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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Fire Of Rebellion

Fire Of Rebellion

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The orphan children are now a matter of a big concerned for the police constable Bira Pratap. Central police department made a strict rule for the enactment of a government rule. As usual they were waiting for that good time when will they exercise their inactive dormant police power upon helpless orphans. The order was passed like a provision, clause of law, like ‘no street beggars orphans and poor women will be allowed to sleep in the rail way platform’. They will not be given shelter at any cost, no relaxation, no delay in implementing this rule. Even ministers have made certain rules like nude beggars and orphans are bad image of poverty in our country. They are just hindrance, barrier in our social, Political and economical development of the country, after all India is a developed country. We are rapidly progressing from all grounds, science, technology, civilization and education. Hence forth, beggars are obstruction on our development, on our rapid economic growth, intellectual psychologists, economists, educationists and social reformers say, ‘orphans are also production of rebellious minds, they create rebellion, become terrorists or accompany terrorists, without logical, rational thinking, following the path of violence, so they must not be allowed to do terrorism, violence from the beginning, so orphans, beggars are not allowed to wander in platform. So they found out the easy way of terrorism in rail way tracks or lines, they can steal, bomb blast, or damage trains and rails.

The police man was shouting at the dogs hey, ‘Rascal, dirty, idiot vagabonds, always wandering in this platform, why did your parents give you birth? Did not they feel like to kill you before giving birth? Do not you have shame? They could have given you poison before your birth, in the time of fetus. You all street dogs are the national product, property of our country. Ministers make lot of rules on your names. Nature, wild animals, pet animals are our friends. We must show pity to them. It is our duty to save our earth, restore all natural resources in our country. The man must be arrested, if they shoot domestic as well as wild animals’. No one can shoot street dogs, rather these dogs can bite small children endangering their lifes, and yes every day one child is beaten by the street dog loosing his life. Some times they together attack the small kids eating their soft flesh if they do not get flesh and bones of other animals to eat.

Many orphans, small kids who play outside used to be the prey of those wild hungry street dogs. Neither municipality nor the stray dog’s catchers can harm to the street dogs. They can carry them with them, but as soon as they reach at their destination, they are released to wander freely wherever they want; some times they roam in the streets, sometimes in your locality they wander freely. They threaten those people who used to come late night homes. Once they start barking the whole area is scared of their up roaring, barking noise, creating fear, havoc in residents minds, then the constable ‘Bira’ start shouting, ‘bastards, idiot I will kill you today. Which minister will save you I will see?’ He chases after the dogs with the big police stick on his hands very courageously, then suddenly, the dogs together attack on ‘Biru’ with returned attack, they chase after Biru. Biru is scared for sometime, and then come back, quitting his zeal of attacking animals. He says with pity aha those ‘vagabonds street orphans children were lost somewhere and these dogs occupied their place in the fire of rebellion’.

After some days ,there was a bad news spread a terrorist was kidnapping all the small children , he was cutting their legs, hands, taking out their eyes in knives ,made the children totally handicapped ,paralyzed then used them as their beggars ,those children were roaming from place to place in begging money, millionaires slums dogs, girls were used for prostitution. Some children who are not good for any thing were just murdered brutally, inhumanly being cut in to pieces , were preserved in refrigerator for delicious dish. Yes the crazy kidnapper and murderer cooked the flesh, limbs of the small soft kids for their non vegetarian food, so heartlessly, crazily were eating their bodies, what type of terrorists, psychopathic they will be defined as. After this true rumor of bad news spread, the vagabonds orphans children were not seen in the railway platform from that day, constable Bira was searching for them, he was really worried for them as he was more troubled by the street dogs instead of the beggar children, at least due to the presence of those vagabonds, these dogs were not occupying the railway platform, they were scared of those boys. Now the street dogs were replaced, occupied in orphans places.

Once again the parliament was broken and quit; no confidence motion was passed in loksabha due to the lack of support of majority party to rule over parliament. President rule was declared, there was announcement of another parliamentary election, and so all the ministers were very active in preparing their election campaign, preparing huge posters, rallies all over the big and small cities. Campaigning loudly in microphones accompanying with all type of instruments an orchestra, drums, trumpets, playing pianos in various tunes , melodious party songs, slogans like ‘your faith is your leader’s faith, your faith in our hands, your vote is in our hands, your voice congress voice, your party people party, rule ,rule congress rule,’’ some say loudly ‘your development at your hands, your future, your fate , citizens voice our voice, citizens problems our problems ,vote ,vote ,vote for janata , Bharatiya janata our janata, our citizens our people at our hands, long live janata party , long live janata party’. The leaders were wearing ‘Dhoti kurta’ as the symbol of up holding the idealisms of past freedom fighters Mahatma Gandhi’s way of living ,simple clothes, local hand weaved khadi kurta in their march past through out the lanes, slums of the big city, with national flags at their hands impressing people in a very ridiculous, funny way.

Respected ministers stepped into the stage while there was a loud uproar of audiences. There was a big crowd as all wanted to listen the speech of their popular ministers who would deliver the very influential speech diverting the minds of the audiences. When all were waiting eagerly to listen the speech of their favourite leader, that time there was a bomb blast, explosion of bomb, all were screaming in fear .Spectators dispersed ,left the place in fear. They were shouting in anger and fear ‘help, help, leave the place, we want to escape, we want to escape, save your life, save your life as soon as possible save your life’. Suddenly police escorts, guards started shooting their boo lets, guns, blank firing to the air just to threaten the terrorists, gundas and naxalites who wanted to kill the leaders. Due to their blank firings there was more horror, terror and fear.

People could not get the way to escape, all the gates were closed as the police wanted to catch the terrorist in that terror creating area, and all the audiences were blaming accusing each other, why did they come to attend the public speech of the political leader. As they know, it is always dangerous, risky to someone’s life who attends leaders meeting before loksabha and parliament election. So, it is their foolishness, stupidity they came over here in endangering their lifes for such leaders, who used to wear bullet proof jacket and come to give speech, they are safe and secured but lives of audience, common citizens are in danger.

Yes, as the audience expected, the leaders were safe, were escorted by their body guards senior police officers with them. They were escorted towards their vehicles with full police force towards their VIP residence, but leaders were very scared with unexpected fear after the bomb blast. Suddenly the constable Bira, who was specially appointed to look after the stage found something in the smoke, the area was surrounded with smoke of the explosion, very poisonous gas blowing there. Bira jumped from the stage to the front row as if a lion jumps on his prey like that he jumped. He shouted ‘I got it ,I got the culprit, I got the terrorist lying injured in front of him I will see, how can he escape ,who will save him ,who will save him now from my grip’. What did he see? He saw those orphans’ children, who used to trouble Bira in railway platform occupying the place of the street dogs, were lying dead in front of Bira near the explosion place.

So, it was obviously considered as the involvement of these children in this terrorism or the terrorists had engaged them in his terrorist work indirectly. The terrorists hand behind this incident was just correlated in the ground of kidnapping. Bira could understand why these children were kidnapped, vanished without Bira’s alertness. Now Bira regretted for these orphans children he said ‘aha it is a pity, how were they killed so brutally, how could they be target of terrorism badly by those terrorists, where as, those street dogs are living in this country in the fire of rebellion, revolution for ever in these orphans place. The dogs are now burden, liabilities of nation like natural calamities, damage of national property, loss of human resources and human right to live, hindrances of national development, social progress, they must be killed before their birth by their parents’ Bira said loudly in anger see ‘this is the fire of rebellion, this is the fire of rebellion never ending rebellion’.

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