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Child marriage is a bad practice. It was prevalent in ancient times when boys and girls were married at a very young age. Child marriages have been taking place not only in India but all over the world. 

The Government of India implemented the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 on 1 November 2007.

Child marriages have been taking place in India since ancient times. During the Delhi Sultanate, there used to be incidents of rape and abduction of girls by foreign invaders. To avoid this, parents used to get their daughters married soon.

Before independence, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Keshav Chandra had raised voices against child marriage. He got the British Government passed the "Special Marriage Act" under which the age of boys was fixed at 18 years and the age of girls was 14 years. But it was banned. This bill was amended and passed in the name of the "Child Marriage Restraint Act" Bill, in which the age of marriage was raised to 21 years for boys and 18 years for girls.

Child marriage is a curse for society. Parents get their children married at an early age. The age at which children do not even know the meaning of marriage. At this age, they are tied in the sacred bond of marriage. Children lose their childhood due to child marriage. Child marriage has a bad effect on the mind of the children. Child marriage has a greater impact, especially on girls. The bad effect of child marriage in India is deeper. Even today child marriage is spreading its feet in rural areas.

"Let her grow first, don't break it by marrying." - Upasana Pattanayak.

One of the main reasons for child marriage is the dowry system. Dowry has to be given less by marrying at an early age, so the parents get the girl married in her childhood.

"Giving dowry is a curse, but child marriage is a sin." - Upasana Pattanayak.

The culture and civilization of India do not recognize love marriage. Here the decision of marriage is taken by the parents of the girl. Many girls do love marriage which is not fully recognized in India.

"Society should be of educated people, child marriage should not be started." - Upasana Pattanayak.

To avoid this, many parents get their girls married before the age of 18. So that they do not have to face any untoward incident.

There are frequent incidents of molestation of young women in India. India ranks very poorly in terms of rape. Incidents like sexual harassment and exploitation happen here every day. Tired of all these problems, the parents of the girls get married soon. They want to get rid of their problem. Such incidents are more common in villages, countryside and small towns which proves to be a big challenge for the parents of girls.

"Child marriage is a disaster for the daughter." - Upasana Pattanayak.

The culture of India is such that the elders of the house here want their grandchildren to get married while they are alive. That is why many times boys and girls are married in India before the age of 18.

"Don't get married at a young age, it's a waste of his and her life." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"Young age is the age of foolishness, don't commit a crime by getting married." - Upasana Pattanayak.

Education is not promoted in rural areas. Education is not considered necessary especially for girls. For this reason, the education of girls is not given importance. Due to a lack of education among girls, she is unable to oppose her child marriage.

"It is now her age to study, do not force her to marry." - Upasana Pattanayak.

In many areas of India, child marriage is done only because people think that it is our tradition. Child marriage is considered a part of the tradition and culture going on for generations. The orthodox thinking of the aristocracyis also a big reason for child marriage. Child marriages have been encouraged due to such thinking “Girls have to do only the stove of the house”.

In India, parents are often very worried about their daughters, because every day some such incident is heard, due to which they get distracted. Many girls fall in love and run away with boys. Distracted by such incidents, parents marry off their girls before the age of 18.

"Daughter is everyone's favorite, keep her virgin for 18 years." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"Children study at this age, do not make them weak by getting married

Poverty is also a major reason for child marriage. Many poor people are unable to educate their daughters. They do not have enough money to give a good future to their daughter. That's why they want to get rid of their responsibility by getting married soon.

"Do not consider the daughter as a burden, now it is the time to give freedom to the daughter as a new life." - Upasana Pattanayak.

Being a mother at a young age is the worst disadvantage of child marriage. Due to child marriage, girls become pregnant at an early age, while their body's mental and physical development is not fully developed. Many young girls die during childbirth due to labor pain. That's why we all should stop child marriage.

Becoming a mother at an early age has a bad effect on the health of girls. She starts getting sick. Many nutrients are deficient in their body. That's why doctors recommend that any girl should become a mother only after 18 years. Children born to mothers at an early age can get malnutrition and mothers can get anemia. The probability of this is very high.

Due to marriage at a young age, children are not able to get their full education. Especially girls are kept uneducated. Due to marriage, one has to leave studies midway. Child marriage increases illiteracy. Being illiterate, they do not get opportunities to become self-reliant and empowered.

Due to child marriage, girls soon become mothers. Due to this, the population grows uncontrollably. As the population increases, unemployment also increases.

The husband and wife are unable to understand each other due to marriage in childhood. Because of this, there is no coordination between the two. Due to a lack of good coordination, there are fights in the family. Sometimes the worst situation leads to divorce or death. Early marriage encourages domestic violence. Husband and wife are not able to enjoy married life.

There have been many attempts in history to stop child marriage. But till now we have not been completely successful in stopping child marriage. The main reason for this is our conservative thinking and thoughts. Due to the conservative thinking of society, malpractices are born. First of all, we have to change our conservative thinking.

"Do not punish your girl, this is the result of conservative thinking." - Upasana Pattanayak.

Education is the greatest weapon of man. It is only through education that a person is able to decide between right and wrong. Girls should become educated so that they can differentiate between right and wrong. An educated person opposes the evil practice of child marriage. If girls are educated then they will also oppose it. Education plays an important role in preventing child marriage. This evil practice can be removed from society only by the spread of education.

"Take the path of teaching children,

 stop this child marriage." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"I am a 12-year-old daughter, don't think about the marriage, put a bag on my shoulders, will go to school early in the morning." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"Let you stand on your feet, till then do not fall in the circle of marriage." - Upasana Pattanayak.

The Government of India has made many welfare schemes for daughters from time to time. Under these schemes, financial assistance is provided to poor families. With the help of these schemes, poor families can also get their daughters a good upbringing and education. From the marriage of a daughter to having children, the government has made plans. The government should give full publicity to these schemes so that these schemes reach every poor family.

There should be awareness in society on the ill effects of child marriage. The voice against child marriage should be raised. The voice of saying "no" to child marriage must be heard. This voice should first come from the family and the children. An awareness campaign should also be conducted in the society about the law made by the government against this evil practice.

"Save the future of children.

 Child marriage has to be driven away." - Upasana Pattanayak.

Many laws have been made by the Government of India against child marriage. Child Marriage Prohibition Act 2006 was enacted in the year 2007. Under this law, the marital age of a boy and a girl was fixed at 21 and 18 respectively. Breaking this law is punishable with imprisonment for 2 years or a fine of Rs 1 lakh. Or it can be punishment or fine. The government needs to make strict laws to stop child marriage.

Media can also become a social motivator to stop child marriage. 

Advertisements telling the ill-effects of child marriage should be given in newspapers and news channels. There should be serials and programs on the ill effects of child marriage on television.

We all should raise our voices against child marriage.

"Stop marriage at a young age, stop wasting life." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"Child marriage is a crime, it is a curse for the girl." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"There is the age to play, child marriage is a crime." - Upasana Pattanayak.

If child marriage takes place anywhere, it should be opposed. We can end this only by spreading awareness in society. We should all tell each other about the damage caused by this.

"The children were punished, saved from child marriage." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"Now no one should be selfish, put an end to child marriage." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"It's time to change this country for the new young generation!

 To remove misunderstandings from the hearts and minds of the people!" - Upasana Pattanayak.

"Only then will our country progress, when there will be no child marriage ahead." - Upasana Pattanayak.

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