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Enlightening From Panchabhutas

Enlightening From Panchabhutas

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Once upon a time there lived a poor bramhin called Ramachari in a village named Mahendravaram. He has five sons named Aatreya, Vyasa, Daksha, Surya and Druva. They all have completed their education in gurukulam and returned home. They were not only trained in Shastras and dharmas but were also trained in good behavior. As they were well versed with Shastras, everyone in the village and nearby places started to invite them for performing religious rituals and offered plenty of money. Soon the family became rich and famous.

As we all know, money makes many things, each one of them began to lose politeness, truth, dedication and determination. One day when the bramhin was terribly sad over this drastic change with their behavior, his sons appeared before him. He told to them, "I am very much happy to see my sons well educated and settled. Everyone is appreciating your knowledge, but I want to test you personally." Then immediately the elder one of the five said, "Oh father! we are ready to accept your test. We all can answer any question within seconds." Bramhin says, "Then answer me. Which is the best element among panchabhutas, whose characteristics can be inculcated by a person for better living?" All the sons went into dilemma, after some time they reply, "We need some time to answer," Then bramhin gives one day time to answer the question.

Each of them knows that there is equal significance for all Panchabutas and they were not able to point out the best one. But the concept of inculcating the characteristics surprised them a bit. Meanwhile, they got some client requests and became busy, but the question was moving in their heads. They observed all five elements - Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Sky, throughout the day while doing their routine activities.

With this commotion a day got completed and the bramhin summoned his sons for answer. Bramhin asks."Dear sons, did you find the answer?" Then each of them started to express their opinions,

Aatreya answers, "Earth - People plough and dig the earth, they hurt it so much in all the means possible. Still, the earth does not change its nature. On the other hand, it feeds and shelters all creatures. From this, I can say that a wise man should never swerve from his vow of patience, love and righteousness under any circumstances and one should dedicate himself for the welfare of living beings."

Vyasa answers, "Wind - I observed that wind is pure and odorless by itself. At it blows on all sweet- and foul-smelling things without showing any discrimination. Though it momentarily seems to take on smell of its surroundings, in a short while, it will not get carried away and reveals its pristine quality. From this, I can say that a person should live in the world unaffected by the changes in life like joy and sorrow."

Daksha answers, "Sky - I have noticed that sometimes sky gets thickly overcast by clouds or filled with smoke or dust. At sunrise and after sunset, it takes on different colors. But in fact, it ever retains its colorlessness and is never stained by anything. From this, I can say that a person should be untouched or unaffected by anything in the universe,"

Sruya answers, "Fire - Sometimes, it manifests itself as blazing flames; at times as smoldering embers, covered by ash. But is always present in all objects as latent heat. Whatever form it takes, nature of the fire is to consume things into ashes. From this, I can say that a person with true self is eternal, unchanging and omnipresent. Changing the nature can lead to loss of identity."

Druva answers, "Water - Water quenches the thirst of every creature, sustains them. Though it serves all living beings, it is never proud of itself. On the other hand, it humbly seeks lowest places. From this, I can say that people should likewise bestow health, joy and peace to every creature that resorts to them, yet live as humblest of God's creation."

After listening to all the answers, bramhin replies, "So my dear sons, according to you all the five elements (panchabutas) are powerful and have equal significance as they never change their true nature, in any circumstance, they only change their true forms when the situation demands. So I would like to give a piece of advice that please don't lose yourself for sake of material things. "

As they listen to their father's words, they realized their mistake and apologized to their father for being so ignorant and promised him that they would remain humble, unchanging, unaffected under any circumstances and serve the people. Bramhin says, "My sons, now you have passed my test and became not only knowledgeable but also wise people, I am very happy to see you change."

From then their name and fame spread all over the kingdom, along with that they gained huge respect in the society. They lived happily and peacefully ever after.

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