Determination: Success Step

Determination: Success Step

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Well, this is the story of a girl who was very determined she wanted to complete her engineering from best institution of India. She was very hard working and honest but when you prepare for competitive exams, not only your hard work matters but your strategy also matters a lot. She used to study day and night. or few days every thing was fine, but after some days she found everything very tough, she was not able to compete with her peers and she started losing her confidence, but still she tried. Finally the day of exam came, her parents were very excited, as I forgot to mention she was writing exam for the 2nd time, she couldn't clear in the first attempt but that was fine, this time she was very nervous, she entered the exam hall full of fears and she messed up everything, now she had no clue what to do, she thought this is not for me, but in the most struggling phase of your life whenever will keep aside from you and will taunt you, still your parents will be there to support you,this is what happened with her,her parents supported her a lot and finally she joined engineering college. That was not her dream college but engineering was her dream, she entered the college.

In starting everything was so difficult for her, but in your college life your company, your surroundings matters a lot, she got her best friend in her classmate, he was totally different from others and was highly motivated, she started sharing all the problems whatever she used to face in study and he always used to help her. Sometimes she got good marks, sometimes worst ..this is what she experienced in engineering ,she had full support of her parents, though she belonged to a lower middle class family her dream was very high and her parents were very concerned towards their daughter's dreams. Everyone laughed at her father that why are you wasting your money on your daughter, she doesn't have potential, she can't do anything, but her father had firm belief that one day his daughter will shine like a star and everyone who discouraged her, they only will appreciate her first.

FINALLY, the day of recruitment came, she was very nervous before the interview, her nervousness was obvious as she was sitting in the interview of dream company ...and surprisingly she was the first from her college to clear the interview and she got her dream job. well "struggles matters a lot" and "hardwork also pays off" she did!! She showed that if we are determined for anything then definitely one day we will achieve, keep your goals higher, so that you put more effort toward winning it.

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