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Navitha Reddy

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Navitha Reddy

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

Ganga (The impure) - Part 3

Ganga (The impure) - Part 3

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Yathish finished his meeting and was upset about the morning incident. He felt he had overreacted to Sheetal's words. He messaged Sheetal and asked for an apology, But there was no response from her.

Evening while going back home, he picked up the Rose bouquet and some chocolates for Sheetal. When he stepped in, Sheetal was busy in the kitchen. Rhea was playing in her rocker.

Sheetal though noticed Yathish, She ignored him. She was upset and angry about the morning incident.

Yathish bent down on his knees, Held flowers and chocolates in his hand, and apologized to Sheetal. "Sheetal, my love, I am very sorry for hurting you, I was rude to you. I promise from now on I will try my best to help you and look after our darling Rhea. Please forgive me... please!!! ".

Sheetal had no other option except accepting his apology, after all, she loved him a lot. She took those flowers and chocolates and hugged him tightly.

That day after dinner, Rhea was fast asleep. Yatish was watching tv. Sheetal sat next to him, She wanted to break the news but was skeptical about how Yatish will react to it? She said in a shrill voice "Yatish. I need to tell you something." Yatish put the tv on mute and looked at her. Sheetal continued, "Yatish, my sister Payal wedding has been arranged, next month 12th is the wedding. It happened all of a sudden they did not get time to inform us. Mom called me in the afternoon and asked me to book tickets".

Yathish tries to avoid his irritation "Oh Great!! who is the guy?? What is he doing??

Sheetal did not notice the irritation in his face, " Oh Guy is from Shivamogga in Karnataka, His parents are landlords. He is working as an editor for a well-known newspaper. You know Payal is very lucky, mom told me that Her Father in law is a very nobleman. Their family is well respected by the localities there. He told my parents that wedding expenses will be borne by them and the wedding is arranged in their hometown. Everything is taken care of by them, they told us just handover the lovely bride to us. No need for any costly gifts and luxury stuff, Mom is on cloud nine. She was going on and on...

Yatish was lost in his own thoughts. He was comparing him and the bridegroom. He has a respectful family, His dad is a nobleman. So is she telling me indirectly that I am not right for her, I am a mismatch to their family. Sheetal went on praising them, without knowing what's going on in Yathish's mind.

Sheetal shook him, "Are you listening! Mom had requested to go 15 days before itself to help her and Payal. So...I wanted to check if you can manage to get 15 to 20 days' leave?".

Yatish cleared his throat and said, I have important assignments Sheetal, I may not be able to take leave for so long. Do one thing you take Rhea and fly to India. I will join you both after a week or so.

The truth is Yathish never wanted to go back to India even once, After marrying Sheetal, He never let her visit India, even during pregnancy Sheetal's mother visited them and stayed with them for 6 months and looked after Sheetal and the newborn.

Yatish was afraid that his past might haunt him. He lied to Sheetal that he was an orphan. His parents died in an accident. He was afraid that Sheetal might leave him If she gets to know about Ganga.

Sheetal booked tickets for Rhea and her. Sheetal was excited to go to India after a long time. One fine day, Sheetal flew to India with little Rhea. Yathish gave them a send-off with a heavy heart.

Sheetal was very happy to see her parents and sister after many years. Little Rhea was a bit cranky due to the long journey and Jet lag. After 2 days, Rhea too started enjoying the company of her grandparents and her Masi.

Sheetal felt like, she is back to life again. Rhea was looked after by her parents and she was busy shopping with Payal. She met her friends and had a gala time.

Sheetal's neighbor Damini aunty who was very close to her came to meet her. While having a conversation, she casually told her about the problems with the maid in the US, and she needs someone to look after Rhea and household work. Damini aunty thought for a while and said to her. If you don't mind I know a lady, She is very good and has good experience in handling kids. Why Don't you take her with you? I have known for the past 8 years. If you are ok with this, then I will talk to her.

Sheetal never thought she could find a solution so early, She was happy. She need not worry about Rhea and she doesn't have to fight with Yathish anymore. "Offcourse Aunty Please, that would be a great help. But what about a visa."

Damini smiled at her and said "Look dear, those formalities will be taken care of. I have my relative working in the Visa office. Take her on a tourist visa for a few months, later we can see how to get a work permit. I will ask her to meet you tomorrow."

Sheetal all excited "Oh great Aunty!! What's her name??".

Damini said in a soft voice " Ganga."


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