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Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

3 mins

Dipti just put the Indian flag at the top of Everest Mountain. Tears of joy rolled out from her eyes. I can't believe to myself. Is this true or is this a dream come true? She just pinched in her hands it hurted her.

She said, Oh God!! It's real oh my God.

She started jumping and saluted the national flag. Started shouting Bharat Mata ki jai.

Few others too from her tracking group joined her. She was the only homemaker who suddenly got attracted to mountaineering and joined this group.

It was indeed very tough job but the trainer who was heading the group was very positive person and encouraged me to join.

Recalling back, she just went home and at dining table asked her mom in law and her husband that she wants to do tracking. Mom in law immediately with a different face denied. You are so weak and a asthmatic person how will you do it's in possible for you. 

Listening to her deceptive said, I can do it. I have made up my mind I will go for training tomorrow. If I am not able to do they will simply ask me to be away.

Her husband then told, let her go mother if she wants. She needs to do some activity to keep herself busy. 

All yes not then finally it was a difficult yes from mom in law who allowed her to go for the training. The very next day with a new track pant and t-shirt she left home early in the morning but 6 o clock.

Dipti was so enthusiastic that she felt the exercises were easy but gradually week after week they started to train very hard. She had to run for 5 kilo meters every day. First day was tough but as days passed this also, she completed within a given time period.

Then they started training carrying 4 kilo weight in her back. This was bit tough, but she did it. Then the final day came. They have to carry their own water bottle own food tissue paper in a backpack. Yes, yes Dipti was so excited, and the day has come. She took blessings from everyone and started her journey new adventure. 

Team members were of twenty in number. She was the only home maker others were students. Team leader was so helping she had carried oxygen cylinder with her as Dipti had asthma, but the airport authorities didn't allow her to carry it. So, she had to trek without oxygen. 

Taking God's name, she said maybe I have to return in between. But all teammates were so supportive they did nothing will happen you will be successful in your work. Let us hope for the best and the journey began. Dipti finally could put the flag. Her success made her children proud. All waited her arrival to hometown she was garlanded by friends, family members, relatives. A dream come true from a simple home maker her success motivated many ladies whom now she has started training. 

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