Vatsal Parekh (Victory Watson)

Horror Crime Thriller


Vatsal Parekh (Victory Watson)

Horror Crime Thriller

Don't Forget me (Chapter-15)

Don't Forget me (Chapter-15)

7 mins

As the sky darkens living nothing more than just complete obscurity, Ace club opened its door for people to party. The robust men who served as bouncer stood in front of the door to control the entry and exit of the club and, there was he; my murderer, the most brutal and cruel among all my other enemies. I looked at my knife which was not too bald, not too sharp; just the right amount of sharpness to infringe the most unbearable pain. Being a sleepless ghost, gave me incredible amounts of time to plan for the most demoniacal revenge. Sitting into my rental car, I cast a brief look at my strong metal caged which will serve as confinement for a dog like Christian.

I grabbed the car’s handle and opened the door. My 4-inch heeled sandal with glowing ankle buckle click-clacked on the strong surface of the road as I approached my prey, my high waist pleated mini flare skirt making my gorgeous legs visible and, my wine bandage crop top exposed my breast. If this does not excite Christian than his masculinity must put into question. I did not make the queue, I just proceeded directly towards Christian and, I curved my lips and, leaned over him.

“Hi,” I said

" Hello, this is not going to work. You either pay or, get lost” he ordered

" Who said that I want to get inside?” I asked

“What are you doing here then?” He was confused.

“I came for you” I answered. I took his hands and, made him caressed my body.

His eyes filled with lust, one hand laid on my breast and, the other one tightened my waist. He drew closer to me and pressed his lips over mine. Bingo!. He fell into my trap. His kiss disgusted me but, he did far worse than this to me. Amanda would feel disgusted too but, I blocked her, she turned against me and, this could spoil my plan.

" Can you free yourself?” I asked

" Anything for the lady but, we will have to make it quick because of my job” He whispered.

“Follow me,” I seized his hands and, guided him towards my car.

He fleet-footed, thinking that he is going to have a sex goddess to satisfy his lust. What I can promise is that his penis will not stay without use today. Rapist should be punished with their sex itself, Troy already got rape but, Christian is going to get more severe punishment than of getting rape. I opened the front seat door for him and, gestured him to sit inside.

“We will be more comfortable in the passenger seat” the brute suggested

“No, I want you in front” I maintained

He followed the rules and, sat in the front seat. I clacked the door behind him and, made my way to the driver’s seat. I cracked the motor up and, hit the accelerator with my right foot. Christian looked at me as misbelief and touched my hand.

“Slow down! I know that we will have to make it fast but, there is no train to catch” he said

" There is no hurry baby, It’s just excitement. I cannot wait to do all my evil things with you” I merrily grinned at him

" Oh, I will please you so much” He spoke back

“No, you will die tonight,” I said before strangled him with my right hand while my left hand stayed on the steering wheel.

" What are you doing,?” He chocked

" Your goodbye was not our last meeting huh!” I turned my head to face him, changing my eyes to its real colour. He tried to free himself but, humans are weaker than ghosts. We ghosts, we have thousand time more strength and powers than humans.

“Who are you? why are your eyes black red” He coughed

" It’s Lisa bitch! I came back for your death and, we are going to meet your partner right now. By the way, my eyes are not black but red.” I mocked.

I released his throat because I did not want him to die chocked, that’s a too easy death. With a blink of my eyes, the door locked on its own. Christian fought with the handle to open it and flee away but, in vain, nobody can save him from me. Nobody can interfere between me and my revenge. I flipped my hair in the air, that’s when my eyes caught my reflection through mirror-side; my eyes were completely black only my pupils were crimson, under my eyes black veins appeared as if making zigzagged till half of my nose. What’s happening to me?. Christain was right my eyes are black. Heads in clouds, I felt a punch over my face; that bastard hit me. I Closed my fingers like a tight ball and punched him back and he fell unconscious.

We did not take long before arriving at our destination. I dragged Christian out of the cars; shifted my weight on my right knee, put it between his legs, draped his right hand over my right shoulder then, placed my head under the brute’s armpit and wrapped my arm around his right knee and lift him over my shoulder. On the other hand, I carried my pet cage. Troy would be so happy to see his friend.

As we forwarded toward my grave, the smell of rotten body became stronger, for me this icky smell was like Eau de cologne into my nose. Mrs Peterson decomposition body is doing a great job by pestering my murderers with a funky smell. Christian’s dead body will surely add more flavour into the air.

“Say hello to your friend” I shouted as I approached Troy

“No!No!” He cried

I fixed him without blinking my eyes and palms down my hands which was my way to order the veins to release Troy. I expected him to run away instead, he ran towards his friend and tried to wake him up. What a brotherly love! it would so kind of me to send them both to hell.

" Best friend for the better and for the worst” I teased

" Let him go! Torture me as much as you want but, let him go” He caught my legs and cried

" Who told you I was going to torture him?” I asked ” you are the one who will do the dirty job” I announced by pressing my palms to my face

" NO...” He was about to rebel when I shushed him with my fingers

" I need to tell you something before you play the tough boy with me. I just befriend a girl called Malia Steward. You know the one who lives at Blk 21 Avenue road. The gorgeous little girl of yours” I cracked a devilish laughter

" Don’t hurt her! Please!” He licked my feet to implore me.

“Don’t hurt her! Please!” I mimicked him but, I was really disappointed when he did not laugh at my imitation.

He sat on the soil, did not say anything and, his hot tears kept on falling from his eyes. I kept him company by sitting on the ground too with folded legs, I put a hand on his shoulder acting like I’m feeling bad for him. I took my knife and fondled it against his cheek making sure not to cut his flesh. This knife is not meant for him.

" The choice is yours either you take this knife and, do everything I tell you to do with your dear friend or, I will take the pleasure to cut your ex-loving girlfriend body’s into pieces and gives it as treat to dogs. You have 3 minutes to decide” I beamed.

“But...” he tried to convince me but I cut him off

" 1 minute gone” I played the deaf

" Lisa....” He tried again

“2 minutes gone. Tick Tock only 1 minute left” I continued to play the deaf.

He took a long breath and snatched the knife into my hands and nodded with approvement. He chose his ex-love over his best friend. Such a snake friend!. He kept on sobbing, harder than when I wept the day he killed me. He should know that the world is round, what you did today would slap you on the face some days.

" Put Christian into that cage and lock him” I ordered

He accepted the orders by lifting Christian and locked him inside. I could see the pain in his eyes but unable to feel it. When I was alive, I could not see a single tear in his eyes, Troy was my devotion and, now I came as his exterminator. He stole what was more precious to me; my life, the right to discover the world. He killed me and now I will them all one by one in the most outrageous way. Time to wait for Christian to wake up for the game to start.

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