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Just One More Trial

Just One More Trial

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A certain darkness is needed to see the stars. Even inspiration plays the same role. We get inspired by very ordinary people who from unexpected places rise up and achieve heights uncommon to even the rich. They don't believe in the past and live in the present as they believe that past is a place of reference and not of residence. Success always seems impossible until it's done. I always wonder what inspiration is to me? Is it a way to be motivated and become successful? But whom are we inspired from? For one a gloomy and dark thing can be inspirational or for one the touching stories of superstars. Inspiration can be drawn from a small thing only we notice or a thing appreciated by the whole nation. For me, I was inspired by him.

Rohan was the only lawyer to start practicing at an early age of twenty two. He won his first case against his dad and I don't know why I was happy and felt as if justice was provided. His dad worked at one of the best companies' law firm and was the costliest lawyer in the nation. Sometimes he had to defend cases which were unjust and unfair but he tried to be fair at least that is what he told his son. But things turned away when Rohan discovered that his dad was going to defend the case of the ones against one of his friend's dad.

His friend's dad, Mr. Ahuja owned a production firm of designer clothes and was becoming very popular in the market recently. The Company for which his father worked also was designing firm and realised Mr. Ahuja being a threat to their sales. Things went okay for a year but soon the Ahuja's became too popular. The Company thought of bad means to bring down the Ahuja's. They plotted him in a case of theft of designs and murder of the person who was designing their fabrics. The death of Ms. Pathak the youngest established designer and a young woman of twenty five brought upon the city an urge of rebel against the Ahuja's and asked him to close down his shop.

His first trial was declared a week later and there was no chance he wouldn't be sentenced. Rohan pleaded his dad of not taking the defence's side but he couldn't persuade him. He was stubborn as a rock. He knew that Mr. Ahuja was not guilty of theft and murder by such a fragile heart as his was impossible. But he had to fight the case due the agreement he had signed with the Company ten years ago. If he, doesn't he knew things could get worse for him and his son. The Company wouldn't leave them alive.

Mr. Ahuja was sentenced to death and executed a month later. His family had to perish in lot of ways. His son wasn't given any job in the neighborhood and his wife couldn't even come out of the house and if she dated to she was welcomed with tomatoes and rotten eggs. This all happened just because a intellectual lawyer stayed quiet and supported the wrong side. This all happened because a lawyer betrayed his duty but a father did not.

As soon as his father returned from the trial that day he found a letter on the shoe rack wet with trars. It said," I never knew you would go till that extent for money. I never knew my dad was that horrible. I am leaving and when I return I will make sure I will prove the verdict wrong. I will prove you wrong." Tears rolled down as he crumbled up the paper and straightened it again. He teared it up into tiny pieces and threw them in the bin. He didn't want any evidence left to point out at his son by the Company.

He made up story for his missing son and continued to live as he usually did. His routine didn't change except having a cup of tea with his son in the evening. He used to wake up by six in the morning and go for a walk around the sea shore nearby. Then after eating he would get ready for his work. Returning by sharp six he would start by drinking a cup of tea and then watch news while sitting out the things to be made as the dinner. He rarely used to have guests and when he had he used to become restless. As most of asked when his son was going to return after completing his education in America.

He didn't know how long his lie was going to work. But behind this lifeless routine and not so caring attitude were those restless, painful nights when his face used to be covered with tears while looking at the family album. How much he longed for his son and how much he didn't want him to return too were very converging. He thought it was good for his son to remain in the dark and be under a shadow as not to harm him because of his dangerous job. There was no way out as it was a double edged sword. He used to say to his son that 'there is always a choice about the way we do our work, even if there is no choice of the work itself'. Maybe Rohan might have really understood the actual meaning of it.

It always seems impossible until it's done. Rohan had passed the hard bar exam and had become a hot topic in the famous University of Law. He thought it was the time to make a comeback. After four years of hard work and patience he was ready to fight against the nation's best and costliest lawyer.

The Company was shocked to hear that someone had reopened the Ahuja's case. The trial was declared and his dad was obviously asked to defend the Company. Astonishing just after one trial the dead victim Mr. Ahuja was declared not guilty and the family was provided financial help. The president of the Company was sentenced to death for confusing the court and plotting a innocent in the charge of theft and murder.

His father's license was suspended for supporting a guilty client and was put into life imprisonment.

I was never able to understand from whom should I draw inspiration from. From a dad who scarified his life and duty for his son or from a son who went against his dad to fulfill his duty? What do you think?

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