That Tiny Little Box!

That Tiny Little Box!

4 mins

As I hung desperately onto the barrier, watching your train depart, I realized that I'd made a huge mistake.

I am in love with you, since the day you stepped in my home. You were my brother’s friend. No doubt, you were there most of the times. I am not sure why, but I tried to roam around you for your attention. You were always busy with my brother thus we didn’t get together a lot. But one day everything changed. I had a fight with my brother and he was scolding me heatedly. Suddenly we felt your presence, I thought you both would gang-up against me. But instead you stood for me against him, protecting me. Of course, it was all my fault! But you were still on my side. I was crying furiously with puffy eyes and a running nose. You sat beside me, handled me a handkerchief. I cleaned myself and looked at you. You smiled and gave me a cupcake! “Don’t cry little cupcake! It’s okay. I am here. I always will”

Since then, you are my best friend! You are the one who was sitting there, every time I was miserable or unbearable as my brother says! You are the one who spent hours listening to my non-stop rants, crazy fantasies and songs with godawful lyrics… You were there… when I had those gigantic science assignments, when I had my first crush, first break-up, first live show … and what not? You were the only one, who understood my love for music. You supported in my journey from a timid college girl to a musician, when nobody ever supported it in the family of doctors… You were always the confident one, you made your life’s mission to make me the same. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, my companion. Now, it’s time! As I couldn’t tolerate all those girls hovering over you like bees do around a Jalebi…Which boost your ego to cloud 9. Somebody needs to take you to the ground asap, right! So? Maj. Abhay Singh Chauhan, will you give me the honor of being your wife for this life and next? Other than crazy singing habits rest assured, you will be a happy man!

No matter how many times I rehearsed speech, but it never made its way from my mouth to his ears, his heart. He was always a soldier first then everything! His duty for his nation was on top everything, I understood that since the beginning. I never wanted to be an obstacle in his life, I wanted to be his companion in the journey. I kept waiting for the perfect moment to open my heart to him. I babbled like a non-stop TV commercial but couldn’t utter a single word about my feelings. And then it was time, it was like now or never. He was standing in front of me smiling happily, as handsome as one can be, shining with a pure sense of contentment! My heart was thumping loudly, waiting for me to announce the treasure of all those feelings which were hidden since my very existence.

“Abhay, I wanted to tell you something…” and my voice trailed off. He was smiling, looking intently at me. I was fidgeting with my scarf, thinking about this special moment …. But my voice defied me… “Abhay…” I inhaled gathering some courage. “Hey, cupcake what is it? Is someone bothering you? Do you want to me straighten up someone? Is your family troubling you again?” He asked all the possible scenarios, which usually we talked about.

“Nothing… Just take care of yourself! I…We all miss you a lot!” That was all I could manage. I was looking at him with eyes full of myriad of emotions, glistening with tears. The words failed me again. He tapped my head one side, checked my face here and there then hugged me tightly. “I know cupcake! And I will! So, until next time, see you soon!” With that moment, the love of my life, my best friend, my companion but more than all that a uniformed army officer started for his departure ready to serve his country.

There was no speech, no bending on one knee, no proposal! I finally freed my tightly clasped right hand and freed it. He would have liked it, definitely! But it never made it to him…


I don’t know what to say. No matter how many tears I shed, you are never coming back. No matter how many words I say, those will never make to you. So, I am just doing, what I can do now. Here is what I have for you.

With that she sat down, bent down a knee and said all those words, she treasured for her whole life, only for him. She cried, she smiled and put something which was only meant for him. She stood up, saluted the soldier, the man she loved and left…

There it was… It made it's journey to him or rather with him! A tiny, little box of velvet was buried under all the wreaths covering his coffin!

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