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Anusuya Choudhary




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It's summer now

...the season of the fireflies.

And I see you outside my windows

Glowing and brightly,

Being effortlessly beautiful.

I know I couldn't catch you

If I wanted to.

But that's ok because

I don't want to.

I really just want to fall asleep

Watching you dance

In the light of the lingering stars.

Classical Music Firefly......

One evening many summers ago I was relaxing on the deck watching 10’s thousands of fireflies. I had grown up catching them in jars, but I had never seen them in such huge numbers. Some of the trees bordering our yard were 40 feet high and many were flying above the trees. It was spectacular. It reminded me of a laser light show I had seen years before except this was peaceful with just the undulating firefly dance. Adding classical music gave me an unforgettable event more memorable than the laser light show. Each year since there have been fewer and fewer of those tiny blinking darlings. Some years it seems that I have been able to count them. I now realize that was the year my husband’s lawn tractor was broken. Because there is a high demand for mower repairs during the summer, the mower didn’t come back for weeks and weeks. So the grass grew and grew. And so did the number of lightning bugs. Now that I know next year there will be more uncut grass. 

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