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Izzy Ella

Abstract Inspirational


Izzy Ella

Abstract Inspirational

Just One Ordinary Day…

Just One Ordinary Day…

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It was the end of a summer day, with the sun hiding in its house, leaving room for a cool evening that enlivened the city streets.

She had not yet left the house. She looked out the window of her bedroom at the smiling, noisy people. The children were playing in front of the building with a red ball that seemed to her like a lollipop. She did not laugh. She just sat and watched. What was she thinking? Was she thinking at the day that had just ended? At the days of college that ended and left a void in her soul? Or maybe at all of them.

Who was she? What did she hope she would find out if she looked out the window? She was a simple girl who could not find her peace of mind. She was ....... a mere ordinary mortal. Her name was Alice. Just that. A common name, that did not attract the attention of others. Not even hers. Her gaze was sad. It was as if she was looking for something long lost. She looked for it, hoping to find it and, at the same time, she will find her inner peace. While lost in the images beyond the transparent window, the phone rang.

-    Yes? I'm home. I don't know when they will return, but I will send them the message. Have a good evening!

Her crystal clear voice was heard slowly on the phone. She did not give much information to the person who had called. It was clear that the images in the window were more important than a simple call. If anyone looked at Alice, she didn't think she had just finished college.

The girl with the prominent nose could mislead everyone. She was not believed to be more than 16-17 years old. She was still a kid, as she was often told. Her family was the one who tried to understand her, to love her as she was. Alice didn't have many friends, but even those whom she had didn't understand her too much, however they had accepted her as she was. She didn't have a bad heart, only that she didn't fit in well in the century he lived. She was a kind of Bella Swan from the books she read and thought they were telling the story of her life. She expected to find an Edward Cullen to make her life more ... exciting.

She left the window she had returned to after hanging off the phone and sat on the bed, staring at the long whitewashed white ceiling. She then tried to close her eyes to fall asleep, but could not. She was too anxious. Or was it more than a feeling of anxiety? She didn't know what was really in her heart.

The rain had begun to blow lightly on the window, the air cooled even more, and the raindrops hit the cold sill. Alice realized that she had not closed the window and that the rain had crept into her room. She got up, closed the window, went to the nightstand, took out the mp4 player, put on her headphones and turned on the music. It was just good music to fall asleep, but she remembered. Again sleep escaped her and left her prey to an incomprehensible commotion. What was the problem? Why couldn't she relax as usual while listening to her favorite music?

She closed his eyes again and gave in to the unfolding of the events of the previous day. It was the day she graduated from college, the day she left the big city, the day she said goodbye to her classmates. It was a rainy day, with leaden clouds covering the sky and her heart. She had brought her parents to college to be present at her graduation ceremony, to take an important step with her in a new stage.

As usual, her parents were with her. Her brother was not missing the event either. They were as excited as Alice, if not more excited. It was a special day, an important moment in their daughter's life. They wanted to be with her, to cheer her up, not to let her cry, as they knew she would. But, surprisingly, she turned out to be quite strong ... or maybe she was shocked? However, the tears did not appear; it was a good thing.

When they called her name, she walked timidly on stage, her heart pounding, she took her diploma, shook hands with the dean she didn't even know, and walked over, looking at her parents, who were applauding her from their seats. It was her moment of glory, if you could call it that. She wanted to prolong it, but she knew it was not possible; she had to get off the stage. Other students followed; she was not alone.

Her eyes opened. Now she understood the reason for her anxiety - she would not see her colleagues with whom she stayed for 3 years, the girls who lifted her spirits whenever she was sad or asked her about the lovers she did not have. They were the ones who made her feel that she was an important person and that she could also help them with anything she could. She stood on the edge of the bed, raised his palms to her face, and looked at them and began to cry.

Tears streamed down her pale, young cheeks, without wrinkles. She realized that her life as a student had ended that day; she would never meet all her colleagues at the same time or maybe in many years. It was painful and she couldn't stop crying. She was alone again; no friends, no one to put a smile back on his face. She felt abandoned. What a terrible feeling! She couldn't stop and her eyes began to turn red. Why ....... why did she have to suffer so much? The same thing had happened in high school.

She was now crying for the high school period that had passed and for the college period that had just ended. Her caressing moments, strong smiles, loud laughter ..... all were about to end, to set like the sun in the sky.

Alice would no longer be the same cheerful girl, the same always cheerful person. She knew it had to change, but she didn't expect it to happen so quickly. All events took her by surprise and she did not know how to react. She panicked and could not find the easiest way to resolve her inner conflicts.

The irony of fate was that even during college she could not make a boyfriend. She hoped, but the desire was not enough and she knew this too, but she did not take any action. She was just ... waiting for something more. Now she knew why she was looking out the window so much - she hoped that someone would show up, that she would see her and be together. But, once again, life had disappointed her. Alice knew how to love, but she didn't know how to show her feelings, how to attract the person she cared about. Maybe it was expected to be addressed to, which would not happen too soon. Like any other girl, she dreamed and hoped for an easy and happy life with someone who loved her the way she was - shy, romantic and who could love with all her heart. She could offer pure love, but she also expected to receive something as pure as she offered. Maybe she was born in the wrong period. It was not possible for a person like her to exist, to be capable of such feelings.

Her desire to give the other her best made Alice a difficult and unique person through the tones of her personality. Although there were few who could understand her, those were her true friends, people she could count on when she needed their support.

The end of college offered her nothing more than a new perspective on the world, on the people around her.

She was to discover that life was colored in different shades, some sweeter and warmer, others colder and bitter, but she had to face each day at a time.

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