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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Pinkal Kothiya

Fantasy Romance


Pinkal Kothiya

Fantasy Romance

Last Of The Love Curse

Last Of The Love Curse

3 mins 16.9K 3 mins 16.9K

Demis tries to remember the tattoo, but he fails. Hence he leaves to get food for them.

Allurina was taking rest. She hears the sound of her lover. Yes, it's a dream. He says, " Allurina, do you remember me? I am Lenan ( Irish word meaning lover). I am sorry to see you in this condition. Please go away from here. You are not safe".

Allurina asked him, " Why have you come now? Why did you curse me when you knew how much I loved you? Where did you go from the hospital. I had a feeling somewhere that you were still alive. I searched for you. But, I couldn't find you".

Lenan said, " I would tell you everything. But, you have to go away from here before Demis arrives"

Allurina said, "I am confused. Demis saved my life. I guess you misunderstood him. Tell me what happened to you and where are you?"

Soon, the door opened and Allurina woke up from the sleep and the dream could not be completed.

Demis asked, "Are you the one who was in need of the kidney? I believe I remember whom the tattoo belonged? But, before I tell you who it was, I want to let you know that I have fallen in love with you. You are the most alluring girl on this Earth. I want to marry you".

Allurina said, "Demis you saved my life. This life belongs to you. I can marry you, but I don't love you"

Demis angrily said, "I know you don't. That's why I wanted you to forget him. I was the one who made doctors tell you that Lenan died. Now if you refuse to marry me, I'll kill him"

Allurina said, "You can marry me,don't do anything to him. But, before this, tell me where is he? Is he fine? What did you do with him?"

Demis said, "He is my elder brother. He achieved everything in life. I could never win over him. I became drunkard and one of my kidneys failed, while I was in hospital I saw him. Doctor told me he had donated the kidney to you and said he loved you and also seeing the tattoo he had made on his hand for you made me anxious to know you. I came to see who you are and there I fell in love with your beauty. I asked the doctor, if we can use his other kidney, Doctor said, we can't do it. I forced the doctor to take that step. But the doctor helped him to run away. I killed my mother and got kidney transferred from her. After which my goal was to marry you. But,you ran away.

I went to your house but you had left. Heard you were in jungle. So, I came here in search of you and see I found you. Now none can stop you from being mine".

Allurina said, "Yes, I am falling for you Demis. You are such a handsome man, I could not resist myself to marry you. I owe you everything". She goes close to the Demis. "Look into my eyes, see how much I am into you. My life is just yours. I love you". She started to kiss him.

Mean while Lenan comes over. He sees what's happening and leaves from there. Allurina runs behind him and holds his back, and he turns around to kiss her.

He says," I know you would come. The curse is overtaken. I am sorry to curse you, but I knew that this man would find you anytime and will trap you. So, I cursed you, so that he gets killed by the curse. Allurina can only be mine. He had to die and you with your intelligence, got the curse to end. I love you".

They both kissed each other and left to home.

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