Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



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The solitary space craft was cruising nicely in the space. The mission was to land on the moon on the day of the Poornima. It was launched by the Indian Vedic Research Organisation, a newly founded organisation with unlimited funding set up at the behest of the broad chested Hindutva scion. IVRO as it was famously known was led by the Sadhvi Poornima who was unmatched in her scholarly skills about anything ancient related to India. She was ancient in her very being, thinking and life style.

The space craft was designed based on a decade of extensive research of ancient Indian manuscripts and inspired by Pushpaka Vimana which Ravan had used to fly into India from Srilanka. Of-course it had elements of the modern designs that one gets to see in Hollywood sci-fi thrillers.

Sadhvi herself was wo’manning’ the vehicle. It was designed to be a solo rider. Suddenly Sadhvi sensed some primordial fear. The space craft was losing control and she was aghast. Had she mis-interpreted a sloka? Did she not pray properly before setting forth? thought Sadhvi. She signalled ‘RAM Day, ‘RAM Day’ a desi substitute for Mayday and the controller picked up her distress signal.

Soon she ejected herself out in an escape capsule and landed amid a no man’s land. Sadhvi disembarked from the capsule and retained her space suit and started walking not knowing where she was. From the surroundings it appeared to Sadhvi like some part of the earth.

Soon she was tired and took the last bite of a herbal bar and went to sleep in her space suit. As she woke to the sounds of human voice, she found herself with a few men and women who were dressed in the Adivasi style. She asked in Hindi, besides Sanskrit that was the only language she knew, about where she was and who were they? She heard some babble which sounded her to like some south Indian language. Luckily for her, satellite phone made a beep and she recorded the sounds made by the people. The phone identified the language spoken as Tamil. She checked the GPS immediately and found that she was in Kolli Hills near Salem and the people were of ‘Malayali tribes.’

She was shocked and furious to note this. After taking off in the Vedic science space craft all that she could accomplish was land in some remote part of Tamilnadu. The social media would be trolling her and IVRO along the likes of the ‘Yeti’ episode and army. She thought of her rival Vijay Singh laughing at her.

She removed her space suit and she was finally seen in her saffron robe. The people then understood that she perhaps was a priestess and led her to the nearby temple. Her controller sent her a message that a car was being sent from Salem to pick her up. She messaged back ‘not needed.’ 

The temple priest offered a neem stick to brush her teeth followed by a cup of milk and banana to satiate her hunger. Last Sadvi was seen riding a state government bus to Salem. She was thinking may be IVRO should stick to designing herbal products and have a tie up with Ramdev, Patanjali for all India marketing.

The bus suddenly jerked and Sadhvi was shaken up from her sleep. Thank god all this was only a dream, thought Sadhvi as she gulped a glass of water and went back to sleep in her cell in Bhopal.

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