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Suchismita Sahu


Its Not Too Late!

Its Not Too Late!

8 mins

A girl was born with many dreams in her eyes…

Among the many dreams, the most ambitious was to become

the best engineer the country has ever seen!

But, was she successful in achieving her dream?

Since childhood, she wanted to achieve much more than her

father, so had a dream to become an engineer and it was not difficult for her

to complete her graduation in Electrical Engineering, from a reputed

Engineering college of Odisha. During the final year, when everyone was

preparing to get selected in campus interviews for the top Software companies

of the nation, she was preparing for companies coming under Public Sector


“Work performed with higher knowledge or skill, capacity

or ambition, usually brings a correspondingly higher reward-” by Bharat Ratna

Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was always echoing in her ears and she kept on

fighting with herself to get a job in PSU companies. Written tests were too

tough, only few companies were recruiting for Graduate Engineer Trainee hiring

with a single digit count under any unreserved category, sometimes there was no

recruitment for Electrical Engineering students. She was meeting most of her

seniors in the written exam center, who were even 4 years senior to her and was

becoming hopeless by assuming her position in that huge crowd. The battle was

between lakhs of students only for a single digit few seats, who were competing

with each other, without knowing that the seats were already reserved for candidates

who were blessed by the merciful hands of some well-known Political Leaders.

With this, she had to accept her failure one day. Her

dream of becoming a good engineer like her father remained stopped there. In

order to get a job, she started moving towards the private sector and got a job

in one of the software companies of the Country.

But, innovation was always in her mind, which was not

allowing her to have a peaceful sleep. She tried to become master in the

programming language, started guiding her colleague, started building new

concepts, she used to work till late nights, was solving problems by referring

many forums and talk,was never leaving a chance to gain more knowledge and to

perform well, she started excelling herself in both technical and functional

areas, was very supportive towards all of her team mates, always believed in

team work rather than showing the superiority. She started shifting many

companies, so that she could learn from many people, she could perform and meet

the ever changing customers’ requirements and could adapt with different kinds

of work cultures. But each and every time, she was failing. By this time, she

had completed 12 years in her professional career, but not able to get that

inner satisfaction of getting something different, something unique, something

special, so that she could say her father “Papa, even though in Private sector,

but still I became an engineer like you, for whose achievement the Organization

was proud of”.

But, is the knowledge and skill set everything in this

Corporate World to get the success…? Does the right person having all these get

accolade? Or anything else?

In one dreadful evening, she got disheartened when she saw

the presentation by his colleague which she had explained him about the product

road map, just few days back, she was dumbfounded! How come her colleague could

steal the product innovation idea from her and showcasing in front of senior

managers! The day and night hard labor of Research, Proof of Concepts,

Development, Presentations, all were stolen by someone else!

She was getting void inside her heart! Lost her thirst and

hunger. Tear was automatically coming out from her eyes! Without any sense,

just lied on the bed. Could not realize when her eyes fall on and she slept


“She had lost her way in a dense dark forest…, with

complete thirstiness and hunger, she was not able to take a single step

forward…, she was too tired and many unknown furious creatures were following

her to attack her….she had to run…she had run ahead, without thinking a while,

despite of so much of energy less…she ran….ran…and ran….at the end she found a

big hole…a big black indefinite hole…there was nothing…what had she to do now…?

Whether she would jump ahead which would lead her to death or would revert back

and fight with all those unknown furious creatures, which were following her…?

No, she cannot accept the failure so soon…! No…, no…, no…, no-way! Did she has

done all those hard work to see this failed day…? She would never allow to let

go all of her efforts waste…! She had to fight…! Yes, she had to fight with all

those unknown furious creatures, she had to win, she had to prove herself that

she has the capability to make an Organization successful and the Organization

would be proud of her contribution. She reverted back and a huge unseen energy

fall on her….” Suddenly she got up from her sleep…, her body was full of sweat

with increased heart beat and she was trembling of fear…..What happened to all

those…? Was it all real or she was dreaming…? Yes, this dreadful incident was a

dream. But, was her real life anything different than this dreadful dream?

No-way…! It’s the same. Still, she was feeling pain in her heart, whenever she

was thinking about the innovated product concept which was stolen from her…

What happened…? Why couldn’t she justify herself even

after these many years of hard work…! This is her duty to provide protection to

her spirit. If she cannot take care of spirit, cannot provide protection from

the external hazardous forces, then no one…, even the strongest energy of the

World can never protect it. So, she had to broad her vision by deepening her

perceptions and take pain in perspective. It would open up a plethora of

positive outcomes that would become clear in the long run. All she needed was a

pair of eyes unblinkered by fear, apprehension and prejudice. Whenever fear

comes, I had to grab and kill it.

She started analyzing herself….what lead her to this

situation…she dug up…dug up…dug up and at last, she was able to find her

mistakes…those were not mistakes…those were blunders… a big blunder in

Corporate World…! A big blunder of sharing all of her knowledge with her

colleagues….! She realized that “Opportunities don’t come to you…you have to

grab them…” Instead of grabbing, she was missing the opportunities…she was

letting go the opportunities to others…! Why was she doing like that…? Because

she was believing in fair working environment…which was never possible. She was

always right point to point. She was not a “Yes Boss” kind of girl…! Because

she was in belief that if she was right and knowledgeable, then boss would

always accept her proposal and if boss had not accepted, then she was not that

much knowledgeable, she had to work more, but in the meantime, the same concept

which was stolen from her was getting praised by her boss which was shared by

the other…! It meant she was not enough skillful to present herself, even

though she was much more knowledgeable than others. She had to present herself

in front of everyone. After all, she was a public speaker, a story teller and a

good presenter, so why could not present herself in a very pleasant manner in

front of anyone! And had to share only that much with others which would not be

harmful for her, she should not have to prove her honesty by sharing hundred

percent knowledge that she had with her. She should not share the greatest

knowledge that she had with her peers, which could lead her to destroy. Her

knowledge should go through others in a communication to a larger group with a

wide variety of audience starting from senior most to junior most. Even the

great Politician Chanakya had told that a person should not be too honest,

straight trees are cut first and honest peoples are screwed first. Besides

this, she had the quality that once she starts working on something, she was

never getting afraid of failure and didn’t abandon it, which could lead her to

a great success. She started believing the concept “There is some self-interest

behind every friendship, there is no friendship without self-interest”, tried

to find out what kind of self-interest her colleagues used to keep in her and

in return of that what they expect from her and she was able to find out a

group of colleagues from which she started hiding her true emotion. She learnt

to say “No”, whenever any of her colleague asked her for some injustice help

which was going against her professionalism. This had a huge impact on her

daily outcome and which in turn boosted her confidence like anything. She

started keeping away herself from the people speaking very sweat words or she

started behaving in a very similar manner with them but without sharing any

information. She started following the motto “even if, a snake is not

poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous”. A girl, always believing

competing with herself, started believing competition with others too. She

stopped mixing up her individual goals with others. She started setting up her

goal in a very regular basis and presenting in front of the senior managers.

She never got scared to ask the question “Why?” to clarify the decision about

the exclusion of a product marketing concept, even to the CEO of the


Okay…Fine, she could not do for PSUs, but her Organization

will definitely proud of her contribution one day. Still the words of Bharat

Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya -“Work performed with higher knowledge or

skill, capacity or ambition, usually brings a correspondingly higher reward-”

were echoing in her ears and she kept on working to fulfill her dream, but this

time with a confidence that she could beat her enemy whoever would come in her

way. She would never give a chance to other. Even though, its late, but it’s

not too late!!!

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