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The Destiny Call- V ( Journey Ahead)

The Destiny Call- V ( Journey Ahead)

10 mins


As Swati narrated the dream to Naina, she was shocked and said, "Swati I am really interested to know your connection with them.

And even before they realised they reached the same bench where the old man was waiting for them.

He saw them and said, "Hi Girls, it's good to see you today. Swati, Thank you for believing in me and being here to listen to me. I know you are looking for answers but before that, you need to listen to my story.

Even before the old man could say, something, Swati said, "Does this story involves your adopted daughter Meetali, who is there in the photograph with you?

To be continued


The old man was shocked to hear that coming from her. He asked Swati, "How do you know about this? Yes, I showed you the photograph yesterday, but never told you the name of my daughter. Not only do you know her name but also that she was my adopted daughter. Swati, I really don't know where destiny is taking us with all this, but now I am sure that you are the "One" who is destined for something great.

Swati couldn't comprehend what he said, but she replied, 'I know this may sound weird to you, but yesterday I had another dream that gave me a glimpse of your life. And then she narrated the entire dream to her.

After listening to her dream, the old man didn't say anything, instead, he stood up and asked Swati and Naina to sit on the bench. Both of them waited for the old man to say something about the dream and wanted to know his story more importantly.

Breaking the silence, the old man said, "Before I begin, let me introduce myself. I am Krishnaswamy Iyer. I belong to a small village in Kerala. I was a traditional dancer, dance was my passion and life. I came from a background where dance was not considered a good profession and was looked down upon. You see astrology run in my ancestral blood, and like any other father, my father too wanted me to take over his position, but I was not ready to give up on my dreams. Without informing him, I completed my dance classes and tried participating and won few dance competitions.

I felt bad lying to my father, but then I had no option. And I was able to keep this secret for a long time because my mother supported me. My father was very strict but on the other side, my mother was lenient and always supported him. She was the best mother in this world.

But my world came crashing down when all of sudden my mother passed away due to a heart attack. It was then I realised even though my father was there I felt all alone. She was my supporting pillar and after she was gone forever from my life, I felt totally lost and a void created in my life.

I thought a lot about it and came to the conclusion that I had to tell my father the truth about my dance. And with a lot of courage finally, I told my father that I don't want to be an astrologer, instead, I wanted to be a dancer.

He was shocked to listen to this and since he didn't say anything so I further continued, that how my friends told me there were some good dance academies in Bangalore and if I was really interested to take up dance as a profession should move to Bangalore.

I finally said, Father, I know you want me to be an astrologer, but I just not made for it. I am born to be a dancer. Mother knew about my passion and always supported me. I want to go to Bangalore to fulfil my dream.

I am really sorry for lying to you for so long, can you forgive me and give me your blessings?

My father was so much in anger, he slapped me hard, dragged me out of the house and before closing the door on my face, he said, "Never come back here again. You are dead to me.

With tears in my eyes, I started my journey and moved to Bangalore.

Moving to a new city was not easy and yes my journey was a tough one, but I never gave up on my dream. My passion helped me to stay focused, there were days when I slept empty stomach, sometimes I slept on the park's bench. You know whenever I had a bad day, my mother appeared in my dream, encouraged and supported me. As a result, the next day I was all charged up to face the hurdles.

Due to my mother's blessings not only did I got admission to the dance academy, but I also got the best guru/mentor in the world and got some amazing friends.

Things slowly started taking better shape and it felt life was coming on track. In the midst of all this, I missed my mother and father. I tried calling my father daily at the same time, but he never returned my calls. I tried contacting him through various sources but never got a chance to talk to him again.

Destiny was about to unfold another new chapter in my life by introducing me to Meetali's mother," Radhika".

Radhika was the love of my life, she was a doctor by profession, yet she had a deep passion for dance and our first meeting happened through one of my shows.

It so happened, she attended one of my shows and she was so impressed by my performance that she came backstage to meet me and asked for my autograph.

Girls this may seem funny, but she was the first person who asked for my autograph.

Radhika was so full of life, there was a smile on her face, her eyes had that spark that could shine even in the darkest room. There was something about her, and yes, it was love at first sight. Little did I know the feeling was mutual and even before we realised we tied the knot.

You know it may sound funny but the day I decided to propose Radhika my mother appeared in my dreams, gave me blessings and told me she is perfect for me, she'll fill the void in my life.

Girls, you must be thinking, this old man is boring you with the details, I am really sorry it's just that too much happened in my life and all are connected to each other, that is the reason for giving you these details.

Swati said, No Mr Iyer, don't need to be sorry. That's completely fine. We are keen to know more about you so that we can connect the dots. Please continue your story.

Krishnaswamy said, Thank you Swati and Naina for being so patient with me.

Marrying Radhika was the best decision of my life, as my life changed completely post marrying her. We both excelled in our respective fields. Life seemed so content, happiness seemed to spread its wings. Everything looked so perfect, that it seemed like a fairy tale.

Radhika was a gynaecologist, though she had a busy schedule, and I got busy in my dance shows in various cities, we always found time for each other.

I thought Life can't get better than this when Radhika gave me the best news that we were expecting!!

Girls, I was on cloud nine, hearing that news. This was the best birthday gift that I could have ever asked for.

Everything was going so amazing, we both were enjoying this incredible journey of ours in this parenthood. Little did I know about that storm that was headed on our way of happiness.

 I minimised my dance shows, even cancelled a few of them to take care of Radhika. It so happened that I got nominated for a prestigious dance award due to my contribution to traditional dance. I declined the invite since Radhika was due in few days and I didn't want to leave her alone for a second also. But when she came to know about this award she insisted that I should go to the ceremony and that she would love to accompany me to this show.

She convinced me that this was a huge opportunity for me, not everyone gets a chance to live their dreams. Not only this, since there were a couple of interviews lined up for me, post this award, it became necessary for me to attend the award show.

I told Radhika that she and our future baby were the best awards that Life has given me, but she was reluctant to hear me and was adamant to attend the award show.

I was reluctant to the idea, however since the venue was near to our place, we decided to go there for some time and come back as early as possible.

It was a magical moment of my life, receiving the award, living my dream, Radhika and my future baby being there to witness that, what more could I have asked for.

As we were returning home, all of a sudden the weather changed, it started raining heavily. Due to heavy rain, I was driving slow when Radhika started having pain and so just to be safe we thought to stop by the hospital first to show to her doctor.

When we reached the hospital, the doctor informed us, there were some complications and Radhika had to be operated on immediately.

I waited outside the Operation theatre eagerly, that was the very tough moment of my life. I knew this was a bad idea of taking Radhika to the award show.

I just didn't know what to do, a part of me wanted to call up my Father, but I knew he would not pick my call. The operation door opened, and the doctor approached me and said, 'I have some bad news for you. We can save either Radhika's life or baby, the case has got very complicated and if we do any delay we might end up losing her as well. You need to take a quick decision on it.

With tears in my eyes, I said, "Doctor, please save my Radhika. I can't live without her.

The tragedy that Radhika and I faced shooked our world altogether. She got discharged from the hospital, but this incident changed her completely. She was no more the same Radhika. This devastating news that such an effect on her, it seemed she lost her voice. Doctors' did all the tests, reports were normal, it seemed as if she had decided not to speak.

She took a break from her work and stayed home for some time, lost in her own thoughts. It seemed as though we were staying under the same roof, distance had penetrated deep in our lives.

Life came to a standstill, I tried a lot that Radhika comes back to her normal life, but I knew it was challenging for her. We both were handing our grief in our own way.

It so happened that one of my friends who worked in an orphanage asked me to bring Radhika there, maybe seeing the kids might have some effect on her.

She agreed to accompany me to visit my friend, not knowing that he runs an orphanage. 

While we were sitting in my friend's office, while I was having a conversation with my friend, Radhika was still lost in her thoughts 

Our conversation got interrupted when his assistant came and said, "Sir, sorry to disturb you, but I found this baby in this basket outside the door. What needs to be done. It's a baby girl.

Radhika's thoughts got interrupted by the baby's crying, immediately she stood up and asked the assistant "Can I hold her for a second?

As she held the baby in her arms there were tears in her eyes, she looked at me and though she didn't say anything, I nodded "Yes".

And that's how "Meetali" entered our lives and changed them forever. She was our bundle of happiness and with that, I got my old Radhika back.

Swati and Naina both were tears and they asked Krishnaswamy, What happened next?

(To be continued...)

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