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Angelic Friendships

Angelic Friendships

10 mins

A boy in a scooter was riding in the dusty roads when he was going to crash on an elderly woman. As usual I stopped the time, pushed the lady on the cross paths , teleported myself beside the cafe and released the time. Now the elderly woman was safe. Next my golden book glowed which indicated a soul had been released. I immediately appeared in the 6th Avenue Road where I found a man dead from a car accident. His soul had arisen and he was shocked to see his dead body. I whispered to him, "It's time you took responsibility of your own body." He exclaimed, "You can see me?" I responded to him, "Of course. I am here to guide your soul to the correct path ." Well, he was like Oh! but no words came out of his mouth. I was surprised he had a lot things to regret about and came to the conclusion that he must be an irresponsible being. Anyways I did my job. But on the contrary I felt sorry for him. In fact for all humans who get disappointed on their own feelings. The Elder Angel waved from a distance and said, "Good work!" But in my mind, thoughts were constantly arising and I felt like I was literally going to burst! The only thing I ever wished was to be a human and know how it feels to have feelings.

Yes you heard it right! You might be wondering if I am some sort of a maniac or something. But to tell you all the truth, yes I AM AN ANGEL. A real life angel. An angel's duty is to guide human souls after their deaths to the righteous path. And likewise I do the same thing. My name is Seulbi and I guide human souls in the Avenue city with Elder Angel. I always wonder what it is to be like humans. In my free time I watch those dramas in the TV and I get so excited everytime. And one more thing, humans cannot see me. We are celestial beings so we cannot be seen by human eyes and we can even stop time just for the purpose of our duty. The sky is always blue. I see through the sky and wish to be I independent and gain freedom. But I cannot escape from being an angel.

At least that's what I thought.......

I got a notification from the golden book that a soul was going to be released. Probably at Schwera High School. I reached before time because I wanted to see the drama before things turn to tragic for humans. It was between a girl named Lisa and another one called Diana. Well, I guessed it right then, the usual friend circle problems. Anyways my book showed that Diana was going to die. Some of the drama occurred as I stood watching them. Diana was going to jump from the top of the building and Lisa was just ignoring her calls until she got serious. She tried to make her understand a misunderstanding. I was ready at the bottom, sitting in a car. And you know accidentally Lisa jumped and I didn't notice her. She fell on me but some mysterious power held her above me, which surprised her. But then I lost control and I became unconscious. The next day, I found myself in the hospital bed beside that girl. I was just so surprised I jumped out of the bed. I thought so hard as to how I had reached the bed, but then a nurse called me. She said, "Miss are you fine?" 'Okay, fine calm down Seulbi'- I reassured myself. But my brain cracked, " Are you asking me?" The nurse said, " Yes.." I touched the bed and to my surprise, I was able to touch it. Angel's cannot touch earthly objects and humans for one thing.

I had lost my golden book and moreover.....I had become a human...

Lisa said,"You fool! You would have died if not for that car!" She literally shouted at me. "Thanks for saving me..." I said to her. "Huh? I didn't save you..I..I scarcely survived myself! Anyways if you are fine then you can go, I will pay the hospital fees for you." she said. "Can you tell me your name?" I asked her as to if I needed it in future to go back." My name is Lisa Gong and it's none of your business! Just go!" she said. Well she was not the one to play with! I immediately ran to find Elder Angel and ask him about this. Fortunately he was on the other side of the road. I waved at him," Hey Elder Angel! I need to ask you something! It's urgent!" He arrived and said,"I know your situation but unfortunately finding the golden book is your only hope. I have contacted with the Angel Association Officials. They said it's a rare situation but that's the only way for you to turn into an angel. "It seems I have no hope. I gotta do this!" 

The air was quite cold compared to other places. And moreover it started raining. There was nothing I could do. I did not belong to this world though I am a human now. It makes no difference. I sat in the rain outside the local mart. " " Hey are you MAD? Why are sitting in the rain? You will catch yourself cold. Here take this umbrella I have another one. My goodness! Beggars are really fools nowadays." I got angry and shouted at her, "Hey! I am no beggar!" "Oh sorry then, but it's a fact. You are wet. Come with me." She dragged me through the streets and brought me home. She was Lisa. She made me warm and handed me a cup of coffee.

For a girl, she was quite unusually kind at the same time stubborn. She asked me, "What's your name?" I responded, "Seulbi" She snapped at me, " Seulbi what?". "Just Seulbi"I said. "Come on, you are joking right? Everyone has a surname." "I don't. What about it? And I am an angel." I said. She was like what the hell. "You are joking. There is nothing like angel or something. Then where do you live? That will help me to return you there." she asked. I responded, " Will you believe me if I said so?" "Yes." she said. I pointed towards the sky. "Are you serious! Become real will you? I am struggling here to safely drop you to your place without getting the police involved and are joking with me! Don't force me to go to the station, will you!" 

"No, no! I only have you. You are the only one I can be with. Please let me stay with you until I find a solution to go back to be an angel again."I said with despair. She asked, "Fine but you have to do as I say. My mom and I run this spicy rice cake shop named- 'Miss Gong's spicy rice cakes'. You will have to help me with the shop. I will pay you half salary and the other half will be compensated with you living here, got that?" That was a bunch of things I had to follow. "And we will enroll you to my high school with me so that in the future you don't go on making any trouble," she said. "Fine" I sighed. 

That day she helped me buy some clothes including school clothes and shoes. I also had a lot of fun eating Lisa's mom's rice cakes. I lied down on my bed, totally exhausted from roaming around. Like an angel in human form in a materialistic world, I can easily lose my energy in this state. I realized how much Lisa had done for me. Normally people would keep away from strangers but she was different. "Is this what is called Friendship?" I wondered and fell asleep.

The next day, we both got ready for school. It was my first time going to a school. On the way, Lisa explained to me everything. "Got it?' she asked me. I showed her a thumbs up. We had reached school. Luckily we both were in Class 3 Grade 10. She introduced me to her so-called group. Shanqi, Kei, Ren, Nan were my new friends as on earth. 

Classes were over and so we sat in the cafeteria. I did have lot of fun with them and I realised how good to have friends who cared for you. Then Shanqi raised her finger to a girl beside us and said, "That's Elena from our class and she is called the Queen of our class." . I asked her, "Why?" Shanqi replied, "She is a complete show-off. Thinks as if she is a god amongst gods and we are fools amongst fools. Right guys?" Everyone else nodded. Lisa said, '' Its better if you keep your distance from her!" I made a mental note of it. However things became complicated........

When the classes were over, I asked my friends to wait for me in the corridor. I had remembered that I had forgotten something in the playground during PT class. I reached out my hand to grab my bottle when I heard some voices behind the building. It was Elena and she was demanding one of the girls. She was trying to trick Lisa and the others and tag me as the culprit. I decided that I had to do something and hid this case from others. I was ready for tomorrow............Next day, everything happened as planned by Elena. During breaks, she stole mobile phones of Lisa, Shanqi and others and hid it in my bag. After she was gone, I again placed the phones in Elena's bag instead. In the next class, Shanqi shouted that her phone was misplaced and even Lisa's, Kei's and Nan's were. That time Elena pointed out to me and blamed me as for the culprit. The head teacher asked me to show my bag. I refused and said, "Excuse me sir, before we take any action, How does Elena know I stole the phones? Does she have any evidence?"

At that Nan replied, " Yes! Seulbi is kind-hearted and a sublimely sweet girl. She is our friend and she would never do that! If it was someone it should be Elena herself!" Then Lisa said, "Yes and moreover if Elena can confirm that Seulbi stole them, then that means Elena was somewhere already hiding to see it in action." I interrupted and replied, "Sir why don't you check my bag and then Elena's?" The head teacher did so and found out that the phones were in Elena's bag. She was out of words, " But...but...I...I don't know how it came here?" I explained the evil plot to all the ones present in Class 3 Grade 10. Elena was taken to the principal's office and given a week's suspension. My friends thanked me after school and Lisa said, "It was worth taking you on that day!" I shouted,"Hey! That's rude!" And we walked away as the sky turned pink and the sun gave its brightest shine of the day.

I had learnt a valuable emotion called Friendship..........

We had dinner and as I was going to bed, I saw the Elder Angel signaling me to come over. He said," I have found the golden book and the officials have prepared your way to become an angel again. In a week's time, you will gradually become an angel. Till then prepare yourself because you will need a lot of angelic energy." I got downcast and said, "What about my friends?" He said, "They will forget everything that had happened this week as you become an angel." I got dejected and left in a hurry to go to bed. I had made wonderful friends and felt this burning sensation called Friendship. I did not want to go back to square one. But Elder Angel and other angels had worked so hard to find my golden book, and I did not want that to go in waste. I accepted fate and I felt, as if that, this all was anyways going to come........

Next week, I had become an angel. But I promised myself that I will always look over my friends on Earth. After-all they taught me something called Friendship.........

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