Let Her Decide What She Wants

Let Her Decide What She Wants

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Why does a girl want to do a job even after her marriage?

This sentence in itself has much different meaning

Marriage of a girl is still considered as a very big thing in our country, right from the birth of the girl her parents always wish that their daughter should get some good life partner who can keep her happy, can fulfill all the wishes of their daughter, their future son-in-law must be well settled, etc. Parents want their daughter to learn everything which can help her in the future after her marriage. Even today most of the decision of girls are taking by their father till their marriage and after that, her husband had all the right to take a decision on behalf of her wife. But, why they don't think another way instead of preparing their daughter's for marriage, they should prepare them to be independent women who can take care of her own in this big world, who have some identity.

In my opinion, the girl should neither be known by her father's surname or by their husband's surname They should be known by their own identity. When a daughter reached to the age of two-three their parents started searching for her life partner, in their opinion, a girl should get married soon after completing her education because it is a right age for her. Nowadays our society thinks if a girl is well educated, she can match the status of his husband and his family. A girl should work even after her marriage no matter if her husband is having six figures salary or four-figure, doing a job doesn't only means she can get independent or can support his husband but, something is more important than this she will earn respect."Let her decide what she wants to do after her marriage"She is capable enough to balance her married and professional life. 

Don't be ashamed of her instead of it be a proud father and husband who believes in her and her dreams.

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