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Dinakar Reddy



Dinakar Reddy


I'll love again

I'll love again

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Sudev, tomorrow we have to pitch the idea to producers. Don't miss the chance of becoming a screenplay writer.

He listened to the instructive voice of the media agency owner.

Sudev is working for a content creation company that is now going to make a feature film.

He kept the script on the table. There is nothing written in it. The white blank papers started making sound due to the table fan.

He switched off the fan.

His love has been left this world last year.

He has committed to writing the script and he fantasized about being the writer for a film.

The crescent moonlight falling on the window and getting reflected through the curtain.

When the moonlight touched the empty papers in his script he found some light on the papers.

When he came to see that, he found the full script for the film has been written.

Sudev's body felt the touches of his love. He took the script into his hands.

The pages were giving the smell of her cologne.

He read the complete script and smiled with joy.

He wrote the title on the script as I'll love again.

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