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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ashwini Kabade



Ashwini Kabade


A Dawn Of A Promise!

A Dawn Of A Promise!

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Monday 2 AM.

It was 2 AM, Reva couldn’t get late than that. She woke-up quietly without making any sound and slipped into another bedroom. She didn’t want to wake-up Sameer. He was sleeping peacefully. She readied for the flight. She was about to leave, pulling her small travel-bag. But she couldn’t resist bidding goodbye to Sameer. She sneaked into the room. He was snoring slowly; his handsome face was basked into the full moon-light. What a wonderful sight, she thought! Without thinking, her legs moved towards him. Kissing slowly on his forehead she whispered “I love you, Sam. Have a good night and miss me.”

She was just out of the door when Sameer said sleepily. “I love you too, Sweetheart. Miss you already!” She smiled waving him goodbye and left. Outside the beautiful moon was shining in the sky, Reva kept looking at it, through the car-window. As if it was her companion in the journey.

Thursday 5 PM

Sameer made early to home today. Without making any noise, he made himself home. He peeked into the bed-room. As expected Reva was back home and fast asleep. He didn’t want to disturb her. He looked at her beautiful face, she was tired but still looking beautiful as usual. Sleeping beauty, he uttered!

He made himself a cup of tea and grabbed some snacks. He settled in the balcony, his favorite spot. He was sipping his tea, looking at the busy streets of the city. Everyone was in a hurry to make it home. He always liked this view, but the loveliest thing was just about to happen. The sun was bidding goodbye to the busy city; making a promise of the next day. The dusk settled over the sky with beautiful shades of amber, as if placing a red carpet for the arrival of the moon! This was a favorite part of the day. He could just sit over there and enjoy the transition of time from day to night, from the sun to moon!

He was again lost in trans Reva thought looking at him from the window. She slipped her hands around his neck, making her presence known! “Oh, finally sleeping beauty is awake!” Sameer pulled her in front, tucking her in his lap. She made herself comfortable happily! They sit there for a while, chit-chatting. Talking about their days and all the stuff in the world. And the moment came. A companionable silence was accompanying them. Sameer said it… again…

“Marry me Reva! Make me the happiest man alive!” Reva looked at him. She was looking at him. Her eyes shining with tears. She was hesitant again. She didn’t have the heart to look at him. She looked at the sky, the moon was shining brightly.

“Can you see the moon, Sam?” She asked with shaking voice. Sam answered with a slow nod, he knew the answer. “Did you see the Sun, in the evening?” He again answered with a nod. Her voice was shaking. “Did you see both of them together?” He didn’t reply.

“We are like Sun and Moon, Sam. We cannot be together. Though we are lovers, there is a huge difference in our worlds! As Sun and Moon cannot shine together, we can’t be together forever! Our lives are different…” With that Reva left…

It’s been three years since Reva and Sameer were living together. They fell for each other on their first encounter. Both were free-minded and liked each other’s company. Reva was an air-hostess while Sameer was an industrialist. She was from a middle-class family while Sameer was a Royal. She knew the difference in their social statuses, she loved him. She never thought of life ahead like marriage and all! She was happy with their live-in arrangement, but marriage with Sameer was like crossing a line for her. This was the third time, Sameer asked her for marriage. And as expected she denied!

“The sun and moon can shine together Darling! I will show you, I will make you mine forever…” He got up and said loudly with a voice full of determination.

After 2 months

It was 4.30 AM in the morning. Reva was heading home. The taxi left her at the gates. Something unusual was happening. There were few cars parked at the gate. There were flower arrangements made starting from the gardens to the entrance of the house. The bungalow was decorated with festive lights!

Reva was travelling abroad from last two months. After Sameer’s proposal she needed some time alone! And when she was back, she was greeted with all that in front… Of course, he must have thought of marrying someone else! Why should he wait for me, if I had rejected him, all the times… Hot tears rolled down her face.

At that moment she thought of making back at the airline office, just then somebody called her name.

“Reva my darling! Please come inside.” It was Sameer’s sister. She was always sweet to her. She was the only one who knew about those two anyways…

With shaky legs, Reva made inside. She was crying, the house was decorated for a wedding like ceremony. She had lost her chance. She had lost Sameer. She was standing there shading tears.

All of a sudden her parents made in front! All smiling… Then it was her sister grinning from eye to eye. After that Sameer’s sister joined them. Lastly it was Sameer’s parents cheering loudly “Sameer… Sameer… Sameer!” And then everybody joined them, calling Sameer’s name.

Everything was overwhelming! Reva couldn’t process what was happening.

And then suddenly Sameer was in front of her, kneeling with a ring in his hand. World stopped for that moment for Reva. “Please marry me, Reva! Make me the luckiest man on the earth… Nobody can love me more than you. Marry me my darling…”

“Of course,” Reva said crying happily. With that everyone jumped with joy, hugging and congratulating the new couple.

After an hour everyone was inside the room, sleeping/snoring happily. Reva and Sameer were making inside. Just then Reva stopped midway and asked Sameer. “You could have done this later too. Early dawn isn’t a good time to make proposals that too with the whole family! Don’t you think it’s way too early?”

Sameer smiled in answer. “Come with me!” He took Reva to their balcony. “See by yourself. It was a lover’s promise!”

In the sky, the sun was making his presence while the moon was shining quietly behind the clouds…


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