crushing me from the insides. I was there to end myself, to commit suicide.

There was a feeling like I was not all alone then, somebody needed me. The sea was calling me from its depths: "Come, my dear, I will free you from all your pains, all the troubles". The land was pushing my back. It seemed as if I was taking a last walk with myself. The dim moonlight was not enough illuminating to make me choose the right way. I was so tired, very depressed. Life felt like a third-degree torture, and I put my hands upon my head to surrender. I wanted to shout, help me, please, but not a single word ushered out. I was really in need of a helping soul.

After walking half a watch, I took a seat on a rusted bench, just left to my path. Dropped my shoes, holding my eyes closed with my palms. "What happened, son", an old person was sitting next to me said. I was taken aback by the address.

I never thought I would find an old wrinkled person, like the wise Chinese Old Man, sitting just beside me, in a lonely beach under a haunted dim moonlight. "Nothing sir. Just taking a moonlight walk", I replied. He said, "Just look into my eyes". I looked, not in the eyes, rather... the old wrinkled face. The person was sitting just a step away from death. He was pathetically thin, and his limbs were shaking all by themselves. But the most shocking thing I noticed was, he looked exactly like me. As if I was sitting next to me with an age difference of around 50-60 years.

"Each and every person in the world has his problems, every person gets tired of the losses and loads of life. But that doesn't mean we surrender ourselves this way. This is not a way to quit; this is a way to prove oneself the biggest loser. What happened if you didn't get an 'OUTSTANDING' grade in exams, what happened if your job is gone, what happened if you are unable to fulfill someone's hopes and dreams, what happened if your girlfriend dumped you, what happened if nobody is with you now? Don't give up, just get over the problem, fight with it. The moment you become the winner, you will realize that the life ahead is the best thing for you, and in a way, you want to live it. The next moment is going to be much more special than what you ever dreamt of. All you need to do is, to sustain the challenge. Life will challenge you in every step you want to accelerate. All you need to do is put the foot on the pedal even more firmly and take life to the next gear, barging ahead of the obstacles".

These were the few lines he said that night, which I remembered the next morning when I woke up on the sands. The same breeze that felt so eerie the day before was unconditionally soothing; as if it summoning me into my world, to live it to the fullest. I understood that day, that every person has a guide within, Self-enlightenment is what is required to wake it up. The moment we think, this is the end of life, we surrender as a loser. Whereas a more interesting life awaits us to live in; to enjoy. Presently, as I write this, I have many friends, special ones to care, a decent living; almost everything requisite for a good life. This is not because of the old man of that night, this is because of me. Ask your conscience if you are doing a good job or not, wake it up before it gets too late. It's not the end yet, there is a life ahead.

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