Ashwini Kabade

Drama Tragedy


Ashwini Kabade

Drama Tragedy

The Good-bye...

The Good-bye...

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It was time. She needed to be at home by any mean, he must be waiting for her. And there she was. As she entered he greeted with the same breath-taking smile. It was their special moment… They owned it. With that everything around them vanished in the dust, it was just two of them!

He welcomed her inside. He was running ahead, pointing to the sofa-chair, asking her to sit down. Her heart stopped for a moment, but of course, if it was working. He was a pleasant sight for her sore eyes. His small fingers linked with hers, he pulled her towards the sofa. It was their love-seat! They sat there for a while. He was looking at her with those twinkling eyes, full of life. She couldn’t understand whether to smile or to cry! He was so perfect, and he was hers. She wondered how she had created something that beautiful…

They talked, she asked all those same silly questions! He had just started picking up the words; he replied with the same funny pronunciations. She laughed as usual and then corrected him. He blushed pink as usual!

After their banter, his attention again switched to his daily mishaps. He ran towards his box of toys. He stood there for a moment, thinking about what to pick. Finally, after settling with the toy cricket-bat, he ran towards her. She nodded in agreement and asked him where the ball was. He understood the problem at hand. Immediately started looking for the precious ball. He looked everywhere, there were 3-4 balls of variant sizes. He chose the biggest one and pointed at it. That day, they had a better game than usual. At last, both ended up again on the love-seat laughing. With few cute cuddly moments, he was fast asleep beside her.

She stood up. He was still asleep. The little fella was sleeping peacefully. The rise and fall of his chest were all for her. Her beautiful son was sleeping without any care in the world as his mother was back as always.

Suddenly there was a sound of the latch. She froze, he must back from office. He found junior sleeping and he hush-hushed with the family members. He approached his son, who was sleeping. There was a little resistance from the little fella, but he again slept on his dad’s shoulder. Her husband must have been tired as within minutes, they both were inseparable sleeping pair. She was still there, looking at them intently. That was what she needed. That was something, which she was waiting for. The sight was her assurance for eternity. It was an assurance that her boy would be taken care of. That he would be loved and cared forever. There would be always someone who would love him, in the way she did. She was relieved… She was freed…

She was ready.

She was ready to leave. She glanced at them. It was her whole world. She was broken, she had bailed on them far before the time, she ever imagined. But it was time for goodbye. She kissed them both on their foreheads. The kiss she never ever going to forget. And finally, she was gone…

Moments passed. Suddenly door-bell rang. “Mr. Abhishek Jain?” A policeman was calling his name.

“Yes, its Abhishek. How can I help you?”

“Can I come in?” The policeman replied.

“Of course.”

“Mr. Abhishek, can you sit down for a moment?” The expression on the policeman’s face wasn’t pleasant.

“Sir, I am very sorry to inform you that, your wife Vaibhavi met an accident.”

His face crowded with sudden pain as he heard the awful news.

“She is okay, right? Which hospital, Inspector? I need to see her, I need to be with her.”

The policeman coughed a with hesitation.

“Sir, I am afraid she is no more… She was thrown on the pavement and had a serious head injury. She was taken to the hospital. She was unconscious for a few hours, but later she couldn’t survive. I am sorry for your loss”

His head was spinning. He thought it was not real.

‘How is it possible? She was there in the morning… Laughing, teasing everyone. Today she wore that saree for some festive celebration at her office. She was looking beautiful! He couldn’t take his eyes off from her. She even argued about wearing a helmet. He argued but she didn’t budge giving some lame excuses that it won’t look good on her saree. And suddenly she was gone… How could she be no more? How could she do that to them… How could she do that to their beloved son, Ayaan? He needs her the most!’

Ayaan was waking up from his sleep. His cries broke Abhishek’s trance… He ran as if, his son was his life-line. He picked him up on his lap, hugged him tightly. He looked at Ayaan whose eyes was searching for his mother. ‘Mumma…. Mumma…’ Little Ayaan was calling her. But she wasn’t there, she wasn’t going to be there, forever. She was gone.

The policeman was leaving. He looked at the father-son pair. The sight tore his heart. He felt helpless, as he couldn’t do anything… Suddenly he stopped in front of a chair. He looked at the object on the chair and then at the orphaned father-son. He sighed heavily, then left.

A red color helmet was lying there, with a yellow scarf inside it…

Note: Many a times we girls, neglect to use the helmet for many lame reasons. Like it suffocates me, it breaks my hair, it doesn’t look good. But what’s more important? Our lives. Ladies, please wear helmet while riding, use seat-belt while driving. There is always someone waiting for us, if not for us, but please take precaution for them!

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