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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sourav Halder



Sourav Halder


Intersection Of Intersection

Intersection Of Intersection

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Then the leaves of winter trees fell to the ground. I was walking along the main road, wrapped in a sheet of cloth. Different kinds of cars are running through the night. At night, the lights of the car were created from different colors.

My house is near the bot tree at the intersection of Chowrasta. I am a student of University Bangla University. As a student of Bangla Division, I am a little different because I want to express the feeling of other writers reading Bangla. Sometimes I think of myself as a poet and sometimes think of the literary man Humayun Ahmed. I love reading books, but reading the book is a bit different to me because I take a copy in my hand at night and read books by the window.

Every day, as I read the book, I sit by the window. One cup of coffee in hand. Suddenly the frost breeze came from the side of the window, and my body started to rise. Suddenly after a while, there was a sound from my window that sounded strange. It was a trembling sound that usually happens in winter. When I wanted to come out, suddenly the electricity went out. Pushing the candle and lighting the candle with the candlelight on the side, I can see the light coming out, but the glaze of winter frost is almost extinguished.

I got angry and came near the lamppost because the lamppost had a botch next to my room behind it. I came to my room without seeing anyone, and immediately I heard that noise. Then at twelve o'clock in the night, thinking myself confused, I was going to read the book again and then the electricity went out.

Then another time I looked at the window and saw an old woman. I went out and told him

-who are you? What is he doing here?

When I could not find any answer, I put my hand in his hand and then the old lady shouted

Are you a father?

I said I am in my room next to the students of the Bangla department of Unum University, what are you doing here.

-who are you? where do you live?

Then he replied that I was staying in the slum next to Anjana. I was feeling a little watery so I was going to the doctor for a fever. That time I brought the head back so I was a little tilted. Upon hearing the old woman's hand I looked at her head and saw that her body was very hot and then I could not see the mattress or her clothes.

Then I grabbed the woman and told her to come with me

-where will I go?

I said let's go to my room a lot of fever.

He came to my room and gave him my blanket and went to the Mana Quaker shop next to his drug Mona Kaka, one of the other drugstores in the street.

Mana Kaka I said Mana Kaka gave a fever medicine.

Mana Kaka looked at me in amazement as she was a little surprised to find out that someone had a fever here because of my parents' business.

Talking on the phone

- Who has a fever?

I did not spend any extra sentences, I quickly took the medicine and gave it to the old woman and asked her no more questions. I sat down in the chair next to the old woman taking the drugs. Suddenly at some point, I fell asleep.

The next morning, when I got up, the old woman was not in my room, so I worried and found somewhere but could not find. Suddenly, who came knocking on the door, I opened the door and the postman saw my letter. When I opened the letter, my mind was filled with the company I was applying for

I have a letter for my job.

At that time, it was like someone from outside

- Baba Anupam, are you at home?

Then I was surprised to see the old woman open the door.

- Where were you in the morning?

 - And what's that in your hand?

Before I say, let me sit inside a little.

- Yes, come on

I went to my house in the morning

I said in that slum,

- Yeah

I wake up in the morning and you see Kedar

You didn't sleep anymore. I have a grown girl in that slum that looks after me. If I hadn't told her, I would have died tomorrow.

I have an olive tree next to the slum so I brought olives for you.

-Oh well?

Last night I was sick and I can ask you something.

Why do you live in this slum because your husband does not have children?

Then I said sadly that I have no one in this world

-Set it again or not

Then the old lady said that my husband was a common man. The land was a son of mine.

The boy is newly married and his wife and son Nia are living happily ever after.

And I can no longer work because I am old now. Suddenly I got acquainted with one of my cousins ​​who still works and looks after me.

When I heard about the old lady, my heart wept with sorrow,

Then because of my job, I happily told the old lady. When I was employed in a company, the old lady secretly told me that I had to buy a good sari.

Then I said

- Yes

The next morning I am leaving for Dhaka to see the old woman while leaving the house. The stick stands in the hand a little too far. And he has a packet in his hand and he called me and said - - Father Anupam

- Yes

I made some pies for you and if you were hungry while going to Dhaka, you would worship it.

Then I said silently why are you hurting me this way?

He doesn't understand.

I bowed to the old woman and left for Dhaka. After a month, on my way home from vacation, I remembered the old woman. Ranu Kaka cooks at my house.

Ranu Kaka said that the old lady was saying a lot about you. She was sick and was lying in her house for a long time.

But he was no longer seen.

Hearing this, my heart sank in sadness. Immediately I sat down under the bot tree and then remembered the old woman I was feeling very bad. Since then that habit of reading a book with a cup of coffee over a long night has not stopped yet and I am still in the middle of that intersection and there I am stuck in the middle of silence. In the eyes of the imagination can see the old woman at the intersection.

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