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Sonali Basu

Children Inspirational


Sonali Basu

Children Inspirational

Don’t Fear Maths, It’s Easy

Don’t Fear Maths, It’s Easy

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Bittu was sad. Mom had beaten him up last night for scoring least marks in Maths. She was worried as the summative examination was appearing. She said, “If this situation continues then she will ask his father to send him to the boarding school, they had selected for him last month." Bittu remembered his dad was going through several renowned school sites in the hills and had selected some in the first round. Bittu was afraid as he couldn’t imagine how he will stay in the hostel along with other boys. He had never spent a single night outside home without his parents and sister. He ran to his grandfather’s room and sat on his lap. Mr. Bakshi was watching news in the television. His grandma was knitting a sweater. Both were surprised to see Bittu at this moment in this room as this time was fixed for his studies. Both asked their grandson lovingly, “What happened Bittu beta?”

Bittu said everything to them. His grandfather said, “Don’t you worry. You will stay here. I’ll talk to your father. But at the same time you have to practice Maths regularly to be efficient in it then nobody will be able to say you anything.”

“But Dadu, I practice regularly but I forget often.”

“Ok, I’ll teach you Maths.”

Bittu was happy at his grandfather’s words. For a week, his Dadu did teach him Maths. But after a week sad news came to their home. A friend of his grandfather fell sick and was hospitalized. Mr. Bakshi made up his mind to visit him as he felt he would never meet him again if he didn’t go at this moment.

Now Bittu was in big mess. His exams were coming near and still he was continuously making lots of mistakes while solving them. He couldn’t understand how people remember Maths. The numbers and the equations and symbols seemed to dance around the page delighted as if mocking him. How to bring them under control? He had heard from his grandmother that when going to sleep you should pray to God and disclose your problems to him. He will save you from it. He closed his eyes and prayed to God, “Please God help me to understand Maths. I wish to acquire good marks in Maths in coming exams,” and then he went to bed.

Suddenly Bittu’s slumber broke up. He opened his eyes to find a radiant lady and some other people in his room. The people looked a bit queer. He jumped up to find so many people. Who they are, he thought. The lady said, “Don’t panic Bittu. Sit calmly. I’ll introduce both myself and with them too.”

He nodded and sat on his bed. The lady said, “I’m the Angel of Mathematics and those are Numbers Symbols and Equations.”

With the introduction everyone raised their hand and smiled. The lady now started to tell Bittu the story of Maths. How, When and Why people started doing calculations added or subtracted numbers.

She said it in a poem -

Gattu had a goat and two little kids,

He raised little crop to let family eat.

His family member increased and,

Increased his needs.

He thought of buying more land,

To grow more crops in need.

He sold the kids to get the land,

Then sold the crops to get bullock till

Now he owned a herd of cattle.

Which he acquired from that one goat and her kids.

He sold the excess and bought the needs,

And in this way his property increased.

He distributed his property among his heirs equally,

So that no one fights.

Now he sat till mid of night,

And take help of Maths to help him indeed.


After the poem finished she said, “Did you understand Bittu dear?”

“Yes Angel Mother I did.”

“Then explain to me.”

“Gattu sold the goat kids i.e. subtraction and bought land i.e. addition. From one goat and two kids he owned a herd of cattle i.e. multiplication. He distributed his huge property among his sons and daughters i.e. division. Am I right?”

The angel kissed his fore head and said, “You are one hundred percent right dear. Maths is that simple dear just you have to practise more and more to be perfect. Whenever you feel you cannot understand remember this poem you will get positive encouragement.”

“I’ll never forget you and your poem Angel Mother.”

“Well we should leave now dear. It is almost dawn now. We will take some rest now before every child starts his or her day in schools. We go to every child’s home at night to find out whether he or she is afraid of Maths.”

“Thank you Angel Mother for coming.”

The numbers symbols and equations shook hands with him and then they left.

“Bittu Bittu,” someone shook him and called out his name. He opened his eyes to find his Mom standing before him. He looked around and understood that Angel Mother has left with her team. He wished his mother good morning and hurried towards the bathroom. Today he didn’t make any excuses not to go to school. He promised to himself that he will score goods marks in the coming exams.

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