Horror Crime Thriller



Horror Crime Thriller

Fright Night

Fright Night

3 mins

A shrill cry echoed in the mist when we just reached the lonely dark place. It was a chilly mid-December night. I glanced at my watch and found that it was half-past 12. My name is Tom Becker. At that time, I was a newly appointed officer in the Yorkshire Crime Investigation Department (CID). 

 David Heinz, a sub-inspector, and I went to inspect Mr. Dave's house as we were to handle his murder case. We could go in the morning but, we had a sudden urgent call from the Scotland Yard Office. So, without having any intention, we had to go at night, as it was compulsory for us to give a brief report of the case to our ACP by that day.

 That place where Mr. Dave lived, West Parker Province, is very old and spooky.

 We both slowly walked down the cold dark road, switching our hand-torches on. We were sure that the blood- cooling cry came from Mr. Dave's house's direction. We almost reached the house, when an owl flew over us hooting. A constant bark of a dog came from where we didn't know. However, the atmosphere was quite eerie.

 Suddenly, something jumped in front of us. GOSH! It was a black cat. It stared at us for a moment with its glazing green eyes, cried a long meadow, and just faded in the dark mist. 

We reached the house and unlocked the door. "Isn't there an odd smell here?" I asked. David agreed.

 To our surprise, the smell was coming from the room from where our team discovered Mr. Dave's body. As we forwarded to the room, suddenly, we heard a loud noise. David hurried and found, that the door was automatically locked! But we haven't at all, locked it. There were loud bangs of windows, and that stone-cold shrill echoing several times. Oh! It was a horrible condition.

We both couldn't find anything and just ran towards the back door to escape, but, we had to pause in our marathon contest. a chair was somehow placed in front of us, and, Charles Dusoe , Mr. Dave's murderer, who had committed suicide after murdering him, was sitting on the chair and staring at us in a furious rage!

 I couldn't remember anything after that and fainted. I opened my eyes and found myself lying on a bench of the Yorkshire CID Bureau. David was sitting beside me. He had already narrated the entire incident to all before I came round. Later, I heard from some other officers in our team that, waiting for us till dawn, they went to Mr. Dave's house, unlocked the door, and found both of us lying unconscious near the back door. But they did not find any trace of a chair or, smelt something odd!

I am a strong supporter of Scientific logic and don't believe in any supernatural things. But, till today, I've not found any good reason for that horror strange night.

 Do ghosts, really exist???

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