The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon


Life Behind A Mask

Life Behind A Mask

5 mins

Mohan told his friends' "we take life for granted".They were sitting in his home on a Sunday. Every Sunday they would meet at one of his friends' was a tradition. This Sunday it was in Mohan's house that they were meeting. Mohan was working in a construction company as a contractor it was during these meetings that most of their ideas came out. As for his circle of friends. There was Raghu an IT professional, Rehan a businessman, Gaurav another IT man, and Shravan a college lecturer. They had been friends for a long time. The conversation continued, but said Shravan"yes but then that is life".Gaurav said "you know one day life will teach everyone a lesson they will not forget"."The doomsayer said Mohan and laughed".That was on last Sunday that they met. After that, everything had gone haywire. All their life had taken a U-TURN The lockdown had started. Now confined to their respective homes' they spoke on their Cell phones'. The distances' between their houses were not much. Mohan phoned Gaurav and"said hello Nostradamus your prophecy has come true".Gaurav laughed

and asked are you going out."Some times when I need essential things".What about you."Me too Gaurav replied. You in touch with others Mohan asked"Not much of communication with them" Gaurav replied. How do you pass your time" Mohan asked."Doing household chores helping my wife and spending time with the kids" Gaurav replied. The same here too Mohan said "you know something Mohan Said "this coronavirus is the lowest form of evolution and it is threatening the highest form of evolution that is us the human".So what Gaurav replied, "if nature has so planned it's bound to happen."Ok, Mohan said to call you later and cut the phone.

Raghu called Rehan and asked Rehan "you need any Money".Rehan said "no thanks"

Have you contacted others'?No Raghu said

But I will soon Keep in touch. Raghu then phoned Shravan but his phone was switched off. The scenario was bad. All the four Friends did contact each other except for Shravan.Not a single call since the lockdown. They were worried Mohan who lived closest decided to go and visit him at his home. He knew it was difficult to go out at

This time with policemen all around the area. But what troubled Mohan was if Shravan was home he would definitely pick up the phone. That means he was not at home. He thought of the college where his friend Was working "Sree vidya engineering college".He had read in the Newspaper that colleges had terminated the services of lecturers had his friend also lost his job.

He knew that Gaurav stayed near the college Mohan phoned Gaurav. Gaurav answered, any news of Shravan he asked.No Mohan said, but can you go up to the college it's near your residence. Gaurav said, I will try and let you know. Mohan's wife Roopa came up to him and asked him any news about Shravan.No he said. Is it possible that he might have got the virus and is under quarantine, she asked. Mohan stared at her, of course, he said you might be right. I did not think about it. But how could he have come in contact with a Covid patient is the question. He is a lecturer, isn't it? He might have gone to his college for some purpose

Where he might have come into contact.

Or else he has might left for his native place. The situation was very tense. The policemen were keeping a strict vigil.

Nobody could venture out. In this situation, It was better to stay at home. They were all working from home. All the four in their own way trying to trace Shravan. It was Rehan their friend the businessman who phoned Raghu and told him That Shravan and his family were under isolation In the Covid hospital. All three have tested positive. I used my influence with the Doctors' at the hospital for this information You know I supply medical equipment so I know these Doctors.' Raghu asked him when Shravan will be discharged. The Doctors' at the hospital told me they will inform me. Tell our other friends too. Sure Raghu said. Raghu then called each one of his friends and informed them about Shravan. They all waited for Shravan to be discharged from the hospital. Finally, the day arrived when Mohan was contacted by

Shravan.Shravan, On the phone. Mohan I was admitted along with Swaroopa and Sohan for COVID.All three of us tested positive. Now we have been discharged. I need you to come and pick us up from the hospital. Sure Mohan said But how You will

Get a pass for this purpose. Ok, Mohan said.

He then phoned Rehan and repeated what Shravan said. Rehan said, phone me after say one hour I will make some calls. There are certain procedures. Mohan knew Rehan had the influence to get the pass. After one hour Rehan said the pass was ready I will pick you up from your home then we will go and pick them up from the hospital. After picking up Shravan and his family they reached his home. He called them inside, once they were seated, He told both of them what happened. I went to college to collect my salary. There were many other people there and not a single person was wearing a mask. I might have contracted the virus from there, and then gave it my wife and son.My

The only mistake I did not wear a mask like other people there. That proved to be a very costly mistake. Which put not only my life but my family's life at stake too. You two are not wearing the mask. Wait he said and brought out two masks. They were new. Wear it he said. I purchased them but did not wear them. Confident that I will not contract the virus.Overconfidence, that others might get it but not me. Mohan and Rehan took the mask and wore it. Get used to it, I know the result of not wearing a mask. Don't make the same mistake and suffer. Tell our other friends the importance of wearing a mask, it's the only thing that will save us from this virus, also get used to a life behind a mask. You know something Shravan said. We should dedicate one day in a year and call it MASKS' DAY.

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