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harshit tripathi



harshit tripathi


Hudson Pace

Hudson Pace

3 mins 78 3 mins 78



(In the city of Backpaine, a group of four students are in a house but after some time three students disappear from the house and only one student is left in that house.)

Hudson Pace: Where are you all? Mack, Jorge, Archer where are you all?

(Hudson hear a mysterious sound)

Your friends are with me. If you want them back, you have to play a game.

Hudson: Who are you?

I am the soul of prince Hack.

Hudson: What? You are the soul of prince Hack. What you want from me?

Yes, I Am the soul of prince Hack. I have killed many people, and I can kill you and your friends but for the first time I am giving you a chance to save yourself and your friends.

Hudson: Ok! I will accept your challenge.


Screen changes

Time: 4 hours ago

Place: street

Of backpaine, Mack, Hudson, Archer and Jorge are listening to the news that “two people are killed in the royal house of backpaine. This is

the 56th Death in that mysterious house.”

Mack: I had heard many myths about this house.

Archer: Yeah! me too, people say that the ghost of prince Hack killed all the people who entered the house.

Jorge: Is this true or not? We should find the truth.

Hudson: But how?

Jorge: By visiting the house.

Mack: You are mad. Many people lost their life because of this house only and you are saying that we have to visit that haunted house.

Jorge: Come on Mack. We should know the truth.

Mack: I hope you know what you are saying.

Jorge: Yes, I know what I am saying.

Mack: This is not our work.

Jorge: But what is the problem?

Mack: Hold what you want? You want to kill us or you will get happy when you see our dead bodies.

Archer: I think Jorge is right. We should visit the house.

Mack: Come on guys.

Hudson: I think that Archer is correct. We should discover that house.

Archer: Yes, so, when we are going.

Mack: Ask Hudson, he is the busiest one.

Hudson: When you all are going then what I will do alone.

Jorge: Yes, that’s the spirit.

Archer: So, I think we have to leave after 3 hours.

Hudson: Ok, then come to my house, we will leave from there.

Mack: Ok.

After 3 hours (mack, Jorge and Archer called Hudson To come out, and after a few minutes Hudson came)

Jorge: You have taken 5 minutes!

Hudson: I was packing my bag.

Jorge: Where are you going?

Hudson: With you guys.

Jorge: Ok, but this bag....

Hudson: Oh, in this bag I have my camera and some snacks.

Jorge: For us?

Hudson: Mainly for you because you will eat max.

Mack: Ok, I think we have to leave now.

Archer: Yes, but I am afraid.

Jorge: Why? Because we are going at night.

Archer: Yes.

Jorge: Ha ha ha!

Archer: This is not a joke.

Jorge: Come on Archer. Now we have to leave.

Mack: Ok. (They leave for the house in Mack’s car.)

Archer: Drive the car slowly mack.

Mack: Ok.

Chapter 3 continues next week.

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