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She found out her husband was cheating on her, her car broke down on the way to work and she got a pink slip on the job. Everything she dreamed of was shattered. And then she was on the edge of the bridge, crying thinking of ending her life.

Suddenly a tiny but struggling voice came from the back, "Hey lady, can you help us to climb on the edge here and we want to catch a snap." There were two kids, merely 5-6 years old. One was trying to climb another was helping the first. The reflex kicked in, she was running without knowing to stop the dangerous act of two mini-devils!

"What on the earth you two are up to?"

"Don't you get it? We just asked you for helping us, so that we can have a nice photo at the edge of this wonderful bridge." The smarty pants replied with sarcasm.

"Yes, I know that. But don't you think it's too dangerous?" She replied.

“Then why are you doing that?" kids asked her accusingly. She didn't have any answer to that so she replied with a usual comment.

"Because I am an adult." kids laughed. "Our parents say the same thing. That's their usual excuse."

"Yes, some things are allowed as a part of being adult." she replied sighing.

"Like standing at the edge of the bridge without any support and crying with running nose!" the kids were pressing her buttons.

"How do you know that I was crying?" Till this time, all the heartache, pain was gone. And she retorted the kids with full sarcasm.

"Because you were sobbing continuously and the running nose!" the kids clarified innocently in a sincere voice. There was no smartness in the act, it was all for real. Her heart melted. She hugged them tightly and smiled widely. They didn't understand why there was a change in her demeanor, but they welcomed it. Realizing that, the change of situation might be frightening for the kids, she asked them about their parents.

"Where are your parents? Why are you roaming alone?" She asked.

"Now, you are asking us, isn't it late? Thanks for the concern anyways." She thought kids are a little matured to their age. "Our parents are roaming as well, they sent us for a mission and we are doing it." She got confused, "Okay, tell me where are they. I will take you to them." The kids replied pointing the finger at another end of the bridge, "They are there, eating ice-cream."

She looked in the direction where the kids were pointing, "I can’t see anything, there is no-one!" She turned to the kids and ... and... There was no-one! She searched for the kids everywhere but there was no sign of anyone. She was shocked.

She looked at her surroundings. Sun was about to retire for the day, sky was colored in different shades of yellow and orange, birds were flying back to their homes. The river water was sparkling. Everything was so serene and peaceful. She looked at the sky, smiled with a new hope and muttered "Thank You".

She now has new hope, new life to live!

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