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H M Badruzzaman



H M Badruzzaman


Happy Friendships Day :)

Happy Friendships Day :)

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I was coming back from my summer vacation. From my home to my 2nd home, my college.

The day started with wishes for the FRIENDSHIP'S DAY... A special day dedicated to the most precious gifts in one's life. 

'FRIENDS'. The word itself creates a different world in our mind. 

A world where every person is known, and where 'you' remain 'you' all the time.

The mischievous acts of school. The bunking of classes in college.

Sporadic and spontaneous trips. And sometimes planning a long trip from months and not going.

From endless talking on phones to sitting in a hostel room where 10s of friends talking senseless things throughout nights.

Unknowingly we stay put because of these pillars around us, natural bonding keeps nurturing us throughout different phases of our lives.

Before I could shed some more light on the topic of FRIENDSHIP and make me emotionally fighting with tears. My auto-rickshaw driver pulled up near four-lane crossings. Called me, sir your place.

I looked at him and said yes "My Place."

I took my duffel bag, gave a Rs 10 note to the driver and started walking.

In the starting of 4th year (2009), I with 5 friends had shifted to these 3 bedrooms flat from the hostel.

Our college was just 5 min walk from here. While climbing the stairs to the 4th floor, my thoughts took me to a small tour of how we have completed 3 precious years of our lives in this vicinity.

And suddenly in front of me, there was the door of my flat. I knew, Alok and Nishant, we’re going to come today itself and Ravi, Utpal and Shamim were coming in a day or 2. 

So, while trying to fetch the keys I was thinking, this time the Friendship day would be without friends I guess.

I opened the door and saw the empty flat. I went straight to my room, threw my bag to one corner and threw me in the bed. Took my phone out of my pocket and saw a few more messages and wishes. Recently we were getting a knack of Facebook thing. Till now we all were hooked to the world of Orkut. Started typing responses to the messages, and I could hear a knock at the door. I thought it must be Nishant. I opened the door.

It was our cook(masi). She is a thin old lady, slightly stooped.

Must be in her late 60s or early 70s. She always wore the white sari.

I have never seen her skipping her duty. Every morning it was she who woke us up.

She entered our kitchen with her blank expression on her face.

I went towards her and said "Masi Happy Friendship's Day".

She asked what does that means? I replied with an answer explaining the day, 

but my explanation could hardly make any difference in her face.

I saw a strange pain in her face. I am not sure if her face has always been like that.

I have never noticed her. Today as there were no one in the flat, I dragged the chair from my computer table and sat in front of the kitchen door.

I don't know why, but I asked her. 'Masi sob thik ache toh'? Masi all is well or not?

She said yes all is well. But then she looked at me and said - "You know I have 2 sons,

One son was living with me. The other one lives with her wife and children on the other side of the rail line. But you know from 3 months my younger son has also left us and went to live with his friends who work with him in the nearby over-bridge construction site.

Their father can not work. He is ill, and I can just work at your place only as I too am getting old day by day. 

You guys were not here, and from the last 2 days, I was having a very high fever. Today it was better.

So, I have come."

She turned back and started pouring rice in the cooker.

I felt bad for her. Not sure what to do.

I looked her back and said - We must give you this month's payment also.

She takes Rs 2000 for cooking two times for 6 of us.

I took out my wallet and gave her cash.

She took the amount and asked me if I could lend her 2 more hundred.

I asked her why?

She replied that she owes almost Rs 2000 to the groceries and medicine shop.

And she needed to take medicine for her also today. She said she did not want to start the month with anything in her hand.

I said yes and gave her two more notes.

I went back to my room. Crashed in my bed.

I was wondering how the bitter reality of basic needs can make life so different.

There were no places for things like emotions and finding days to celebrate bonding.

After some time, heard the voice of Masi, asking me to lock the door. 

She was leaving. I went to lock the door. 

While leaving she looked at me and said - Happy Friendships day to you...

I got something different, something unspeakable, maybe a lesson, something to THANK GOD... for giving us the life that we have.

The luxuries that we possess and the FRIENDS that we have...

Happy Friendship Day...

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