Anshita Gupta

Comedy Drama Romance


Anshita Gupta

Comedy Drama Romance

Fulfilling Our Love

Fulfilling Our Love

26 mins

Anya's POV... 

"Hey, Anya. Don't you know your class has changed by our Ambar sir." Kriti interrupted me as I step ahead to my class.

Arrrgh, should I ever confessed that how much I hate this Kriti. Miss Chhamak Challo huh.. 

"Hii, Anya. You are late this year. You have been shifted in other class with me and you know what who is our class teacher Ambuj sir." Risha exclaimed. 

Well, frankly speaking I have no best friend whom should I call my friend. Risha and me. We had never good terms. But today I am surprised a bit by her behavior. Hmm, something is surely fishy. 

And yes, I got 440 volt current when I entered in the class. 

"What the hell". I yelled seeing the class. It was full of boys. I do not talk to boys. I don't like boys. This was my theory. 

As I screamed class went silent. Boys were looking at me like I had grown horns. A boy came to me with a file. 

"Are you anya? "he asked.

"Y.. Yes" I replied and praying from inside god please this class is not mine. 

"Oh so you are the girl of our class. Come and sit down Ambuj sir must be coming. "he said. 

Yeah, that day I was feeling weird. But I didn't know that moment there I will meet him. 

And our first meet was like this.... 

"Yrr, how boring class is this. I mean, I can't talk to anyone here. It seems everyone is tadibaaz here." I muttered while roaming to and fro in class in zero period. There I bumped with a guy. And his documents scattered everywhere. 

"What the hell" we both yelled. 

"If you girls can't walk properly then please don't walk." he said. 

"If you guys don't have eyes so please take admission in blind school." I shouted with more power. 

That day I got to know that he is Ray. But I don't care if he is Ray or prime minister. We fought a lot of time in every little matter. Like, he complained about me to Ambuj sir who is extremely dangerous that I disturbed him. Well he doesn't know that how much I am gonna disturb him now. I made a plan where he sat there I spill my water bottle. Or guess what without noticing his pant got wet. He was the nerd of the college because of his good behavior. We fought like cats and dogs. The girl who never talks to boys has now become a fighter who always fought with boys. Then he proposed to Risha in front of me. Till now me and Rishaa became best friends all thanks to Ambuj sir our class teacher. I will not say that I was jealous of Risha, but it suits not well with me though Risha declined but that cheapda always tried to flirt with his flirt towards risha me and ray became friends.because of some projects which bind us together. I started to like his company. He is mannerful boy whereas I am careless girl who never knows what is she saying even. First, we started to talk casually then I don't know when we started to share our every and each problem. I listened to his problems and he listened to my problems even he gave suggestions to me. But the thing I do not like is he proposed to Risha. He flirts with her. 

"Why you always come between me and Risha"? he asked one day. 

"Because she is my best friend, and I don't want that she gets trapped in your stupid flirty nature." I explained. 

"Ohh, I thought you are jealous. " he said making my eyes wider. 

"Ohh, shut up. You are not my type boy." I scolded him. 

I still remember our test where I was sitting with Risha and he was sitting just behind me with Prakhar. 

We were solving our question paper. When I heard him. 

"Sshh, Anya listen. "he whispered. Ohh he is nerd boy who wants to do cheating. 

"What? Let me do my test." I whispered back. 

"Yrr, I love you." he confessed and listening this I froze there. Is he for real? In morning, he was flirting with Risha infront of me and now saying I love you to me. 

"Hey, answer me Anya." he again whispered. Taking me out from my thoughts. 

"Shut up, and do your work. we will talk later." I scolded and got busy in test. Though I was doing my test but still butterflies were flying in my stomach. 

"What was that?" I asked in angry tone.

"My confession" he said casually. 

"You were flirting with Risha today morning itself." I said in disbelief. 

"No that was fake. Risha, watch me and tell me that did I ever do this to you." he said while coming close to me in reflex, I went back but he is just coming close to me. 

"You never did this to me, Ray." Risha said. 

"Did I ever hold your hand like this?" he holds my hand softly. 

"Never" she replied. My breath became uneven by his touch. His eyes were staring me. 

"Did I ever tell you that I fell in love with you at first sight?" he asked locking my eyes with his. 

"Listen, Ray. I can't take it anymore. Anya, Ray loves you not me. It was his plan to make you jealous." she confessed. My eyes went wide. I nodded in disbelief. And went from there. That day I didn't say yes to him but i didn't say no to him also. He started to flirt with me. His cheesy lines and cute talks. I started to like his company more. Whole college got to know that he loves me. You know how? Just with his stare. I mean all time his eyes fixed on me. Whenever I need help, Ray was with me. I never confessed but he knew what is in my heart. I love to dance with him. Doing crazy things. plannings and plottings. And he was always with me, advised me, suggested me, showing me right path everytime. I started to hug him. I started to like our closeness. One day he was so close to me, he was coming forward and I was moving backward soon wall hit my back. He was coming closer and closer. My eyes were shut tightly. I was standing near dustbin. He came more close to me, he was that much close to me that even air could not pass between us, soon he smiled widely and went away. 

Pheww, then I realised he was throwing the sandwich wrapper on dustbin." I like the effect, when I come close to you." he smirked and went from there. 

It was the last day of college. I decided to confess my love to him as I can't live without him. But I got to know that he went early that day. I was sad. I tried his cell. But it was switched off. When I went to his house there I got to know that he went to London. Seriously without informing me. I felt heart broken. I decided that from now I will not talk to him. Me and my family shifted to mumbai due to dad's business. "Its been 5 years since we met. I still miss him. But he never looked back and my love is still incomplete. 

Ray's POV-

Its been 5 years since I met her, I miss her. But I know she will hate me if I went to her now. How will I tell her that her dad got to know about us and he manipulated me to leave her and let her be successful in life. He thinks that if I would be with you, you will not concentrate on your dreams. I can't even express to anyone that how much I missed her in these years. 

My thought broke with my cell notification. It was a video massage from Prakhar. Yeah, I am still in contact with Prakhar. I know Prakhar has surely contacts with her but I never asked to him or better to say I could not gather courage ever to ask him about her. He never talks me about her. But I still remember our last chat when he inform me about Anya's Father's death. I was like I need to be with her but that moment my grand father also died. My family needs me. 

"Hey, Ray. How are you? Its long time buddy since we chat. But today I am going to tell you a good news. This is a invitation video of my marriage. Yeah, I am going to marry. The Prakhar Singhania is going to marry with my love Meera Raichand. She is just amazing. I am not requesting you, I am ordering you that you have to come in my marriage. Which is a destination marriage. I will wait for you. Bye.''

Video ends, Om was looking so happy. But should I attend the marriage. May be she meet there. What would be her reaction? Let me check her insta update. Yes, I am stalking her on insta. Though she is not much active on social media but still sometimes she put her destination on that. 

Pheww, she is in London in fashion week. I felt proud sometimes when I read her articles like the rising fashion designer Anya Malhotra. 


"You know Ray, I want to be a famous fashion designer. When I passed somewhere so people says, hey its Anya Malhotra." she told me with great enthusiasm. 

"Yeah, I know how will you become a fashion designer who does not even know how to put thread on needle." I joked. 

"Haww, that's why I hate you." she pouted. 

"And that's why I love you." I smirked and she blushed. 

Fb ends...... 

Fine, I am going in the marriage. Which is held in jodhpur. 

Anya's pov-

I was busy in London when Krish's massage beeped in my cell. 

Krish, he is like my little brother. Me, Ray, Prakhar, Risha and Krish were in same class. I still remember the day when Risha introduced me with Krish as her mama (maternal uncle).

I laugh hard because Krish is younger from us but still he became our heart beat. For me, he is my baby brother. Whenever we need each other, we were with each other. 

"Di, I don't know anything tomorrow morning I will be waiting in airport.we have to attend Prakhar's marriage. So, wrap up your work and come directly jodhpur. "

Arrgh, yes I have to go. Unless Krish and Prakhar will be so angry with me. 

At the airport, 

"I am so happy that you came on time." Prakhar hugged me. 

"How does she not come after all I showed her my tadi." Krish joked. 

After dad I was so alone but my friends were with me all time. They never let me feel like orphan.

Ray's pov-

Finally, I have reached in jodhpur. Prakhar and Krish welcomed me warmly. But my breath is still hitched sensing her. What if she confronts, how will I face her? How will I control my feelings seeing her?

"Ray, come sangeet is going to start." shouted Krish. I huffed. Breath in and breath out. Let's go. How long I will keep hiding?

"Oh hii, Ray. After so long time. Where di you disappear? And oh my god you in beard looking so hot." Risha exclaimed as she hugged me. 

"Thank you. How are you? And let me see you the Risha Rana is married now." I exclaimed as i saw vermilion on her forehead. 

"Yeah, love marriage you know." she smirked. 

"And who is the poor guy who is tolerating you." I joked and she gave me an angry glare. 

"Wait, I'll show you. He must be here or there." she said while squinting her eyes. 

"Oh, how I forget he must be with Anya. His and Anya's bonding is unbeatable. Sometimes I get jealous too. I will meet you soon." saying this she went away. 

My instinct was so right, she is here. My sensometre is still working. 

"Come on Anya" a loud hooting voice came. 

My breath hitched when I headed my gaze towards stage.. There she is looking ethereal. Dancing senselessly.

She was dancing so perfectly and I was just admiring her losing myself in crowd. Soon performance gets finished. Prakhar dragged me to meet his fiance. 

"Look, that side Meera sitting. She was asking from so long about you. So please go and meet her. I need to go as dad is calling me continuously." Prakhar told me and left. I was still in Anya's daze while walking that side I bumped with someone. 

"what the hell, can't you see? "we both yelled. Then we noticed each other. Yes, there she is standing. Looking pale after seeing me. We shared a deep eyelock. I don't know when Meera came between us and broke our eyelock. 

"Anya, do you know him? "she asked. 

My eyes went to her directly waiting for her reply. 

"No, I don't know this man". She said with cold expressions. Breaking my heart into pieces. 

"If you don't mind Ray, can I ask you something?" Meera asked as we introduced to each other. She broke my trance.

"Yea.. Yeah. Why not? " I fumbled my eyes still not leaving her movings. 

I think Meera has noticed my gaze on Anya. But what could I possibly do?

"If I am not wrong, you and Anya were in the same college. Weren't you guys?" she asked confusingly. 

I sighed. Our memories came in my mind at the same moment. 

"Yes, we were." I replied gulping hard my lump. 

"So, why didn't she recognize you? As how much I know her, she never does like this." she asked softly. 

Now how will I tell Meera that she does this purposely. But to my relief Meera was dragged by Kavya. Kavya, the girl who has the toleration power to tolerate Krish. Sometimes before Krish introduced me with her as his girlfriend. 

I was feeling suffocated. How can she deny to recognize me? and now I observed her. She is behaving as nothing happen. 

I thought to leave that place and take a moment to gather my courage for facing her. 

But "Ray". A voice stopped me. I turned. Spotted Risha. 

"Where are you going? I am not gonna leave you so easily after all we met after ages. You know we all once in a week met. But you. You just separated from us. You never missed us hai na." she asked. 

How will I tell you how much I have missed you all. Our craziness, our friendship, our togetherness and her. My heart screamed. But words could not come out from my mouth and I did one thing. I hugged her tightly. Showing my emotions that how much I have missed them. 

"Ohh, so you also missed us." she said while reciprocating the hug. 

"Oh my god, my wife is in another man's arm. I am going to die." a loud voice came. We broke the hug to see a man standing there smilingly. I saw Risha rolling her eyes. 

"Oh shut up, Aarav. You and your overacting. I had seen you when you were flirting with that Maya." Risha said. He laughed.

She held his arm lovingly and introduce me with him. 

"Ray, meet my husband, Aarav Kapoor. "

I smiled seeing them so happy. "Hii, I am Ray Sinha." we shook hand.

Then we started to talk. After some conversation I observed that Aarav and Anya is close. Aarav pampers her like his sister. He is a lawyer. His talks showed me that how much he proud of Anya. 

"That's why, when I met Risha so I thought why not. Gharwali baharwali you know" he joked but soon received a smack from Risha.

Everything is so perfect here. The imperfect thing is me. I was witnessing the love between Risha and Aarav. Soon Aarav received a call. 

"Ohh, my aadhi gharwali is calling me. You know Risha, Me and Anya is perfect. From where I trapped with you." he joked while Risha gave him an angry glare." Okay, fine. Its time to my and Anya's performance so, Ray come na. I want that you guys hoot for me." Aarav winked and went. 

Risha dragged me to the bar which was situated right infront of stage. 

We settled there. Soon Anya and Aarav does their entry. 

"Love you both so much." Risha hooted and give them flying kiss. In return I saw Aarav and Anya also give her flying kiss. But Anya ignored me. I sighed. Everyone was hooting for them. They danced so perfectly. Risha was just drooling her husband while I was drooling Anya. Which was noticed by Risha. 

After performance, we both were sipping our drinks silently. 

"Well, I was drooling my husband. After all I have right to drool over him. But for what right you were drooling Anya." she asked taking me out from my deep thinking. 

"Umm, actually.... " I fumbled. 

"Did not you feel awkward when no one asked you about your and Anya's relationship status?" she asked. 

Yes, how can I not notice this that no one asked me about me and Anya till now. Whole college knew that I love her. And these friends were teased me all time. But this time they did not say anything to me. I just nodded positively.

"Look Ray, what was the matter? I don't know. Why you left her, you left us? I don't want to know even.because you went away from us. There must be reason. Because leaving Anya and everything without any matter was not easy for you, right." she told me seriously. 

I look at the Risha. Is she even Risha? I never knew that she knew me that much deeply. 

She took a deep sigh. "We all have decided that we will not talk about past. About you both. Because we had also missed you so much. Everyone thinks that you and Anya had moved on. But I know you both had left after that Anya never talked to us about you as if you were not exist for her. Ray, she needs you. I know you love her. I had seen your love towards her. Just broke all the bounds and say her again that you love her." she said encouraging me. 

"Thank you for understanding me but I don't think so that she will be mine ever now. She hates me." I said with pain controlling my tears. 

"She doesn't hate you, she is just angry with you. You have to pacify her. I got to know from Krish that how she reacted after seeing you. Don't worry about that, she will be fine all you need to do is try." she assured me giving me hope. 

At night,

I was finding Anya to talk to her alone. In this beautiful palace where should I find her. Just then I bumped with Krish. 

"Hey, if you are finding Anya di. So she is near pond which is situated backside of palace." he told me. I thanked him but soon stopped and gave him the look "How do you know, I am finding her. "

"Bro, though we had not met since years but I know who you find every moment." he replied mischievously. 

I nodded in disbelief they all are same. I ran to the backside of pond. 

There she is sitting, dipping her legs in simple night dress. Putting her earplugs and barking at some one. I smiled remembering her loud voice which always made us fall in trouble. 

Anya's pov-

I was barking at my pa. For not doing her properly or should I say I was taking out my frustration on her. Suddenly I realize that someone sat beside me. My breath hitched seeing him. I hang up the call. And started to leave from there. But I stopped as he held my wrist. 

"Leave my hand." I said angrily. 

"As if you will say, or i will leave you. "he said. 

"But you left." I taunted. He hangs down his face in guilt. I rolled my eyes.he is still not change. 

"What you want?" I asked irritatingly. 

"Some precious time of yours. "he said softly. 

I sat down back dipping my legs back. Knowing that he will not leave my wrist until he talk to me. I know him so well. 

We sat there silently. It felt so good sitting with him after so long. I have missed him so much. 

"Yeah me too. "he eyes widen. Did I think outloud. 

"No, you never think outloud, its god's grace over me I can hear everything which is going on your heart and mind." he replied again. My eyes now welled up. Now my silence wants to break. Shoot him questions. 

"If you know me this much so, why you disappeared suddenly?" I asked hurt clearly visible in my eyes. 

He sighed and then held my hand softly and other hand was cupping my face. I could see the love on them which I had seen on them 5 years ago. 

"If I know you this much so I can surely tell you that you know me atleast this much that you can understand my circumstances." he replied.

We locked our eyes and shared a deep eyelock as if filling the absence of eachother till now. 

I don't know why but I left the thought to be angry with him for so long. I hugged him tightly. Unknowingly tears flowed down from our eyes. 

"I missed you so much, you know how much, I had need of you when dad left me." I sobbed while hugging him. 

"I promise, I will not do this again. I missed you too." he said while tightening his grip on me. We sat there hugging each-other for hours. 

"Mumma, tell me na. That's how did dad propose to you?" a little child requested to his mother. 

"Rish, now a days. You talk too much. Just go and get ready." Anya scolded. 

6 years old came back to the couch where his dad is working on his laptop. 

"Hey, champ. You didn't get ready. Don't you want to go party." asked his dad. 

"Dad, tell me na. How you proposed my mumma?"Little Rish asked. 

"why do you want to know? "ray asked.

Rish came to Ray's ear and whispers. 

"In my class, I also met a girl. She is cute, I also want to propose her." Rish said with pout.

Ray nodded in his little bundle of joy's cute talks. 

We came back from Prakhar-Meera's marriage. It was bliss for us. We met there again. We spend some precious time together but your mom was angry with me.

"Why"? Ansh asked.

Because your mumma was living here in Mumbai but my business was setup in Paris. 

"Uff, then she was doing good with you. How can you leave my mumma alone? You can call me before so I can take care of her." Rish said innocently. 

Ray chuckles at his baby's antics. 

Then, one day I thought to surprise your mom. So, I wrapped up my buisness from there and came here. 

Ray's pov-

I landed in Mumbai. It was a month since Anya was angry with me. I also can't live without her so, I made a plan to kidnap my girl with the help of my gang. I hid in Anya's apartment. Risha informed me that she is going to reach in her apartment. As soon as she entered I hugged her tightly. She was going to scream but after realising that its me. She hugged me instantly. I was going to reciprocate when she backed off, my eyes ached seeing this.

"Still angry" I asked. 

No reply. So, I had no way. I kidnapped her. 

"Ray, I will kill you. I will not talk to you and blah-blah. "

Then I took her to the beach and opened her blindfold

She was dumbstruck. Because there I proposed to her in different and simplest way and told her that I had moved to india. I can't live without you. 

"Then mumma rejected you." Rish cooed. 

I glared at him. He is mumma's boy. Always took his mumma's side. 

"Of course not. She agreed. Afterall your dad is handsome hunk." I retorted. 

"No, my mom is the prettiest mom." he retorted me back. 

"She is my hot chic." I muttered. I don't know when Rish heard this. He again went to his mom. Who is getting ready for the event. 

"Mumma, you are prettiest Mumma in the world." Rish said innocently. Anya smiled and kissed his cheeks. 

"Ofcourse, baby. My boy is also most handsome boy in the world." she complimented her son who was thinking something. 

"Mumma, you know. What was dad calling you? "he said cutely. 

"Hmm, how could I know Rish? Mumma has so much work na." said Anya while trying to clear their messy room. 

"Mumma, dad was calling you 'garam murgi.'" he said. Anya's eyes widen. 

"Tell me again baby, what was your dad calling me." she asked. 

"Garam murgi." Rish said nonchalantly. Anya's anger reached its peak. She shouts "Raaaaay. "

Ray ran down to her. 

"What happened? "he asked confusingly.

"What you called me infront of my boy?" she asked angrily. Ray was confused that what wrong he said to Rish then he thinks something then calls Rish to him. 

"Rish, come here." he said strictly. 

"No, I am not going to come near you. You called my mumma, 'garam murgi." he said while hiding behind Anya.

Ray frowns and thought that when the hell I called Anya 'garam murgi. '

"Now, don't you dare to scare my boy. You had surely said this. That's why he is saying." she said angrily. 

I sighed. I took Rish in my lap and took out his favourite chocolate from my pocket his eyes twinkled seeing it. But I didn't give him.

"Dad, give me. I am your son na." Rish said pleadingly. Well, I have to confess that Rish is totally pataka like his mom. And biggest chamcha of his mom.

"First, tell me. What exactly I said." I asked. 

"You called my mumma hot chic." he said innocently. While Anya blushed. 

"Ray, you are spoiling him. Don't you have shame. How can you use these words in front of him." she scolded me. Well after Marriage I have habit to listen to her scoldings. 

"Arree, I use correct word he made it wrong. Rish baby, then from where this garam murgi came?" I asked.

"Ohh dad. You don't know hot means garam, chic means murgi. That's why it is garam murgi. Your hindi is too week." he said dramatically. I rolled my eyes while Anya laughed out aloud. 

He took chocolate from my hands and ran from there. Then I take a look of my wife. Who is looking hot. I grabbed her waist and pull her into me.

"Ray, what are you doing. Rish is in the house." she breathed. 

"After party, I need appointment of my wife." I smirked. she blushed. 

"Oh, so tonight I and Shivi going to sleep in Risha's house." Rish's voice came. We part our ways. 

"You are making our children cheap too." she glared at me. 

"Uff, my children are not cheap, they are intelligent that's why in morning Shivi went to Prakhar's house and in night we will have full privacy." I winked and ruffled Rish's hair forgetting that now he is going to cry atleast one hour. 

"I will kill you ray. Because of you how much we got late. Kavya called me 78 th time." Anya said angrily. Holding Rish's hand and going in the event.

"What I did? " I asked innocently like I don't know what I did? 

"Dad, you spoiled my hair. You know na how much I love my hair. Mumma, give some manners to dad also." Rish said grumpily. 

Anya glared and went in. Without saying anything. 

Arrgghhh, these mother-son duo will eat me raw one day. Only my Shivi loves me. I am missing my baby badly. Rish and Shivi both are twins. Rish is Mumma's boy but Shivi, she is daddy's girl. Rish and Shivi both fight a lot. Today morning itself they fought and the great reason is that my grumpy boy wants Shivi to be a boy also. So, he can play football with her. Sometimes they fight too much so we have to send one of them in someone's house. Me, Krish, Risha and Prakhar. We all are still together with great bond. We all have kids except Krish. Today is Kavya's baby shower. So, yeah he is also going to be Dad soon. We all have that much great bond that whenever one of us want privacy we send our kids to another. And they take care of them. That's why Rish said that he and Shivi is going to sleep at Risha's place tonight. My kids are so intelligent. 

"Daddy, look how am I looking?" a melodious voice came into my eardrums. Sometimes I feel that Shivi has her mother's feature. My baby is looking so beautiful in her dress. As she twirled showing me her dress. 

"Aww, my baby is looking super cute and beautiful." I said as I kissed her cheeks and she hugs me. Well, I don't know it will be fair to say or not but I feel completed when I hug my Shivi. She is copy cat of mine. Her manners and talking sense everything is just like me. 

"Am I looking pretty more than Mumma? "she asked with mischievous. I smiled nodded in positive. 

"Nooo, my mumma is prettiest girl on the earth you are nothing infront of her." Rish came there with his typical grumpy mood and apart our hug. 

I knew that again these two are going to fight so, before Shivi retaliate I asked. 

"Rish, where is Anya? "

"Dad, she is... (He finds her by looking here or there then points) there she is." he replied. I held both kids hand and went to anya who is busy in talking with Risha. God knows how much these girls talk.

"Ohh, hii. Ray. Looking handsome." Risha complimented as we shared a formal hug. 

"Yeah, my dad is most handsome man in this world." Shivi chirped. Anya eyed on shivi. 

"Shivi, I have given you another dress na. Then from where this dress came?" Anya asked. 

"Mumma, Prakhar dadda has bought me this. This is pretty na." she twirled showing off her new gifted dress. 

"You and your dadda's. They all are spoiling you. "she muttered. 


"Ohh, come on Anya. Hey Rish how are you my baby?" Mallika asked as she hugged Rish. 

"I am fine Risha. Today I want to give you compliment." Rish said. 

"Really, my Rish baby will give me compliment, then give me. I am waiting." Risha said in which me and anya rolled our eyes. 

"Today you are looking garam murgi." he said and ran from there. Leaving me, Anya in shock and Risha in confusion. Me and Anya could not control our laugh while Aarav, Meera and Prakhar also joined us. 

We all chatted alot. While our children were playing not interested in our talks. After that we celebrated Kavya's baby shower. Krish was more nervous than kavya which made all of us laugh. 

"So, tonight. Shivi and Rish are going with us." Risha chirped. 

"Yes, tolerate them. Afterall me and my wife also need some privacy. Like you both need but don't worry it's the matter of tonight." I joked. Making Anya and Risha both blush. 

"Mumma, I will miss you. Dad take care of my mumma." Rish ordered me. Sometimes I thought that he will be strict boss more than me. 

"Daddy, good night." my Shivi came to me and hugs me giving me tight cheek kiss. 

"Shivi, Rish. Baby good night. Ok don't disturb Risha and Aarav dadda." Anya said while hugging both children and pecking their forehead. 

All left after bidding each other bye. It is late night.

Now I can stare my wife without any shame. 

"Come, we should also go. "she said as she pulls me towards car. But I didn't buzz. She frowned at my behaviour. 

"Let's walk together, our house is in 5 mins walking distance." I said as I wrapped my arm on her waist while she held my hand smilingly.

"Finally, tonight you are mine." I winked as I said. 

"As if all night you let me sleep with my kids. "she said with sarcasm. 

"You have problem otherwise I would have stood a whole cricket team of our kids." I joked only for getting her smack. 

"These two are enough for me. Can't you see. Both fight all the time." she complained. 

"Well, their parents fought when they were kids. Isn't obvious for them." I said as we remind our first and second meet. 

"I am blessed to have you in my life. Ray." she said as she kissed my shoulder. 

"Well, someone is desprate haa, atleast let us reach our house." I winked and she blushed. 

Soon we reached our house as we entered I took her in my arms while she blushed. I don't know how she managed to blush after 10 years of marriage. As we entered I kissed her hungrily. Which led to a most romantic night of our's. 

In morning-

I woke up by phone call. I couldn't get up as my wife is hugging me and sleeping in deep slumber. So, I dropped the thought to pick up the call and stared at my wife. I am so blessed to have her. She and our children made our life perfect. Meanwhile She woke up." If you had stared me enough. So pick up the call." she said while wrapping bedsheet on her body. 

I came out of my daze and picked the call which was from office.

After sometime we got ready and went down where she was preparing breakfast and I was busy in kissing her shoulders and neck. 

"Ray, leave me. Kids are coming anytime." she reasoned, as she reasoned a loud voice came. 

"Mummma" we broke apart as Rish ran to his mumma and Shivi came to me. They hugged us and we smiled in content. 

"Mumma, you know Aarav dadda and Risha has told me a story." said Rish. 

Then Shivi and Rish started to narrate their story while me and Anya smiled. 

"I love you." I whispered. She smiled not saying me I love you too. But I don't mind. I know she thinks if she said I love you too to me then our incomplete love will be completed. And she does not want it to be complete. 

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