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Geethu Abinaya RadhaGeetha



Geethu Abinaya RadhaGeetha




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Lets dive into the simple origin of Human Beings .Its all start here --> Universe -> Galaxy -> Milky way -> Solar System -> Earth -> Living Organism -> Human Being

According to Newton's First Law of Motion, a body at rest will remain at rest unless an external force acts upon it .I'm not sure whether he had thought that his Law is simple replica of human nature. When you do not compare yourself with others (external force)you will always remain in rest and peace .Comparison has multiple keys. One among them open your "Green Eyes" door.

You are getting a closed door and a key for the first time, What will you do ?. Your too much of excitement over a new thing will make you to open the door .At the other end of the door you are seeing multiple people .Smart, cold, Intelligent, boldbeautiful, calm, cute, arrogant , caring, talkative, quite ,deep thinker and the list goes on .When you long yourself to become anyone at the other side of door ,you will lose yourself in finding others in you .Better shut the door ,nurture yourself and enjoy your own peace.

But how long ?

Anne Frank's say "Laziness may look inviting, but only work gives you satisfaction " someway or another sheds light for our question .When you are comfortable with yourself, you can be in peace but what about progress? Is the progress report should only be filled with ups? shouldn't it show you down in progress ? If so then how can we find the field where we are lagging ? To improvise the lagging areas and to bring out the best in ourselves ,one way or other we need third element. The third element is nothing but the "people" ,in Newton's word it is an "External force" and in Anne's word it is a "work" .

Does the external force only create fuzz in life ? Its completely depends on what we look and how we take .Only way to close the "Green Eye" is by closing eyes of eagle but flying to its height . To view wide ,we are in need to understand the Third Element-People -Human life .

Components involved in Human Life ( Varies for Everyone)

1) People around us -mutable

2) Environment we live (daily routine, habits) -mutable

3) Inborn and heritage Quality - mutable

Lets Consider Life as Experiment (Exp),Our words and Actions as Output (o/p)

Output depends on above 3 Components  and 

4) Experience on facing same scenario - immutable

5) Total years of experience (age) - immutable

When 2 person interact (creates some butterfly effect)

Case 1 : Exp 1 o/p an Exp 2 o/p may be same 

Case 2 : Exp 1 o/p differ from Exp 2 o/p 


a) Both will agree that their o/p is different and try to understand each other -----Good for life's lesson

b) Both will agree that their o/p is different but don't try to understand and mind their business -----Not a goo way to approach the situation but good for mental health

c) Some stick to their o/p and deny others ----- Ignorance

d) Some never disclose their o/p 

Reasons -->To Ignore ignorance

        -->Low self esteem

        -->To avoid losing others*

e) Some agree with opponent though it differ from their own

Reasons(After analyzing the facts )

       -->The o/p 4) which they got may be wrong an corrected this time -----much appreciated 

       -->To avoid losing others *

Reasons( with no analysis)

       -->To avoid losing others *

On the above cases * points gets repeated multiple time .Reason for its reputation is ***Interdependency*** Branch of Human Nature.

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