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I Didn't Stood Up

I Didn't Stood Up

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I didn't stand up for my black brother while he was thought of a stinking rubbish boy yet they didn't know the situation behind like I did. I glanced at them embarrassing and humiliating him I pass and developed thoughts like them. I wanted them to view me better, different from him maybe for them to think I was like them yet I forget they viewed us the same and painted us with accusing eyes. 

I listened while they whispered he stink,

Giggling their lungs out, stood there and said nothing, while they're pouring hurtful and insulting words, I bet they all smell alike. Why wasn't I saying something? is it a phobia? Why do I think I'm like them? Do I say such words to anyone? No. Why do I even worship their bell? Can I rejoice in someone's misery? I've never seen a cruel phony beast like this. 

Why was my tongue coiled with fear? 

Why should I be intimidated by this color?

Were black should be the perilous color.

Maybe you think you're like them and join while your black brother is dehumanized of being black. Creating a chain that he lacks bags of life. Maybe you should think again when you're not with them, black fool fighting out battles against their own people in order to be seen as what.......

Whatever answer you put on the dotted line let it change your life about how we think of ourselves as them and do you think they would think like us? No. They can never think like a black man cause blacks are...I hope the words you put help you to see clearer. 

When I glinted him trudge his confidence was barely bruised and broken, his shoulders crouched in his chest and with a long weary face and eyes out of the socket on the ground with hands in his pocket. A railway bench was nearby with a dustbin he pulled it close to the bench cause he couldn't take more insult. Sat there and flood his cheeks.

If I did stand up for my brother I wouldn't create a scene of violence but silence by backing him up and tell them it is not their matter what problem he got but since they're gossiper I'll dish his problem to them since they know how to help. His armpit is in a pit full of seawater causing deodorant to vanish so maybe if you want to lick with a tongue to make it stop you can speak but until then shove your horrible words in your throat. 

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