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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Dreams To Die For!

Dreams To Die For!

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This is not just a story, it is the life of a fifteen year young enthusiastic and courageous girl who lived for her dream to get education for girls. Her only dream was to get each and every girl to the school. She even staked her life for the dream she longed for!

The young girl comes from a community where girls and women were thought to clean up clothes and cook food for the males. She was the first alive child to her parents as her elder brother was born still. She had 2 younger brothers. Her father being a scholar was well educated and remained an active speaker in the town as well as in the cities around. He was an ambitious man with great charisma. He even worked hard to start a school for girls in his town where girls were even not allowed to move out without purdah.

The young girl went to school breaking all norms as her father was always behind her, as her support. She was a bright student in school and always stood first in her class. Her father received threats for running a girl's school as they considered girls education as disrespecting their religious beliefs and even marked it as a sin. The young girl was very determined and did not fear of the threats same as her father. Both the father and the daughter actively participated in talk shows and public gatherings and spoke courageously of the importance of education and that it was not against any religious beliefs rather it is God's desire to make the world knowledgeable and graceful.

Her active speeches were recognised by many head officials in the country as well as overseas. She was made the icon for girls education in the country and was nominated for the National peace prize which could make her world famous. Her parents became worried about her as her popularity would attract attention of the protesters. So they refused the proposal of National awards. Once the protesters closed all the girls schools and even destroyed many buildings. This made the young girl very upset as if someone had taken her life from her. She still continued her secret studies by hiding her books. Her parents were a great support to her.

One black day on way back to home after her final exams for grade 8 her school bus was attacked by 2 masked men. They asked for her but her best friend saved her by answering to them. Then the masked man fired 3 shots from his pistol which harmed 2 other girls on their shoulders including the young girl who got hit on the left eye and the neck as well. Blood ran out of the wounds as the driver took the bus to the hospital. The doctors informed that the bullet did not enter her head but scratched through her scull and left. Later when she was taken to bigger hospital she was diagnosed in critical condition as the bullet got stuck in her neck. Once again she became the centre of attraction for the whole world as now the world prayed for her.

She got prayers from the whole world. God answered their prayers and she survived and recovered very fast miraculously. The young brave girl once again made her parents proud and brought smile to the world. The only thing that she lived for was to fulfil her dream of getting education for every girl. This was the story of a young girl of just fifteen years who fought for girls right against all odds.

The girl received the highest and the most prestigious award in the world - The Nobel Peace Prize for her work. The young girl is none other that Malala Yousufzai who is living for a dream she could have died for - Girls education and their rights.

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