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Life Partner

Life Partner

5 mins

Andrew has just reached the office; his son called him ‘Daddy come back home, Mummy has slipped, she has fainted’, ‘Have you not called the doctor?’ Andrew inquired instantly.

“Daddy, Please come immediately” The line was disconnected.

Andrew was confused for a while, thinking what would have happened? He has an important meeting to decide on a big project. The delegations and a team of the specialists are arriving from America in an hour. This deal will make him one of the top industrialists. His lifelong dream will come true. He has waited so long for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

After heaving a long sigh, he pressed the bell on the table.

The peon was present at once. "Send the manager (Mr. Robert) to me”. “But he has not yet arrived at office” the peon replied.

“He has to come early today, call him immediately” there was a hint of anger in his voice.

Mr. Robert does not attend his call. Then Andrew saw through the transparent window of his room that Mr. Robert was panting toward his cabin.

I saw your missed call, what is order, sir?

“You have to come early today. I gave you the responsibility of such an important meeting. You are not doing your job seriously, I think.”

“Sorry Sir, there was an emergency. My wife is admitted in the hospital. There are some tests to be done. But the meeting was important, so I did not take a leave; I am here in front of you”

‘I am going home to see my wife. She is serious also. Take care of the guests when they come, I will be back shortly”, Andrew was little upset.

While Andrew was driving towards home, his mind was filled with so many things. What would have happened to his wife?”O Sandy! What have you done? What a day have you chosen to slip!

As he approached his house, He saw an ambulance taking Sandy to the hospital. He turned his car and followed the van.

When they reached hospital the hospital attendants were alert to take Sandy to ICU.

Andrew walked in the corridor restlessly. He called his manager to get update about the proceedings at office.

His son came near him and told him the incident. Sandy was taking their clothes to wash while he slipped in the bathroom. She had a hit on her head and fainted on the spot.

Andrew felt bad about his thinking towards Sandy of her falling ill today.

How could he forget her sacrifice? Whatever he is today is the sacrifice and love of Sandy. He was just a salesman. He went from place to place. He had no time for their children. It was she who took care of the kids and all the social responsibility. She asked him so many times to give some time to her and kids but he never cared for them. Just one thing remained in his mind was to earn and earn more and be a rich person.

He never bought her a gift or took her to cinema but she never complained. He was even late on his 25th anniversary. I was very selfish and careless husband. Now Andrew felt guilty.

Suddenly a voice was heard, Andrew was himself again. The doctor told him that there is clotting in the head. An operation is needed. And they needed his permission immediately. Andrew signed the papers hurriedly. His son filled the form.

At 2 pm, there was a call from the manager his voice was chirpy, “Sir! Congratulations! The deal has finalized. But they have to return today because of fixed schedule for other ventures also. The flight is at 4 pm. Your signature is needed. There are some issues also which have to be talked about. So, please come, an hour of you and the job will be done”

“You are genius! It’s great news. I have waited for this moment all my life. I am just coming. Andrew took a glance at his wrist watch. He informed his son “I will return in an hour”.

He stepped into parking area. The driver was nowhere. He glanced at the scene there. Suddenly he eyes fell on a familiar face. It was his manager, Mr. Robert, who has his wife in his arms. He was going for his car.

Andrew was surprised to see his manager there. He asked, “Mr. Robert, you have called me from the office few minutes ago”

“Sir,” the manager smiled, “There was a call from the hospital. They want to discharge my wife today. So I had to come here. I handed over the responsibility to my junior, Mr. Mark. I remained connected with both of you through conference. Look, Mr. Mark has done his job excellently. I know the deal was important but for me my family is everything. If my wife is with me, I don’t need anything. I can earn many more dollars, but not the love of a wife. He got into his car and drove away.

Andrew stood there without motion for some time. After pondering over about himself, He changed his mind and came back from parking area.

He has realized that his family is the real wealth for him. When Andrew’ son saw him coming back, he asked, “What happened Daddy? Why did you not go to your office? I am here to take care of Mom’

Andrew could not speak anything and sat on a chair. There were tears in his eyes.

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