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Guru Nanak Devji'S Teachings

Guru Nanak Devji'S Teachings

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“Kirat Kar  (Make an honest living)

Vandh Chhak (Share your earnings)

Naam Jap (Sing Lord’s praises)”

This is Guru Nanak’s guide to live a good and honest life.

Kirath Kar” : Make an honest living

Guruji said that we should fulfil our worldly responsibilities through honest work. He felt a person can remain detached to worldliness even in ‘Grihasth jeevan' (as in family life). He never propagated leaving one’s worldly lives to roam in the jungles to 'find' God and did not like the practice of begging for food by the Jogis and Fakirs of that time. When he returned from his travels and settled in Kiratpur, he, himself, worked as a farmer. He, thus, set an example through his actions. He would surely hold his prayer meetings and congregations in the Morning and Evening, but during the day he would work on his land. Thus, he always encouraged to live and lead a normal life with honesty and work hard in day-to-day activities.

“Vandh Chhak” : Share your earnings

Then he propagates the idea of community Life; wherein we should share a part of what we earn with the needy. The institution of “Langar” was started by him; where food was cooked and anyone could partake of the food, regardless of caste, creed, religion or sex. This continues to this day in all Gurudwaras.

“Naam Jap” : Sing the Lord’s praise

He also put emphasis on prayers. He said we should not be lazy in singing God’s praises who has given us everything. He felt singing the Lord’s prayers was the highest form of worship, rather than going on pilgrimages and partaking in hollow rituals.

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