Escape From A Vicious Cycle

Escape From A Vicious Cycle

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Damra Ram a 22 years old youth from Sanchore has recently passed out of the mobile repairing trade batch of a Skill Training Center and is looking forward to a better life ahead for himself and his family.

His father Matha Ram is an agricultural laborer. They belong to the SC community and do not possess agricultural land. Damra has 2 brothers and 1 sister. His elder brother and father have been working as agricultural laborers during the peak season for their sustenance and thereafter they work as construction workers during the off season.

Damra was studying in Meghwal Samaj Dharmashala, Sanchore where the center workers had gone for the promotion of the training programme. This counselling by the center workers prompted him to think about taking up a course from Skill Training Center.

He opted for mobile repairing trade at the center. He attended the sessions with great interest and was serious about the training from the very beginning. Damra wanted to excel in his field, so that he could give a better life to his family.

Since childhood he had made up his mind that he would not become a laborer just like father and brother. He wanted to study hard and look for better avenues.

After the completion of the course, Damra attended an On-Job-training at a mobile shop, which was part of the overall training at the center. Thereafter Damra started his own shop, with the guidance of the shop owner, which enabled him to earn Rs.5000-6000/- initially.

Later on the shop owner gave him a proposal of starting a small micro-enterprise in partnership, seeing his good work and attitude. The shop was put-up in the main market at Sanchore, on 50-50% partnership basis. This shop was bigger in size and the business took off immediately for them. They have named it as Abhijeet Mobiles and watches. Damra has started earning Rs.10,000/- in hand, which is a good amount. He is now able to provide more for the needs of his family.

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