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Goga Khullar

Abstract Inspirational Children


Goga Khullar

Abstract Inspirational Children

Her Little Scooter

Her Little Scooter

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Yes! there is an immense power hidden behind your emotions, but this power achieves even more heights when it comes to kids. Kids have a bare minimum of two emotions, love and anger. They use both without thinking about anything like results, repercussions, scolding, or even fear of failure.

They go for what they want in the present. You can barely convince a child to do something in a specified manner which will give results after 25 years. Hence no kid can agree to leave his/her chocolate, bicycle, or any other favorite toy for the sake to become Einstein after 30 years.

The theory of the inexorability of kids has been proved many times. I witnessed a sample with my four and a half years old daughter. She is slightly less in height compare to other kids of the same age. 

The lift of our building was not functional due to routine maintenance. She came down with me by stairs to play in an open area of society. After around half an hour of playing she started telling me to bring her scooter from home for playing. I told her that lift is not working and climbing up by stairs and getting the scooter down on my head and then again return after playing down is not looking a good idea. I was totally confident that I convinced her with my apt and very relevant arguments.

But she was as always adamant to find a way out, where multiple suggestions were tossed to me, like let's tell lift maintainer to start the lift for some mins or let's tell our watchman to get it down, she even suggested to drop it down by a rope from the flat. I was not giving an ear to her suggestions as I was firm on my decision to play with whatever available and go back once by stairs.

The girl was also very clear about what she wants, whether that was the emotion of love or anger, she was not ready to give up on her desire to play with the scooter now only.

Then she shot the best possible solution as per her. Ok let's go up and I will get the scooter by myself. I burst in laughter instantly, and she didn't like it at all. Immediately I closed my lips and with a hidden grin told her Ok.

I was more than hundred percent sure about the fact that I would have to get the scooter down and she will be giving up after a floor or so and my belief became, even more, stronger when we reached up after climbing around 250 steps of the stairs and saw her standing beside the scooter of more than her height.

But she was unmoved and was seeing the scooter as her little toy. She did not even see in my eyes to help to pick that giant thing up. She held the pipes of scooter and lifted it over her shoulder. I was taking some breath after climbing so many steps.

She started her way down immediately and I followed her, keeping her safety in mind. Anyways I was sure that she will hand over her scooter by the time we go down by two floors. But, to my contrary, she was just going down inflow. Fifth, fourth, third, second, first, and here comes the ground floor.

Now she had the winning smile but again she was not observing anything which I was doing so keenly. She just placed the little (it's too little now) scooter on the ground and started playing. What an amazing way to look at life. Being untouched with external factors.

She didn't think a single time that how bad dad I am, who can't even do this small favor.

She didn't give me a look to show that I have lost in my arguments or she won it single-handedly.

I know there will be many takeaways with this incident... 

And I am still learning...

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