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Finding Her..

Finding Her..

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The Brown family lived happily in the southwest London. Mr. Carl and Mrs. SaIra Brown were working and had a son named Alex. The happy family had fixed routine. Mr. Carl was an engineer and Mrs. SarIa was a bank manager. They both entered the house at 8 p.m. together. Alex was a smart, intelligent and a brave eleven year boy. He returns home at 3 p.m. from school and use to heat the food kept in the fridge made by his mother in the morning and eat. The family use to go out for enjoying on every Sunday.

It was Friday and Mr. Brown bought three tickets of a fare at night for Sunday. Alex was very excited as he really wanted to go to the fare and see the circus and buy some new games from the game stall. After having dinner together they went to sleep. On Saturday Alex completed his homework and Mrs. Sara completed one of her pending file while Mr. Carl completed his presentation. At 5 p.m. they all went to park and played some games together and had a great evening. After coming home, they ordered some burgers from BURGER KING. After the food arrived they all ate together and then Sara went to sleep as she was tired while the father and son played FIFA for some time and then they went to sleep. Sunday was here for which Alex was waiting eagerly. The next day passed by quickly and at 7 pm they started to get ready for going as the circus had to start at 8 pm. They got ready and left by 7:30 pm. The fare was only few kilometers away from their house, so they made it on time and entered the circus. They got a seat in the second last row and they were very happy as they could see clearly. They enjoyed the circus a lot. It had animal show which had tiger roaring all around. Then they saw a juggler juggling axes. They also went to drink some hot chocolate and had a chocolate waffle too. Then they went to play some games. Alex played a lot of games and won a lot of prizes. When he was playing air hockey with Carl, there was an announcement made that MR. JACKIE CHAN has arrived and this was a surprise. The crowd went crazy and everything. Even Alex wanted the autograph but the crowd was crazy and he couldn’t get in front. After waiting for 35 minutes, finally he got Jackie Chan’s autograph and a cute selfie. After that Alex and Carl went to a corner to stand and observe the autograph. Carl then realized that Saira was missing. He got scared. Carl and Alex both looked at each other. They started to shout, but their voices were inaudible in the rush caused by the crowd. They found the managers room somehow and told him that his wife was missing. The manager then called out for Saira through the mike. But no response from anywhere. Alex had tears in his eyes.

Carl snatched the mike from the manager’s hand and shouted ‘Saira please come back to us we are waiting for you.’ there was no response but only silence. Carl showed picture to the people there but nobody knew anything. The manager asked him to file a missing report in the police station. Alex with his dad went near the car trying to call his mother but her phone was dead. Carl rushed his car back home and called the police officer. The police officer replied that they can return home and that they will start to find them also they called other police departments. They also demanded a photo. Alex was crying badly and Carl was trying to calm him down. They both tried to sleep but couldn’t. They both were thinking of Saira’s safety, Is she fine or not and many such questions. The night passed Carl and Alex; both did not sleep the whole might. Alex even missed his school today and Carl did not go to his office too. They both were in the police station. Carl again tried to call her wife but the phone wasn’t being picked up as it was still dead. The police officer asked some questions related to Saira which they both replied and they came back home. Carl bought some cheese sandwiches from the nearby bakery. Alex did not eat as he was really sad. Carl too did not eat and kept the sandwiches in the fridge. Alex then said to Carl that he is going to find his mother by himself. Carl tried to explain him that the police had started the investigation and that he should not go alone. But Alex was in no mood to listen so Carl decided to go and find his wife along with Alex. Now the police, Alex and Carl were together searching Saira. At around 11 am they all went to the fare to get some clues. They saw cameras near the fares and asked the manager to show us the recording of the camera. Then they saw a car going but that car was of Jackie chan. The police asked the nearby houses showing them Saira’s photo. But nobody saw her. They took a round of the fare to see if Saira was somewhere there, but they couldn’t find her in the fare. Few months passed by but there wasn’t any response from the police side. And then one day Carl received a call from the police investigators that they are closing their matter as they don’t have any suspects and proofs. Carl begged them saying please don’t leave the case in between like this but officers replied that there are many more cases pending and it’s been one month without anything. And so they closed the matter of Saira. Carl went to his mother’s home low spirited. He told everything that happened in the police station to his mother and started crying. She told Carl to not to lose hope and find Saira himself, but Carl told that there weren’t any clue related which would help. His mother gave him a cup of black coffee and told him to not lose hope and of think something and then called Alex from the room. Carl left for his home. He told everything to Alex too. Carl told Alex that now we have to be the one searching your mother. So are you going to support me he asked, Alex replied always dad. The next morning, Carl received a call from Alex’s school. The teacher told him that Alex has been taking a lot of holidays and this will cause a loss in his studies.

And so Carl replied that he will be joining the school back from the next week and cut the call. They both left for the cyber café and took out a print out which had headlines in black colour as MISSING! MISSING! And below a photo of Saira. Bottom most of the paper had Carl’s number to contact on. They took out 500 printouts, bought 2 rolls of sticky tape and started to stick them on the walls of road and started to distribute them in the houses. They even gave one of the posters to the newspaper department to put the photo in newspaper. They waited for response for a week but nobody called them. They started to lose hope. But at the ninth day they received a call from an old man. The old man told Carl that his wife was with him and told him the address to come and take her. Carl was very happy. He quickly hanged up the phone and ran towards the room of Alex. He told Alex that he is going to get her mother back and gave a tight hug and left the house. He sat in his BMW and reached the place where he was called. He saw the old man already waiting for him outside. The old man hugged him and took him inside his house. He made him sit in a small room and went in the kitchen to bring some tea. The old man offered him the tea. Carl asked about saira. The old man replied that she was sleeping and will wake up in sometime. Carl took a sip of tea and started to feel sleepy. And in a second or two he fell on the floor. When he woke up he realized that he was in another room which smelt horrible. He saw the time in his watch, it was 6 p.m. He couldn’t understand what was happening. He stood up and tried to open the door but it was locked. Beside him he saw a broken cupboard. He opened it and saw saira inside, with her hands and legs tied with a rope. He was shocked. He took her out and shook her. She opened her eyes. They both hugged each other. Saira was crying. Carl motivated her and asked her what was going on. Then she told that actually the old man is very dangerous and powerful. Carl asked her that from where they can leave but saira did not know. Carl saw a window behind him. He tried to open it but couldn’t as it was jammed. They heard the door of the room creaking, the old man was here. He was carrying a wooden stick with him. He came towards both of them and gave a hit on their head, and tied their hands and legs with rope. Alex was alone at home and was feeling lonely and scared. After few minutes he realized that it was 8 and his father is out from 2:30. He picked up his phone and told the police about every single thing. The police came at Alex’s home. They sat down with Alex and told him to tell everything again to them. Alex told them everything again. The police was expressionless. They told Alex that Carl shouldn’t have been going without telling the police and taking some security. Alex asked the officer that what can be done now and the officer told him that they will try to track Carl’s phone and that Alex should also come to the police station with them. They left for the police station. Four officers were trying to track Carl’s number. And then finally after 15 minutes they tracked his phone and it was detected near west London. The police team along with Alex left for finding his parents. They found the place in a very narrow area. The police left their cars behind and started to walk slowly with guns in their hand.

One of the inspector carried a large speaker for making an announcement. They then found a badly constructed house with broken door where Carl’s phone was last used. All the officers got spread and surrounded the complete house. The officer with the talking speaker spoke in the speaker that you are surrounded with the police team. Surrender yourself and send the two people out whom you have kidnapped. They saw nobody come out. Some of them then went near the entrance of the house. Alex waited outside with the other inspectors. The inspectors who went inside knocked the door, but no response like before. Alex thought that they have come to a wrong place and just to confirm it he went near a fat, tall inspector standing in front and asked him that if they have come to a wrong place. The inspector told him in a bold voice that the inspectors were hundred percent sure about the location and that they were standing at the right place. Suddenly they realized that there was a bang on the door and the door broke out. It seemed like someone punched it hard from inside. Now all the inspectors were sure that there is someone inside hiding. Two officers went inside to find the kidnapper and bring Alex’s parents back. Everyone else waited outside for the to give message on their walkie talkies. There was complete silence till about five minutes and then another four five inspectors went in to see why the other two did not come. Then the one officer, standing in the front got a reply on his walkie talkie and the officer from inside told to be alerted. The officers standing in the backyard also got the same command. Suddenly there was a blast near Alex and the officer standing beside him was shot dead. All the officers gathered around him. But they realized this was a plan of the kidnapper. The kidnapper tried to escape while distracting us from the backyard. But he couldn’t as one of the police officer caught him. The kidnapper tried to take out a gun from his pocket but failed as his hands were locked by the police officer. The main officer asked him about Alex’s parents but the old kidnapper didn’t say a word. The officer twisted his arms so bad that he got tears in his eyes. He told them that Saira and Carl were upstairs in the room with danger written. Alex and two armed police men went upstairs and found the room. They realized the door was locked and so one of the fat police men who were with them hit the door so hard from the elbow that the door broke in two pieces and fell inside. There they finally saw Saira and Carl with their hands tied with rope, struggling to open them. One of the police men helped them to open their hands and legs. Finally, after two month Alex and saira were meeting. They both hugged each other very hard. Both of them had tears in their eyes. Then Alex hugged Carl. They all left the house. Alex was happy as the next day he read in the newspaper that the kidnapper was given a life imprisonment jail punishment. He also got to know the old kidnapper’s name, it was Yassen. Also Alex knew one thing and that was he is never going to a circus again as this experience of circus went very bad. Alex went to school after a long time. Carl also started to go to office after a long time. He also had to suffer as these many of holidays made his post low. Saira took a week more of holiday and returned to her office too.

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