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Ridhi P

Horror Thriller


Ridhi P

Horror Thriller



4 mins

He woke up in a room unknown to him. He was confused.

'How did I get here?' he asked himself. 

The room was small with the exception of a full-length mirror. The room had a hole through which some light entered. It was cold but he felt hot. He felt like he was burning but his body was shivering. He looked around desperately trying to find a way out. 

'What is happening?' he shouted. 

He sat on the floor, it's darkness all around. Suddenly he felt a hand grabbing his throat, he looked behind and no one was there. The darkness in the room was accompanied by silence but he could hear screams in his head. 

'Maybe I'm in a spooky dream,' he said 'Maybe I'm lucid dreaming and this a haunted house,' he wondered.

'But this feels so real,' he argued with his thoughts.

He then thought it's a result of reading a scary story before going to bed.

He looked around a room again, trying to find a way out. He suddenly noticed a scary face in the mirror from the corner of his eye. He turned to look at the mirror but it was nothing but his reflection. He stared at his reflection and couldn't help but grin at it. He smiled from ear to ear. It didn't look pleasant. He couldn't recognise himself. He didn't understand why but he couldn't remove the petrifying grin off his face. He then noticed a young boy sitting behind the mirror. The boy had dark eyes and an inscrutable countenance.

'Who are you?' he asked. 

He didn't get an answer in return. The boy then looked over his shoulder, he turned to check but didn't see anything. He turned back and saw the boy was closer to him than before. The boy pointed at something, he looked at the direction the boy pointed at, and again found nothing. This time when he turned around the boy was standing very close to him. He got scared and asked the boy if he was alright. The boy didn't reply. The boy looked right in his eyes and he noticed the boy's eyes were entirely black. The boy ran in his direction and went right through him. 

He then shouted, terrified of what had just happened.

'Let me out!' he screamed.

After crying out for help for a few minutes he saw an opened door at the end of the room. As he went closer to it he heard his brother calling out his name. He went closer and saw his brother crying. He was about to call his brother when he saw that laying beside the brother was his body. He saw himself, dead, lying beside his grieving brother. He screamed, tried to get his brother's attention but his brother couldn't hear or see him. He then noticed a silhouette outside a window to his left, which looked similar to the window of a room in his house. He went closer and saw a man standing outside the window. He thought he recognised this man but later he realised it was not the man he recognised, it was his expression. The man had the same grin on his face which he had in front of the mirror. The grin generated a feeling of horror inside him. It was an evil grin which he wanted to look away from but couldn't make himself to. When he finally could look away his eyes went in the direction of the man's hand, and he saw a knife.

He woke up, breathing heavily. He was terrified but at the same time relieved that it was only a dream. He promised himself to never read anything paranormal before sleeping. He went to his living room and picked up the newspaper. A shiver ran down his spine and his heart stopped for a second when he saw the picture of the same boy whom he saw in his dreams. The newspaper said the boy was missing for the past two days. He threw the newspaper and got up to get his phone from the room. He reached the room and saw that a paper with a drawing of a grinning face was stuck on his mirror. 

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