Jheel Makhijani

Horror Thriller


Jheel Makhijani

Horror Thriller

Laugh If You Find It Horrific

Laugh If You Find It Horrific

4 mins

On 31st December, when everybody was waiting for the night and year to end all together, I was standing at the edge of my thirty two odd years. Yeah, it was my thirty second birthday. 

I was on my way to the only 5-star hotel in the east of town, where my birthday party was organized, though against my will. My family always forced me to step out and enjoy some unlawful moments with friends, for I had been, for years, a workaholic mortal who would often refuse to spend his life partying. 

I, somehow, managed to dress myself in early casuals and reached the banquet hall just in time. Two of my friends had already arrived, while for the rest we had to wait. Soon everybody was there and the party started. 

Those waiters in half greys and half blues brought welcome drinks and then the entrée. Before the arrival of desserts, my friends scheduled to dance on some raucous and electric music. Under the random spotlights, we danced as if it were to save the world. Soon after my dance, the spotlights went off! That music went off! There hovered an awkward silence that echoed for few minutes. After those few minutes, the hall got illuminated with strange greyish blue lights. From right behind the curtain, a man in whole crimson flashed. He shimmered with some neon torches and waxes. 

I often resist to be amazed but just can't help sometimes. To my amazement, the neon torches he brought were vintage torches that my great grandparents used and were now almost forgotten. Another amazement was the greyish blue lights that resembled the costume of the waiters there. They were creating a perfectly dull, murky and spooky atmosphere. 

"Let's resume the party guys...we are gonna enjoy the darkness", said one of my friends. 

"Ah! I can smell something paranormal here. I think we should leave now", exclaimed I.

"C'mon, it will be a horrific pleasure", said another.

And because it was my birthday, whatever I said didn't matter.

As per the customary halloween party, that my birthday was now turned into, we all pursued to horrify the most skinny friend of mine. We continued this till he, the most skinny, felt the adrenaline in his veins, till his blood gets cold and till he felt that it would be his last breath. He screamed in eternal silence while we screamed in eerie joy.

Soon the lights got switched on and what we saw seemed to be an awful, jinxed, unearthly horror. We just couldn't believe on our eyes for that friend of mine who we thought to be the most skinny was standing in utmost calmness. Inspite of all our terrific movements, he appeared to be as gentle as never before. He might have sank in there or might have been floating through his nerves. At first we noted his eternal silence but then gradually, his eyes turned red, then scarlet and then mahogany! 

I asked my friends to take him home before his eyes turn to 'wine'. My friends liked the way I described his eyes but at the same time got in a real blue funk. 

We engaged ourselves in taking him to one of my friends car and prayed that he and we as well, reach home safe and sound. Horrors got more horror when we discovered his handy heart to be beating really hard.

Having heard a lot of ghost stories from my granny, I was kind of more afraid than my friends. By fair means or foul, we dropped our friend (I refrain to use the word skinny this time) at home and drove straightway to mine. 

Next morning, I assembled all of my guts and called my (skinny, just to hold your knowledge) friend. 

With a much hollow voice I asked, 

"How are you?" 

After a brief silence, 

"Better than you", replied he in a less sarcastic and more familiar way.

 "Oh! I thought my ears would burst after this but that's strange!" Exclaimed I with supreme satisfaction. 

"What happened, anything serious? " he asked sincerely. 

I believed that he might not have remembered anything about the last night but that was completely alright since he seemed to be alright. 

"Happy New Year Skinny", I fancied and suddenly realising that once again I addressed him skinny.

"Happy New Year to you too Dumpy", wished he with a tricksy smile. 

And strangely that was the last conversation we ever had with each other.


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