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Lakshya: The Goal

Lakshya: The Goal

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Today at this moment I would like to share inspiring stories of my life. In my life there are perfect examples of difference between goals and dreams. My grandfather is a mechanical engineer. He was the principal of a college. When I was 6 years old that time I lived with my grandparents in my vacation and not with my parents. They always used to take me in their college. Their assistants always used to give me a tour of their college. I used to see many kinds of robots, car designs over there. As it was lunch time I used to run and come to my grandfather. They took me back home where we used to have our lunch. After my grandfather left, I told my granny what I did their today. That time I used to love swinging on a swing, so I requested my grandfather to buy a swing. After few days they brought a big piece of wood and a big rope at home. He started making a beautiful swing for me and I loved that swing. The swing was strong and sturdy enough to balance a body on it.

The time came when I had to return back home. That time it was my mother’s birthday so I wanted to buy a watch for her, but my grandfather said ‘It is you who can make and give your mother the best gift`. And that’s what inspired me to be a great artist and it slowly turned into my dream and after that into a goal and today also that goal is in my mind. I made a beautiful box of gift for my mother. I made Disneyland in a small box and that was my first art and the second step towards my achievement. That day onward I never bought any gift for anyone from outside and also it is always that my dearest grandpa would help me in making them.

Who knew that a simple line said by my grandpa would change my life!

These small – small things that happen in our daily life can also turn the world upside – down. It’s just like making a design; small techniques change the shape of a simple design and make it "The Best". Today whenever I make something it reaches to thousands. This is all because of my grandfather.

This was a short story of my life which I wanted to share with you all, but the purpose of narrating this story is to explain many things which are similar in each - others life and that is - A person has two things in his/her life i.e. goals and dreams. A person should know the difference between goals and dreams. They both seem similar but are very different. A dream normally is something which you think you can do, but not at all sure that you will be able to do it and ultimately you make it happen. It doesn’t take that much of hard work or effort to succeed in your own dreams. Goals are totally opposite to dreams. Goals need a lot of effort to fly with shinning colors. There can be hundreds of dreams but not hundreds of goals. There can be only two goals, one of them is in your heart and other in mind. There is no “either / or” in this case because the goal in your heart is the one in which you put a lot of effort than the goal in mind. But actually seeing dream is the first step towards your goal. A dream is that magical power which will take you far away in your own world.

These became the goals of my heart but slowly as I grew up dreams flew away somewhere, but the goals are still intact. New dreams entered into my life and newer interest areas too. I would also like to share about it. Once I was going to market to buy some things, I passed a store selling musical instruments and I saw a shelf full of guitar, of all sizes, shapes and colors. When I was entering inside the shop I saw a young man playing a guitar and also singing a beautiful song. This inspired me a lot. My friends were singing an English song, before that I had never heard an English song. As I went back home I listened to that song and I seriously loved it. I never thought of being a singer and before all this, music was like the worst subject for me and now as my best subject in school just like a super hit song. I don’t know how but as I see a guitar I feel like I am on a big stage with audience in front of me. Doesn’t matter where I am, on the road or at my friend’s house. As I was inspired by all those things I joined a guitar class, I also wanted to join vocals, but my mother said not now, as you are just started learning guitar. Today I think I have done a very good progress in field of music. Whenever any guests visit our home, they always ask me to play guitar for them. Whenever I am free I would like to see television but as I see my guitar I wouldn’t take a second to remove it and start playing it. Then whatever may happen... my studies are left or my playing is left, I will not stop playing it. I get completely engrossed into playing the guitar. My guitar is my biggest friend and also a true friend. While playing it I have tunes, lyrics, feelings going on in my head. All this then culminates into a complete beautiful song.

I get charged up whenever I get a special feeling in my heart and mind. Suddenly I get a cue and I write a line and after that I can create a wonderful song. I have created a number of songs till now but never expressed in front of anyone. Guitar has made a special place for itself in my heart and also took away the stage fear. Actually I have observed that it’s easy to stand with group but it takes courage to stand alone. In this full story, maybe not you, but I have learned that there can be hundreds dreams but not that many goals. I have also learned that a single word or looking at things with some special feelings can change anyone’s life. Also I would like to say that dreaming is the basic need of anyone’s life. Here I have got many dreams but only two goals. I still don’t know what will happen next in my life, will I succeed or not. I have also firmed my own mind and heart while writing this story - before I wished I could do but now I know that I can do.

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