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Galaxie V

Drama Horror Others


Galaxie V

Drama Horror Others

Kids Next Doors

Kids Next Doors

6 mins

BOOM "Wake up Luis today is the day." It was my sister Evelyn running down the hall, wondering why she was so excited. Its just school, she never gets excited about school. I went downstairs to get breakfast. It was a normal day where everyone, Mom cooking, and my stepdad Off to work. It was going pretty normal until the news outlet said that A meteor hit the Earth and hit Russia. 

That scientists have not seen it coming. I stopped watching the news, ate my breakfast, and left. My mom was to busy talking to my grandmother so I left. Surprisedly my sister Evelyn beat me to the bus stop for the 1st time and usually I'm the one who's their 1st.  She was still excited about going to school. "Why are you so excited to go to school I can never be there before?"  She looked at me puzzledly. My friend Marlon came out of nowhere and like always last to the bus stop."How you not know what's going to happen today like everyone is talking about it and like everyone is excited about!" Marlon came up to me." Stop playing with the Mo everybody knows was happening day is the start of something new for us everyone." 

I was about to ask them What the hell are they talking about like am I missing something like I missed a gossip or I'm not in a group chat that am I supposed to know about but I didn't ask, because I got a message. A message I receive a long time ago. Okay not long ago but maybe this summer maybe last month...I got dumped. She said that she needed space. How my mom did not like her. And the reason why is cause I got in a fight with this other dude who I lost too because he grabbed her ass.

 When I got to school things got a little weird. I saw my friend Jedediah the only friend in the famous friend and the only nerd that is popular. Why you wondering, is because this kid is the world's smartest kid in the world even smarter than Albert Einstein himself. And of course, Stephen Hawking rests in peace. And it's like saying Stephen Hawking died but somehow he made a kid with Albert Einstein himself although I know they live different time period but somehow  Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein found a way don't ask how I guess time traveling.

 Making this hunk junk. I and he are friends, But we haven't talked since Middle school because somehow he wasn't there at school. You aspect the smartest kid to be there right. Well, he's back in more popular than ever like he was Justin Bieber we all knew that he was the smartest kid in the world back in middle school but why is it getting more tension than ever just because he left for 2 full years. 

No one heard about him after that not even me is a friend. I guess because I made fun of them because I called him Jedegina. See what I did there. Get it vagina. "Hey, Jaridiah is it truly is done?!" "Hey, Jedediah I'll be your girlfriend if I'm the 1st one the be there."

 And that was the hottest girl in the school seen that personality I think Jedediah did not hear her because of the massive people around him yelling at him in a good way of curiosity. Well, I did not have time to talk to him right now. Because I wanted to find my locker number that they mail me so I can put my stuff and then talk to Jedegina.

 But when I got inside the principal told everyone to get in class immediately that this was not a drill. Everybody went to their classes wondering what the hell is going on. I found my class went inside am I book back carried And full of books I tried to raise my hand but the teacher was too busy reading her email with a worried face and I was kind of worried too, not because she was worried because when I turn to my left I saw the military with their tanks and their Air Force flying over us that's how I knew shit was about to go down.

 Me personally I was a going to on straight to my ex and save her from whatever this shit was about to happen. Hoping that she opens her mind and think that she is losing a caring and loyal boyfriend.  Then the morning announcement started. " Hello everyone I am your principal you guys are probably wondering what is going on we will tell you more and more details later this afternoon at the end of the school please all teachers report to the gym and follow the instruction that we provided, military personnel will be guarding the door to protect kids for any further Danger. 

 Mrs.Johnson left the classroom. I looked out the window I saw a soldier pointing up in the sky and the other soldier looking up too worried. "Chopper down I repeat chopper down" Then I heard another soldier. "INCOMING" Then tank Started to fire every soldier got a weapon firing the smoke whatever they smoke was covered the whole window making a foggy for us to see what was going on although we could see with deciding to fill the window and to hear a big screech like a creature or a demon hunger for human flesh then the halls started As chaos next. 

 Hearing personnel military that they assign in each classroom started firing outside of our door teachers screaming calling for help me panicking wondering what the hell is going on. All the students panicking wondering what should they do. Then out of nowhere, Jedediah was in a speaker of the morning announcement saying everyone run to your lockers and everyone did run to the lockers. Me wondering why to go to your locker if whatever is out there is eating people. But some kids listened likes its the only option they have.

 Everyone was rushing to the door like there was something in the Room pushing people squeezing to the front door. I know I said I should find my ex and save her from whatever this is. I was too scared to even look for in this chaos. I saw kids getting pulled from something. It was too foggy. To find her. Someone through a smoke grenade.

 This kid went to his locker and put his eyeballs close to his locker number and something behind those numbers was a computer scanning his Eyeball in then he said his name. "Flint Carson." "Welcome flint Carson. The locker door open and he put himself inside in the locker in out of nowhere the locker close itself Automatically. So I did the same thing ran to my locker put my eyes close to the locker number and called out my name the door open automatically welcome Luis Abrego. I went inside. Not even thinking twice of the entering. But before I was launched down.  

I saw Mrs.Johnson drinking and feeding the blood of the military soldier that was assigned to protect our classroom.

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