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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Forever Mine - Chapter 1

Forever Mine - Chapter 1

3 mins

"Leaves are falling from the tree,

This heart is frozen like a winter sea.

It was just yesterday; you were smiling at me,

With only you, anyone I could be.

'Buddy', 'best friend' all these names you gave,

You'll never know...for your love, how much I crave."

...These emotions were rolling down her face as she was standing below that leafless tree. That day, wind was quite strong...brisk. May be it also knew that someone's world has just turned upside down. She was watching from afar with empty helpless eyes. Her best friend and her one and only love was going to be buried in front of her eyes. Her heart has already lost him and now...now her sight too. She was not going to see him happy...smiling ever again and that was suffocating for her….but all she could do was screaming…wailing internally.

...She was standing away from a funeral site because of a reason. She couldn't cry her heart out in front of those people...she had to smother her cries as they didn't know that he meant world to her. She couldn't tell anyone her true feelings...not even to Jake. Destiny...fate...whatever you call it as has never ever gave chance to verbalize her heart...care to him. It became harder when Samantha came in life of Jake. Probably...she was too late to realize and convey her feelings. She felt lost...completely defeated. She was even more broken when he proposed Sam in front of her but managed to mask tears with that cheerful smile of hers. She just couldn't let down her one and only best friend. She didn't want to lose him as a friend at any cost. Seeing him happy was enough for her...she never said a single word about her love...instead...instead she chose to die inside thinking about what it would be like if he and she would have been together.

...She was more calm and silent now...under that tree...observing with mournful expressions. Sam was crying...she also has lost her love...but, she could at least cry to her heart's content. For Liz, her heart was aching....her eyes were empty...she couldn't show world how much it was hurting...instead she again chose to keep everything inside...all pain...void in heart...everything. While funeral was underway, she seemed to be immersed in all old memories with Jake. No one knows how much she cried that day.

"What it would be like if we were together?

Sound of our laughter mixed up forever.

Trying to read your eyes like since ever,

Finding courage to show how much this heart cares.

Do you know now...how I really felt for you?

Can you see me from afar just looking at you?

I really hope you could feel my heart,

Come back...How can we be apart?"

...Love can be blissful for some and can be hurtful to others. It's matter of choice...to love unconditionally or not. Unconditional love can help you to treasure happy memories and that heartache will start to feel like a bliss. So...if your heart asks about that one person again...try to remember happy memories with them...and move ahead.

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