Shivam Bisht (Marketing 20-22)

Crime Thriller Tragedy


Shivam Bisht (Marketing 20-22)

Crime Thriller Tragedy

Deception Game

Deception Game

6 mins

The notorious blogger

Ones there was a blogger who used to write about all the gossips in school once a week and that person also had one meme page on Instagram. That person was very popular because of his offensive and funny memes and those memes were usually related to all the students of that school. The name of that person was Nitesh Pandey and he was very introverted and not good in studies. People usually hated him because of his offensive memes but no one told him that they hated him.

Every Sunday he used to upload offensive memes and everyone used to share that meme and laugh except the person who's meme is posted. Once he uploaded the meme on Lokesh Kumar that he is very fat and that meme got about 2000+ likes and more than 100+ shares and Lokesh was offended by that meme. All these things were very common and people used to like those kinds of memes. To date, he has uploaded more than 40 memes, and every time he targets new people.

Nitesh Pandey has done this same thing with Akash Singh, Shivam Malhotra, and Deepika Yadav. 

What went wrong

They all were in the same class 12th 'C' and in physics preboard exam they all scored very low marks and because of that, they have to attend extra classes for Physics after school hours. Manju ma'am gave the questions to solve to all 5 of them and only Manju ma'am and 5 of them were present in the class. 

After 30 mins Manju ma'am got one call and she left the room to take a call and she said by the time she comes back she wants all the questions to be solved by everyone. Everyone started talking to each other and no one was doing the questions.

Nitesh Pandey drank some water and after 5 mins he collapsed on the floor and he was unconscious, people thought he must be doing some prank but after some time everyone in the room began to panic because a white foam was coming out of his mouth and no one had any idea what to they will do now. Manju ma'am came to the room and she also freaked and started asking others about the situation. 

She called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital and the next day everyone got the news that he is dead. Only 5 people were present in the room when he died in the class and everyone was thinking they must have killed Nitesh Pandey.

There were no signs of forceful attack or bleeding and everyone in the room was saying they didn't do anything and they are innocent. 

The interrogation

The police came to our school the next day to investigate the case and they asked questions to everyone present in the room one by one. 

This news was spreading like a fire that they killed Nitesh Pandey and they are murderers. After the post-mortem report, doctors said that he died because of fish oil and he was allergic to fish and fish products. But the main question is how did he die of fish oil if he didn't eat fish and who actually killed Nitesh Pandey.

Police started interrogation and the first guy was Lokesh Kumar. Police asked him did you know Nitesh Pandey. He said yes then the police asked him if he was your friend and he said "NO". Police asked him how was he in the class usually, Lokesh said he was just like a normal guy nothing special. Police knew about the meme page he was running and Lokesh's meme that got really popular in the school. Police asked him if he was angry with Nitesh he replied "YES." After that police said you can leave now.

Then they called Akash to interrogate. Nitesh once posted that Akash got a zero in Maths and he made a very offensive meme on that and he was so embarrassed that he once got in a fight with Nitesh. Police asked him if he hated him or not and he replied: "YES, I hated him". Police asked him if he is happy that he is dead and he replied I didn't like him, we used to be friends but I'm not happy that he is dead. Police said you can leave now.

Friend or Foe?

Then they called Shivam Malhotra. Nitesh once posted a meme that he had two girlfriends at the same time and he is cheating on them. That meme got more than 3500 likes and everyone in the school started judging him and his relationship with them got over. 

Police asked him if he Nitesh was his friend and he replied "YES". Police asked him for how many years they were friends and he replied from childhood they are best friends. Police asked him if he is sad that he is dead and he replied I'm heartbroken and he was my best friend. Police said you can leave now.

Truth or Lie?

Then they called Deepika Yadav. Deepika was once the ex-girlfriend of Nitesh when they were in 10th standard and after one year of relationship they broke up. Police asked her was Nitesh your friend and she replied yeah and after break up, they remained just friends. Then Police asked her if she is sad after knowing that he is no more. She replied yes, he was a nice person, and after knowing that he is no more she felt really depressed. 

Police asked her they knew each other very well and she replied yes we knew each other very well and about everything we liked and disliked. Police asked her why did you guys separate if you guys really liked each other, she replied he broke up with me because he wanted to focus on the board exam and he didn't want any distraction. Police asked her if she was happy with his decision and she replied "NO". Police then asked her if she knew he was allergic to peanut oil and she said no he was not allergic to peanut oil but he was allergic to fish oil. 

Then Police asked her why did you add fish oil if you knew he was allergic to fish oil and he can die because of that. She replied instantly that no I didn't add fish oil in his water bottle. Police than replied with a smile that we didn't mention the water bottle. No one in the school knows that he was allergic to fish oil and fish oil traces were found in the bottle and the moment police said this she knew she was screwed. She began to cry and said she loved him. He ditched her after one year and she went into depression because of him and after 1 month of our breakup, he got into a relationship with another girl. She wanted revenge and because of that, she killed him.

After two hours of continuous interrogation, they got the killer and took her to the police station. Everyone in the school was shocked at how can Deepika do that to Nitesh. She was sent to juvenile court and she was declared mentally ill and currently, she is taking therapy for mental illness. We all know that Nitesh was not a nice guy and he uses to bully others through offensive memes but no one has the right to kill anyone and let the police do their job if someone does anything bad to you. Still, her name is very popular in the school as a murderous witch known for her "DECEPTION GAME".

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